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  1. does anyone think the 21500 quoted for the Thunder slot motor is a bit of tongue in cheek. more along lines of 23000?
  2. Hi guys, MATTCRACKERS had a spare lying around, and i snapped it up. i am waiting for the post man to do his job......... thanks for the other offers. John
  3. when you click to add to cart.......you get notified' not available'
  4. if anybody has an unmodified R390 chassis for sale, please contact me.........Thanks
  5. thanks for looking into it. i am wondering if they are simply going to cease production of them? That car is very popular and i would have thought keeping supplies of spares was good business sense?
  6. i have been after an R390 chassis for a few months and it seem that they are sold out, no matter what website i check out. why is there a shortage of these chassis? anyone else trying to source an R390 chassis finding same problem?
  7. guys, twice this year, i have heard about the VIETNAM sourced motors that Scalextric use in certain cars were noticeably quicker than the 'Made in China' sourced motors? i dont know if its a particular car that only had these motors, but am i the last slot car enthusiast to know this fact? do they look different externally?
  8. seeing as the Thunderslot owner was an ex NSR owner/partner, its no surprise that the scale may not be quite right. a few NSR cars were allegedly in that category as well.
  9. much appreciated..........Thank you
  10. guys i have ordered a white kit and its probably a few weeks away. its just going to be one simple colour. no fancy decals etc. when i roll up to local hobby shop, what do i ask for which type of spray paint?
  11. Hi Mate, if you just tinkering around with cars at home, and maybe a few hours at a local track then is doesnt matter what you buy, but if you are into racing on a regular basis then you need to really try as many controllers as possible in your price range. I know some guys who have got 5 or more different controllers, and they still not happy. try as many as you can, and you will know the right one in minutes. some just 'feel' right.
  12. enjoy, we still got 3 weeks till ours re starts
  13. Fabien, good to hear that you are set up for both slot cars and the real thing!!!!!! i ended up buying my first wood track. never thought i would ever do that. it s a great layout and just its my spare room (which is fast becoming the only room). it needs some lovin, it has that copper stuff for braid, rather than be routed, and have proper braid that you would find on a professional track. great layout with bit of everything for the size. because i dont use Photobucket anymore, i am not sure how to install a pic.
  14. he not avail till sunday. i gotta measure my room and take one of my cars with wood guide. i could get new plastic set but its not going to be an accurate way to test cars if htey run only on wood tracks. it aint pretty. it need scenery and all the regular decorations for tracks. but its a start.
  15. can anyone confirm if the Carrera slot track accept the slot It wood guide? funnily enough.....there is a wood track for sale, small enough to fit my room, just around corner from my house. very basic but it may do the job.
  16. interesting.......will make some investigations. thanks for that.
  17. with the social distancing rules being enforced for a few months now, the racing had ceased locally. when you been racing since 2013 non stop, at sometimes up to 3 different venues a week, its a downer for sure, and its not just the racing. you miss your mates. hoping to be able to do regular racing again in June here is SA. to the guys who have the home wooden tracks, at least you can have a run and do some testing. if i had the room, i would contemplate getting my own track as you really miss it when you have no access. plastic home scaly tracks cant run deep guides, otherwise i would get one today. June cant come soon enough.
  18. John Smedley was not only a great ambassador for our hobby, but he was a formidable racer, right up to recent years, before he was struck down with his illness. i will miss him in so many ways. its going to take a while to truly understand that i will never see him again. i am still in the denial stage. It was John Smedley who was my first contact in late 2012, after a hiatus of 12 years away from the slot scene. It was his kindness and enthusiasm that won me over, and encouraged me to start racing again. Thank you john. hope your are at peace, and not suffering anymore.
