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  1. Ready to rock 'n' roll Charles cars 14 and 16 are ready to go man go
  2. Always ready to run down under , even if it means nicking the missuse retirement fund for postage will support , have slot car will travel
  3. I'm talking about proxy racing , for a number of years there were some great proxy series down under and world wide, but they seem to have passed into history, along with so many people who no longer seem to post on here. Is David Carter still with us his Group 5 proxy series was great and so well run , along with the Australian touring cars he also organized , great series well supported, i know covid got in the way but things had started to decline before that. Then we have the rally proxys , i remember the OZ rally with great fondness it was another well run proxy and some great people and cars in that and wonderful tracks, where have all the rally guys gone, and of course there was the WRP rally series , i can remember such big fields traveling around countries Scotland to Greece and of course down under where there was always great competition. I am not sure if the Tasman will ever run again last time i looked there was little interest in entering it, so is it all over now, one of the reasons i'm asking is i have all the cars still in a case where i sit , some have not run for a while now and i was wondering what to do with them as these are competiton cars not shelf queens , many bearing the battle scars of racing, is it time to call it a day and scrap them as really there is no where to run them anymore, really sad actually.
  4. We all would sticks but for how long is the question , being in the UK it will more than likely take another 4 weeks after the series ends when ever that is before i get the cars back , one thing i've learned with all proxy racing is a regular update , it keeps the interest alive . We were talking about getting 3 new cars sorted for the next series but that has gone out of the window , John has lost interest it was his first go at this after i said how good these proxies are , Sandra 90 leaves it up to me and i'm very doubtful if i will do this particular proxy again, always supported proxy racing down under , much of which does not happen now , many people who we used to race against seem no longer interested and is this proxy going to go the same way in the future ? .
  5. Lance no idea how many rounds are left and lack of info does not help any proxy series, , if Paul is having a problem i,m sure we would all appreciate that just let us know, these cars have been away for many many months now and personally i was hoping to have mine back before the summer to prepare for another proxy series in the Autumn.
  6. We used to run Parma's with 10 ohm resistors in the late 60,s early 70,s in 1/24th racing , and can remember cutting heat vents in them got a bit hot with Mura motors running the cars hard , nice controllers though , can remember using the MRRC barrel which was plastic and the resistor pole getting quite hot with Pittman 196'b even saw one melt . Funny really always prefered a thumb controller but soon got used to a finger one when the plunger one's got obsolete .
  7. As a matter of interest which i must admit is waning a bit , how many more rounds are there , as my cars have been away so long i've forgotten what they look like, smile
  8. Pepsi 62 not sure if Paul would go for that as it might be in a car which would beat him so he will more than likely ban it Hahahahhaha
  9. At the beginning of this series many moons ago now there was a problem with mag affect on some cars due to types of motors being used and the mag attraction using magna braid tracks Paul banned our cars using the motors we were and said at that time he would revise the rules to stop that happening again , mostly on the motor side as some were using motors which actually stated magnetic attraction, but they were able to race this series. He also mentioned going through the rules and updating them , so hence my comment cure99. not worth building new cars until all this is sorted out
  10. Don't build anything yet Pepsi at least wait to get the new rules when Paul decides what they are , after what some of us found this year there will be some changes needed i expect.
  11. Chuckle well it must have something Lance to finish 2nd , and not far of first, many would like a car like yours that ( just doesn't have it )
  12. Looking at the videos some cars are VERY fast for 23k motors Paul's just happens to be one of them.
  13. Really suprised there are not more names down for this , proxy racing except for over the water seems to be dying of , and this is showing my thoughts are right usually the Tasman usually has loads of people getting on board , what's happen8ing lads is the party over.
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