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  1. does anyone think the 21500 quoted for the Thunder slot motor is a bit of tongue in cheek. more along lines of 23000?
  2. Hi guys, MATTCRACKERS had a spare lying around, and i snapped it up. i am waiting for the post man to do his job......... thanks for the other offers. John
  3. when you click to add to cart.......you get notified' not available'
  4. if anybody has an unmodified R390 chassis for sale, please contact me.........Thanks
  5. thanks for looking into it. i am wondering if they are simply going to cease production of them? That car is very popular and i would have thought keeping supplies of spares was good business sense?
  6. i have been after an R390 chassis for a few months and it seem that they are sold out, no matter what website i check out. why is there a shortage of these chassis? anyone else trying to source an R390 chassis finding same problem?
  7. guys, twice this year, i have heard about the VIETNAM sourced motors that Scalextric use in certain cars were noticeably quicker than the 'Made in China' sourced motors? i dont know if its a particular car that only had these motors, but am i the last slot car enthusiast to know this fact? do they look different externally?
  8. seeing as the Thunderslot owner was an ex NSR owner/partner, its no surprise that the scale may not be quite right. a few NSR cars were allegedly in that category as well.
  9. much appreciated..........Thank you
  10. guys i have ordered a white kit and its probably a few weeks away. its just going to be one simple colour. no fancy decals etc. when i roll up to local hobby shop, what do i ask for which type of spray paint?
  11. Hi Mate, if you just tinkering around with cars at home, and maybe a few hours at a local track then is doesnt matter what you buy, but if you are into racing on a regular basis then you need to really try as many controllers as possible in your price range. I know some guys who have got 5 or more different controllers, and they still not happy. try as many as you can, and you will know the right one in minutes. some just 'feel' right.
  12. enjoy, we still got 3 weeks till ours re starts
  13. Fabien, good to hear that you are set up for both slot cars and the real thing!!!!!! i ended up buying my first wood track. never thought i would ever do that. it s a great layout and just its my spare room (which is fast becoming the only room). it needs some lovin, it has that copper stuff for braid, rather than be routed, and have proper braid that you would find on a professional track. great layout with bit of everything for the size. because i dont use Photobucket anymore, i am not sure how to install a pic.
  14. he not avail till sunday. i gotta measure my room and take one of my cars with wood guide. i could get new plastic set but its not going to be an accurate way to test cars if htey run only on wood tracks. it aint pretty. it need scenery and all the regular decorations for tracks. but its a start.
  15. can anyone confirm if the Carrera slot track accept the slot It wood guide? funnily enough.....there is a wood track for sale, small enough to fit my room, just around corner from my house. very basic but it may do the job.
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