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  1. In the good old days scrutineering was a very fine art , if it looked ok it was ok chuckle.
  2. Don't think that is a goer Kevan , look at where we are going most of the areas have spikes , ok your ok for the moment in I.O.M but it may not be that way for long with visitors coming , the way your thinking this 2020 series would run well into 2021, if were hanging around for a club to be virus free, as regards the costs we've already paid so the return journey is taken care of , just write 2020 of and let's plan for a bigger and better IPS in 2021 if the virus allows it.
  3. Hi Alexis , looking at things generally around the world this virus is not going to improve much during the remainder of the year , many are getting spikes which seems to be pretty bad , as regards post yes some not to bad but some are pretty bad i have found the USA and Canada particullary bad . I cannot see much changing by October and that is the period in the UK when the flu season starts so they are very worried about the virus still being here and mixing up with the flu, pretty hard to seperate both in the early stages they reckon and the later stages of the virus are nasty. In my opinion the only thing we can do is return the cars and write 2020 of and see what the early parts of 2021 brings so we can judge then if it is possible to do something, regards Keith.
  4. Just wondering if this event is going to run this year Alexis , as our cars will more than likely need some attention not being run , like the tyres and a grease up , might be an idea to think about sending the cars back and rethink for 2020 as this virus ain't going away from the world any time now .
  5. Hi Paul 111 is on it,s way no idea how long it will take getting to OZ but if it,s to late there is always 2021 chuckle.
  6. Peter Gunn

    Racer 5's

    Thanks r377 out of all my slot car think the group 5,s are my favourite bunch , all look good and all run very well on track, sort of cars i like to run fast times with and great to relax to when your on your on your own nothing better to have a blast when life gets a bit heavy.
  7. Peter Gunn

    BMW M6 GT3

    Well finshed the car used Hycote double acrylic Rover Mustard Yellow , as i had half a can left from the Lola T70 Can Am i did a few months ago , wanted a fantasy colour and goes well with red, since testing the chassis did a few mods fitted a NSR wood guide and softer thinner braids , also Staffs red alloys all round , reverted back to the original rear tyres just to give them a good work out , added a little weight up front. One thing i did find and i knew it was not going to last racing was the rear wing very flimsy and it broke after 10 laps tapping the side wall, so fitted aspare part the rubber wing , bit flexible but fits well and ain't gonna break, one thing you cannot do is use waterslide decals on the top of the wing , so try self adhesive vinyl one's . On the track after giving it a lube all round settled down to a full car test , first of all this car is low, flat and wide and set up right goes like a express train , that Baby Raptor 17k motor was not my real choice for this car but after a lot of running is going very well punches well over it,s K, in fact is now faster than my Mustang with the 21K Yellow long can in. Handling is superb and for a big car you can flick it throught the esses very quickly and so so stable, i did wonder why there is only a kit of this car so far , i think it could be a bit pricy to put out a liveried one with all the small parts to put on it , but we'll see. Some pictures
  8. Hi Leo think there was talk before the virus of looking at some sections of each rally and putting them together , possibly might depend on interest in the current WRP.
  9. Ah you'll soon learn OXO the Aussies remember such statements chuckle.
  10. I really liked the SRP 16K for my car the 18K is really not that much differant in any department possibly does not brake as well on a long straight as the 16 , and might have just a tad quicker pick up but lap times on my track is roughly the same, the Tassie 1750 only tested it against the others and it,s a mite smoother than the 18 but lap times are similar again so would use either motors as the 16K is now discontinued Charles. My main ask is how about tyres as i am finding it difficult to get decent rears at the moment so any pointers would be appreciated
  11. Nice one Lenny think i might be able to enter a car for it , quite liked the original Tasman series Alan ran , have both motors we ran last time the Tassie and the SRP 18K already in both cars which have both been through a rebuild , more concerned about tyres than motors and the availability post virus, something to look forward to is the return of the Tasman.
  12. This is the board and i forgot it has 20 pins over here the place to get both is Cooksongold in Birmingham www.cooksongold.com, there are 3 sizes of board mine is the medium one and the price is here £17-23 which includes VAT and P&P i have no idea of the postage to down under .
  13. Have that board here Chris bought it online under jewellers product it,s ceramic and came with 12 aluminium pins that fit in those holes to keep what ever your soldering steady , great for odd shapes as well
  14. My order from the states arrived after 3 weeks the postage had increased by £6-45 when i ordered it, and i was quite pleased it got here as it had also passed through our B customs who stuck another £17-50p on it for VAT and handling charge , ouch.
  15. Hi Paul noticed cars to departt by 20th July , when is the first round kicking of or has this not been decided yet.
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