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  1. Silly omission,... have added them to the review Vinno :wacko: ART
  2. NEW N18 extra soft rubber tyres from Slot.it This is both a new compound, AND a new mould, so I was interested to see what they were like TEST ON SMOOTH WOOD SURFACE - gloss clear floated over acrylic. I set up a pair of these on PA38 hubs (16.5mm as found on the newer Group C cars). The first thing I noticed is that these tyres are "squishy soft" noticeably softer than the N22. Trued dimensions were 20.42 x 9.5 on rim. They went on quite "straight", so I didn't have to remove much material, and I took only JUST enough off them to get full surface contact. The next thing I noticed is that the new mould from Slot.it in which these were produced, is a low profile mould, with a smaller inside diameter, so they fit quite firmly even on this mid-sized hub. Slot.it are saying that even with this soft compound, gluing to the 16.5 and 17.2 hubs is optional. I ran them some laps and they appeared "quieter" and worked quite well, no fuss, but the car was 1 or 2 10ths a lap slower than usual. Which is pretty good, given the gains we get through "glue and true" locally. They were definitely a little quicker on that Porsche than non-glued N22 tyres. (It is usually run with glued and trued, treated N22 on 15.8 hubs, which if anything, are larger O.D. than these low profile 1207 mould tyres on 16.5mm hubs) Next I glued and trued them, working slowly to avoid tearing the soft rubber. They showed slightly more tendency to scuff up, but were still fairly easy to work with. No special technique required. Back on the car I now obtained almost identical lap times. Gearing was slightly lower, due to their smaller O.D. but after adjusting mentally for this in my driving style, you could throw a towel over the lap times of both sets of rubber. I DID feel they heated up a little, and lap times seemed to roll from best laps off slower after cleaning on sticky tape than the N22 and NSR Super-grips. They seem quieter on the hub with no tendency towards shudder or sudden slide. I suspect their best use is going to be on the lower grip, smoother plastic tracks. Artin, Carrera, and maybe whichever version of Scalex/SCX track is the smoother one. - I forget if it is classic or sport as we don't have any of these to test on. Note: Cheaper super-glues seem to affect and degrade this soft rubber. I am looking for a good solution, and will advise a safe compound. I have spoken to Maurizio about good glues to use with these tyres; as I "ate" a total of 5 tyres using/testing with some super-glues available in our local market, and could even watch them split on hubs before my eyes, as the rubber reacted with the glue. However as Slot.it are working with unglued tyres, and mostly hand-out situations for major events; so he hadn't done any testing with glues. Over this weekend I am going to try gluing with a low volitiles, slow set (10 minutes to tack), contact adhesive. And remember, this is just one test, one car, one surface.....
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