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  1. Paul out of interest how many inline chassis are there this year and how are they performing.
  2. Lot of bragging rights going on here , Paul has got of to a cracking start it all depends on the end of the series not the beginning who has the final bragging right , good to see my OLD adversary's name again , how yah doing GAS41T, hope life's getting better for you now .
  3. Now that is interesting especially for the ff motor , when can we buy them ?
  4. Expect the lack of grip is due to the amount of time the car has been waiting to get going when it left here was spot on, same as it always was Alexis , should get better with use.
  5. Thanks for the kind comments great fun doing all 3 of those re released bodies and the Amato chassis turns them all into great racers strong and heavy enough to have the weight low down .
  6. Did notice some bits flying of , dunno which car tend to agree about where to pass and not where to pass, still one way of nobbling the competition chuckle
  7. Interesting fact about Ferrodore track , i expect you will find as we did years ago the cars with smaller dia rear tyres which are scrubbed in wear at a alarming rate , might see some cars out of tyres before the series is out, always worth a bit extra rubber on the rear with these tracks in mind.
  8. Hi i did a review of the M6a in the Cars section on here in March 2019 last year and after running these cars for sometime have changed the back tyres to NSR Classics 20-5 x 10 and 21 x 10 to cure the problem of grounding fit the standard wheels fine , like you will need to do i bought a hex screwdriver for the body screws, scale wise it does seem a bit wider but overall looks ok and when run it you will have a very nippy slot car
  9. Love it Alexis right up my street is a hill climb did one years ago at West Ham with a Ferrari 250 GTO and that also landed up on the floor in those days lexan body, did not fare well
  10. About what i expected with that car , congrats to the fast one's, just a question Paul could you list how many cars are inline , sidewinder and anglewinder ta.
  11. Looking at past event seems the stronger cars at the start can go of a bit towards the end , mainly due to tyres being to small at the start gentlemen, look up the history chuckle.
  12. Since the virus started i have been contacted by quite a few people from way back, couple from old clubs we used to race against in the late 60,s , and a couple i knew fairly recently who used to go to a local club that closed a year or so ago. Obviously it was the virus that bought us together once again, people remember others at times like this and just wonder if they are ok and still with us, and the e mails and the chat always comes back to slot cars , some like me have nowhere to race except on their home track, some don't race anymore but have their old cars still, but we all have that thing in common the interest in slot cars. Times may have changed for us all but deep down inside the interest in slot cars will never die, just the racing side is no longer available to so many.
  13. Notice the ATCC proxy has been called of and i think it,s dissapointing but a good call with all that's going on , there are so many things we all have to deal with now so calling of the IPS would be the right thing to do as well and just send the cars back , i don't want a refund Alexis stick it in the kitty for next time we race which hopefully will be in 2021, at least we all will have cars ready for it. Keep safe and look after those we all love and care for.
  14. And why not i do lots of fantasy liveries and think it,s one way of increasing the interest of a generic car anyway, thinking of a Martini myself on top of the Merc i did a while ago.
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