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  1. Chuckle it might actually speed up delivery from the colony then .
  2. Interesting sticks thanks for the video info , he must have been using a car with the magnets still in chassis situ to get that reading , think my suggestion of a one type series motor wise to Sports Racer might solve any future problems as all the motors should be round about the same mag pull, hmm i wonder about that
  3. This might sound a bit silly Greg so what i'm understanding a lot of this rests on the hight of the motor in the car relative to the track , and by what your saying these mag marshalls are not all the same as regards the measurements , so i can make my own giving me a certain reading send it to the proxy where his magnet marshall reads differantly to mine so we end up with the same argument as to who's is right I have all the parts i think i need to make one of these so worth having a go thanks for all the advice.
  4. Greg i am interested in this after our 3 cars were penalised a lot in the touring car proxy run by Paul if you look at the thread on here on the 21st October 2021 in the practise race you will see Paul stated our 3 BRM 23K motors were all differant 111topped out at 75 , 90 same motor at 52 and Johnnie E at 32 , i have been thinking of actually getting a magnet marshall to use here but the cost is to much the way things are . Cannot tell you what magnet marshall Paul used as i only know of one hence my asking for your input don't want to have this problem again in future builds , one thing we were not aware of here was a number of tracks used magnabraid , all 3 cars were set up here on copper tape tracks , as you would know no effect at all on track mag pull
  5. Hi Greg interesting having come up against this problem in a recent proxy series , how accurate are these as going by the Magnet Marshall Sports Racer used the same motor set up in 3 cars basically the same showed 3 differing reults not by a little but a lot again according to Paul from 30 odd gs to 80 odd the latter figure i found very hard to beleive , as people i spoke to had never heard of that higher figure in a 23k S can so how accurate are things like Magnet Marshall's.
  6. Never heard of that motor Jimmy is it native to Aus and NZ , do you think it would compete with a 23k rated motor, the scaleauto one Paul mentions on power tests here pulls nearly a 1,000 rpm more than stated , the Thunderslot is a 21.5k motor i used this in the 997 proxy and it was very smooth but not up to the straight line speed of the NSR 21.5 k which is actually a 21.9 and in tests is within 100k or so of the stated range, quick motor that one . With the Predator 22.5k roughly the same k as the white bell end 23k slot it what i do like about that motor is the opening to the com and if you use one of those power juices on the com does make for a nice smooth can run in for 15 minutes, availability to all would be the problem with this motor we import them from the USA and the postage and tax is a killer not to bad if cost spread by a few people, but still way above the cost of a slot it 23k As regards most of the others Scaley, Carrera, Scx forget about them unless you actually want to be in Paul,s group specially for the slower cars , the magnets alone let those motors down compared to the Slot it 23k
  7. So basically instead of running one proxy series you will be running another one alongside for as you state the best of the rest , so the original statement of wanting to reduce the numbers has now been changed as surely you will be in the same position of having in your terms to many to manage , and i'm not being a pain in the arse just want clarification of what you actually want to do . Suppose you have 20 or 23 entrants you will still run a seperate proxy for 3. 4 or 5 people does not make sense , still think the field as it stands is the way to go, but you take no notice of my input which is always measured and thought out with the best interest of ALL the entrants to enjoy the rivalrys in the groups. that form behind the dead on favourites, adds to the fun. This does seem unfair to those that would not make the cut anyway we know who they are and i feel they should be allowed to race in the main series , but as always you make the rules as it,s your proxy.
  8. The slot it 23k s can and the long can are easily available in most countries engaged in slot car racing , so i suggest either a executive decision by god ( Paul ) or a vote on it , this way a equal playing field. Query about hanging weight ( lead ) under the car i was not aware it was allowed as most proxies don't so we are allowed to do this ? , so we can run rubber tyres also something i did not pick on which makes it easier for us up North as we have many types easily available . Have you decided on number of entrants as people will start building cars and no use doing that if they have no chance of qualifying if entrant numbers reduced to what you said 18 , it will be ok for the usual mob at the top but please think of those that just want to take part and have a bit of fun, if possible same number as this year would not like to see anyone miss out who have supported this proxy.
  9. Haahahaha can't remember the last time i got a award , so will cherish it and try to be an even bigger PITA in future
  10. Go along with the length of time thought it was longer than that , seemed years , now what have we learned , 1, the top 2 cars are roughly the same as the other years, and finish at the top. . 2. The proxy organiser is not always right. 3. In any proxy home track advantage is a good thing to have. 4. Agree small cars don't go well but could be better with differant set up. 5. And my final comment being Paul's particular PITA friend , personally this series started of with a bad taste in my mouth as regards the cars we put out , quite happy to take the original penalty, but not after that , if we are going to have differant motors we ALL will need to buy mag masters , just look at the beginning of the series, so i will push for a series motor, but being me Paul will take no notice. Overall my pick of the field is Lance nearly there but not quite , next series he might just upset Paul and then become his PITA friend , not sure about next year have to see what the rules are going to be first, so Paul the ball is now in your court for 2023 , just please get things right before we start cheers, and i suppose i had better say well done for winning chuckle in my mind never in doubt.
  11. I'll open the debate think a series motor is the way forward so suggest the Slot it 23k S can , reasons are easy to get for all of us, a level playing field, no disagreements as to mag like this year with so many mag type motors around which don't state mag on the can , and we don't have mag masters at $130 to measure it, think most people will have this motor anyway so reduce costs. Entry of 18 is not a bad idea but i suggest you start from the bottom and work upwards to get your 18 chuckle, can't see the point of runof as some of the cars we know would be in that range as they are now so waste of time and trouble sending cars for nothing, might as well have a full grid say 25 Not sure about the urethane tyres very hard now to get them in the UK have to import from USA at considerable cost so possibly think about using Slot it tyres or NSR, finally a set of the new rules to be put at the top of the entry page and no mooving away from them, so the rules are the rules.
  12. Charles we had a ATCC proxy race series by David Carter and very good it was to , he was thinking of doing it again so perhaps some of you chaps can find out down under if he is still thinking that way , be good to have it again still have my old Camero and a Escort , as regards chassis i think i can remember unless Paul has changed it you could run any chassis , not sure on that one have to wait on the man himself.
  13. Chuckle Paul will have to call it the DTM proxy at this rate , but better wait for him to issue a complete set of rules so we all know which way to go , i have a question about carbon fibre chassis Paul yes or no .
  14. Nonfractal, the Dixie car is my wife's entry she nicks me bits then builds a better car than i do , something wrong there , Sandra was a lady slot car racer throughout the 1960's and her motto was join them and beat them chuckle. The mid pack is where the interesting racing is in any sport just look at F1 , as i have said before it,s consistancy on any track is what's needed , that is what the top 2 or 3 cars have , oh and on the lady front i ran in a team in the late 60,s early 70,s with 2 lady drivers doing endurance 6/12 hour races , Mel would start of as she was quick, i would drive the 4 or 6 hour middle stint as i was consistant , could lap all the time at the same speed , Melanie , Mel's sister did the last stint because she was fast, never underestamate a lady slotter
  15. BaARacer don't think you can as urethanes are the current tyres for this series, what you can do is true and glue that helps, not sure what surface your setting up on , just remember all tyres operate diffently depending on surface and in this series it,s wood
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