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  1. ive read that thing like 50 times over lol, the worst thing is that when you google scx digital control panel, Samsung printers usually ends up taking over the search results!!! lol I can only assume I have a bung piece of track here somewhere that's causing havoc on the control unit, though its weird because once it bugers up, the track gets flat out power to any car you put on it.
  2. will try to add some pics soon!! would very much appreciate if you guys could check out my help thread and see if you can help me
  3. hey all, my names johnny!! ive joined the forum to seek some advice, show off some of my collection and maybe move on some gear!! recently just bought some SCX digital and hoping to build it right up, have owned scalextrics on and off over the years. currently own SCX digital, SCX, AFX and scalextrics original and sport!
  4. hi all, just signed up to get some help with my recently acquired SCX digital systems, I bought 2 sets, second hand. so here's the problem, when I setup the track, plug the power into the control panel, the controller lights go green and stay green where as they are suppose to flash orange until a control is plugged in. if I place a car on the track, it takes off quicker than flat out all by itself!! any suggestions?? is there a way of resetting the control panel or is it roached? thanks in advance guys~!!!
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