  19. Just an interesting experience I like to share about trying to set up identical cars for a big race coming up. We are allowed Spare cars or B cars if the A car breaks down. This is a unique race for us as 99% of the tracks we run on are no magnetic braid. This one has it. I build me cars to handle without magnetic traction, but when your competitors are going to use that magnetic brain to their advantage, then motors that can use that effect are installed instead of ones that don’t…… The 2 classics are NSR 908 and with pretty much identical bodies, chassis, motors, gearing…….. The NSR moslers have identical motors, gears, bodies but one has the oldest chassis with rectangular pod….and the other one has the newer triangular pod. The Mosler with the rectangular pod is the defending champion from last year race. Untouched for 12 months. The 908 also raced last year but had troubled run and finished a distant second. For the first test, all 4 cars with unjuiced E22 BRM tyres at Thunderbirds raceway on a magnetic braid track, all 4 cars were within a tenth of the double car. All predictable and nice to drive…..and fast. Looking good. Second test….was at a non magnetic braid track with ferradore surface. (Course surface that grinds tyres) the 2 classics …..again with same tyres as before and they are within a tenth of each other. Looking good. Consistency. Then I put the race winning mosler with old rectangular pod and it went sensation fast. Felt planted, even with no magnetic effect….it FELT like it was sucking down on the track. I then put the 4th car, the younger Mosler with the triangular pod and same tyres on it since the last test…..and it was all over the place. Tail was wagging furiously all the way around. No traction…nothing. I wondered if there was something dragging under the chassis. Nothing. changed tyres with the other car…..still the same result. Did not want a bar of this track. I am not sure what to do but I am thinking that if I open up the old mosler to check weight distribution it may unsettle it if I put it back together later. So in summary……I have 2 908’s that with magnetic effect, or not…..are identical good handling, and one mosler that sucks itself to track with or without magnetic effect, and one mosler that is a as fast as the sister car with magnetic effect, and undriveable without it. Just wondering if anyone else has cars responding differently to identical conditions.
  20. As with any sport and hobby, and I have been in many clubs over the decades, sometimes……things are said or done that are not necessary, and devalue our hobby. Things that are said or done out of spite, anger, stupidity (my specialty), jealousy, greed, and sometimes for no reason at all. We say and do things that can hurt people, while we race toy cars. WE have been rocked in SA by the passing of a very special man in slot car circles. We have lost a few, but this one has hit me hard. Take a look around your club, or race venue. Has there been times when discussion have been heated? What was the outcome? Was it worth it? To the people that over decades, and maybe even last week, that I said inappropriate things to, caused grief, and arguments about racing toy cars….i am sorry. In the end, the people we race with, whether they are rivals or friends are all part of the slot car scene. Without them….we don’t have a slot car scene.
  21. WE just lost a very special person in SA. Big Mick. This is going to hit hard right across town. He was one of the most pleasant, fun, informative, and just an all round nice guy that earned huge respect amongst the Slot car fraternity. Hearing of his loss is one thing……actually believing it is another. I am still in shock, as would be many racers here. Big Mick, although is a renowned fast racer that builds impeccable cars has only been in the hobby for about 5 years. First day I met him was at ScalexWorld. There was a team enduro and he rolled up as an interested observer. He was the supervisor to a long term slotter, john. They both worked at Holden and Mick was johns supervisor. Needless to say Mick and I become instant friends and I managed to arrange to have him join a team for this race at the very last minute. He expressed interest in the hobby and let it be known that he will make it a big part of his life. At time progressed we found him racing with us at Thunderbirds raceway. It was here that he started to earn a reputation for building very fast cars and fine tune his driving skills to be considered one of the best drivers. at the same time, become a much loved person to all who raced with him. I raced in quite a few enduros with Big Mick, and at Tbirds and I was lucky enough to have won one with him, there some years ago. When Holden shut down, his eventual new job/s dictated that his hours reduced his ability to race at Tbirds, so he found himself doing races in private tracks, when it suited his roster. It is bitter sweet for me that the last race we were team mates, was 2018 in the BRM championship Group C Enduro, which we won. With Big Mick, it wasn’t just about winning or losing. When he arrived at a venue, you were always greeted and treated with respect. Big Mick was just a nice person to be with at all times. You wanted to engage in a conversation with him because you knew that you would walk away better informed, and more knowledgeable than when before you started your conversation. Just last week, he emailed me to just have a chat about race car set ups. Little did I know that that would be my last conversation with him…….. This was one guy who just gave and gave and never stopping giving. To lose this guy is a real shame and I am not afraid to day that I loved him like a brother.
