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  1. We don't use that much wd40 that theres going to be any residue left on the track afterwards that would affect a MJK/Ortmann shod car in the next bracket, some people on the forum in the past have gotten very hot under the collar about it (don't even talk about the proxy from a few years ago) we mainly use it to clean the tyres, in the club i am in we use both ortmanns and MJK in regards to urethanes. There are guys that also use nsr tires and just plain old tires that came out of the box. We mainly use a cloth that has been previously wettened with wd40 to wipe its tyres clean. Some guys even just like to "tape" their tyres clean with duct tape. We have had no undue impact from it, basicaly tho.........if you are that worried about your tyres going off before their allotted time then don't do anything to them, everything is going to impact your tyre in a good way or a bad way. But IMO the whole WD40 thing is something that gets blown way out of proportion by the (dare i say it) the mjk capital of the world. In careful use it is a great substance for cleaning your tyres.
  2. I use wd40 and nsr ultras to rubber m track up, takes probably 100-200 laps before you start seeing the rubber "lines" on the track surface!
  3. The track is a little different now, its banked on one end. The corner at the end of the straight comes up way to fast!
  4. I think it came down to the fact that our guys weren't used to the industrial noise on the day.
  5. I just think its more so that they are scared! C'mon you southerners and norwesters, get behind a good days racing and sledging!
  6. Ponting Pavilion (The Home of Ricky Ponting) How to get there… If coming from the south/north-west: Simply drive along the highway and down the hill into Launceston, drive through town, across the river and turn right at the ‘McDonalds’ intersection on the highway, about 1-2 km after crossing the river, and you are on Forster Street. Drive along Forster Street, through the next two intersections and about 200m after the second intersection turn right through the wrought iron gates and there you are. Easy. The Pavilion has full bar facilities, toilets, TV, kitchen and reverse-cycle heating. We will be comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.
  7. The Swamp Monster TheSwamp Monster is LOTS pride and joy. Approximately 25 metres total length, with a 9m. long straight it allows cars to really stretch their legs. From the start/finish line it’s a drag race to the first turn. Hard braking and a tricky wobble at the end of the main straight is followed by a series of fast sweeping lefts and rights although many a rookie has come unstuck on ‘The Kink’. After the lefts and rights are negotiated relief in the form of a short straight is quickly over as cars must again brake heavily for the ‘Almost Hairpin’ before accelerating through a sweeping right-hander onto the main straight once again. This is another tricky section where many newbies, no doubt excited by the approaching straight, have accelerated too hard, too early and found themselves de-slotted in the most awkward of marshaling positions. Power is supplied via copper tape. For Slot It. cars we run the track at 12 volts. The track surface is semi-gloss acrylic paint and semi-gloss enamel paint (at LOTS, we can’t discern any difference at all between the two paint types when racing).
  8. Slot It. Group C cars Jaguar: XJR6, XJR9, XJR12 Lancia: LC2, LC2/85 Mazda: 787b Porsche: 956c, 956kh, 962c, 962kh Sauber Mercedes: c9 Toyota: 88c Competitors are encouraged to prepare ‘white kits’ as not only will custom-prepared white kits add to the variety of liveries (let’s face it, two or three of the same car in a race is not a good look), there will be a prize for the best presented custom-prepared car.
  9. There will be a designated area for cars to ‘pit’ to have tyres done ‘under green’. Cars must stop in this area to be ‘serviced’. Other Repairs:All other repairs to cars must be completed ‘under green’, so make sure your cars are in tip-top condition to avoid frustrating repair delays. Competitors may complete repairs themselves or nominate any other person who is not either racing or marshaling. Marshaling: All competitors are expected to marshal. While marshaling, marshals should concentrate on the job at hand i.e. marshaling. We all know there is nothing more frustrating as a racer than to de-slot near a marshal who is mucking around with his ‘phone or talking whilst paying no attention to their section of track. Let’s look after each other gentlemen. Racers should show appropriate slot-racing etiquette and thank marshals rather than criticising. Remember the old adage: ‘If you don’t like the marshaling, don’t crash.’ Dinner: After each competitor has completed two heats or 6:00pm rolls around (whichever comes first) we will break for about an hour for dinner. This is included in the entry cost and will consist of a hearty steak and mushroom stew and mashed potato. If anyone is a vegetarian please let Joe, a.k.a. ‘The Cook’, know. Accommodation: Non-Launcestonians, who would prefer to stay Saturday night in Launceston rather than driving in the dead of the night after a long day on the track, are more than welcome to be billeted to a LOTS household if so desired. Most of us are quite friendly and rumours of us eating a bloke from Hobart a couple of years ago are simply an example of a north/south cultural misunderstanding
  10. Rules and Regulations and other stuff Slot It. Components ONLY may be used with the exception of tyres: · Any Gp. C Slot It. car (see list overleaf) 8]Ø must include original driver and interior · Any Slot It. gearing · Any Slot It. motor · Any Slot It. chassis/pods, no HRS. Tyres: Any commercially available rubber/urethane tyre. No ‘foamies’, no silicon. At LOTS we’ve found that for Slot It. Group C cars, NSR tyres perform best on our tracks. Allowable Modifications: Glue, true, trim and weight. Weight must be entirely contained within the car. Not Allowed: Bodies may not be lowered i.e. the original Slot It. posts and screws must be retained. Screws may, however, be loosened. Scrutineering: Competitors must present their cars for scrutineering before 12, midday. Scrutineering will be conducted by two experienced ‘slotters’ to be determined in the near future. Anyone found to have a car that breaks the regulations will have an opportunity to make their car legal prior to the start of the Enduro. We don’t want to be Nazis about this, and we want as many competitors as possible, but the guidelines are quite unambiguous. Heat times: Each competitor will have a 20 minute heat on each lane of theSwamp Monster, for a total of 1 hour. Most laps wins. Tyres (during Enduro): It is entirely up to each competitor whether or not they stop to have their tyres ‘done’ during their heats. Tyres may be taped only, no WD40 or other liquid to be used during heats. Tyres may be WD’d, H2O’d etc. before and between heats but excess fluid must be removed before the car is placed on the track. LOTS will supply truing stations and competitors can bring their own if they so desire.
  11. 2012 Tasmanian Open Slot It. Enduro Date:Saturday 21st July, 2012 Time: Doors open at 11:00am, first heat starts at 1:00pm Where: Ponting Pavilion, Mowbray Cricket Club, Forster Street, Invermay, 7248 Track:The Swamp Monster Cost: $20, which covers: entry, dinner and trophies/prizes Contact: Joe 0409010316 josephbcrawford@yahoo.com
  12. Download their newest catalogue here: https://ibb.box.com/...c4dufuharl0.pdf Shows also their own Group 5 M1 coming out as well as a couple of other beasts, as some out there know, their recently released Merc was a absolute weapon! Also shows Detomaso's AND another running mate for their GT class cars a ZONDA!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I did have a different one.............but was told to tone it down a while back after a complaint was made............lol...............that and we dont have a huge amount to play with as to avatar size.
  14. One of the best classes we have run in our club over the last year was bog stock SCX morgans. SLOOOOWWWW but sooo much fun.............lol
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