  22. The final instalment in my report into my first MR Slot car. The car has had a 25KING replace the standard 21 Scaleauto motor. Easy swap as same dimensions. I normally use a 13 tooth at Tbirds but the 11 tooth that come with the scaleauto motor, I transferred it to the KING 25, as I didn’t have a spare 12 or 13 tooth lying around. I did a bit of trimming around the pod. Bit at the rear of the car to help the body float a bit more. I had a NSR 25KING corvette to compare with back to back. The vette had a 13 tooth pinion. Stragith line speed and braking were going to be different but I wanted to just see how they compared otherwise. Both cars had very juiced up N22 tyres. The vette tyres were probably not best out of the 2 cars. Just gone past their peak. No weights in either car…….. NSR vette was quick, with 13 tooth struggled a bit coming out of the tightest hairpins. (12 tooth should fix that) but sledgehammer down the straights and good mid corner speed and exit. Moment of truth for what will be the new racing home for the McLaren. 11 tooth bit sluggish on long straight, brakes are lethal with 11 tooth…..turn in exceptional, mid corner, planted, Exit on all but the tightest hairpin, like the vette, a bit of chatter coming out of it. otherwise, predicable and fast. In all it settled down as a very controlled easy to drive car. It going to be racing in Modern Sports, up against the Sloting Plus ‘Radical’ and Scale Auto ‘GT ONE’ Toyota driven by phenomenal gifted drivers. The lap times I did in the first test session, with under geared 11 tooth…. suggest I will be sniffing their tailpipes fumes. Whether I can pass them will be another matter. I Just have to wait. But a resounding THUMBS UP for this car.
  23. guys, i usually set up for non magnetic braid. some special events use tracks have magnetic braid. up til now the only 2 brand with magnetic effect at long can KING FLAT 6 even then its very mild effect...... but does help a little. now there is a short can SHARK EVO NSR motor with magnetic effect. is it just as mild effect like the long can motors? if you can advise would be greatly appreciated
  24. Well I have just yesterday brought home my ‘new to me’…… Mclaren version. It was in my home for about 60 seconds, before I removed every screw and pulled it apart. The blue printing process will begin tonight after work. Am confident it will be a very fast and smooth racer. The looks dept is not too shabby either My Local raceway Thunderbirds, will soon be stocking this brand, so I intend to buy the latest version in the not too distant future.
  25. Well……looks like not many people like these cars. I asked my local club members if anyone had one, and 2 guys put their hand up. They both hated them…..looking at the chassis and the layout I decided it cant be that bad. I offered to buy one of the cars of the guy in my club. I managed to give it a test run last night. It was in stock form with just a little bit of ‘fettling’ by the owner. Stock solid rims, and he put BRM tyres on it. With a Tight pod. And the 2 screws on the flanks of the pod were NOT used. Only the back one and the front one. in that configuration, on bitterly cold night in a shed, it was struggling for grip. Motor was ok, with gradual power delivery, not sledgehammer, but around corners….’the lights were on, but no one home’. Then I opened the car up, removed the rear pod screw and added the 2 on the flanks of the pod and loosed the body screws just a bit more, then added my slot It air ride rims, with BRM tyres. Whallah…..where did this come from? Super smooth, hooked up beautifully and got the power down and was a DELIGHT to drive. The lap times suggested it’s a good race car. Would it be better than a nicely set up Mosler? It would be a brave and tough call to say yes…... I will pick up the car in few days and really go through it, and see how it compares at a later date.
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