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  1. afterlyfe

    Lightning Ridge

    the sand traps are the same as the grass, sawdust mixed with paint, its more for effect the functionality, still working on more pics
  2. afterlyfe

    Grefhurst V2

    Very nice to see where the excellent track starterd from, to where i got to run on it. Keep running on yours and ians, has lead me to the decision i need a routed track, just need a another shed for it first..................
  3. afterlyfe

    Lightning Ridge

    Finally got my track to a stage I feel I can share some pics, it has taken me about 6mths to get it to this stage. It is not modeled on any era or actual track, all ideas just pop in my head and what I can do cheaply good part of the track is fast as I like my speed hence the huge long straight table is an L shape and is aproxx 5.5 * 1.8 wide, and the smaller part is 3.5*1.8 mtrs. Much more to go, will update as I go
  4. il have a facebook inv to slot sales thing please, And show me what you have, i have just got a increase in pay, need something to spend it on
  5. love it, need more classic muscle like this
  6. afterlyfe


    at home from both pc's im good, at work i get it tho
  7. Welcome stay a while, stay foreverrrrrrrr. i have learnt plenty and every1 is happy to help.
  8. More aussie cars will be finding there way to my collection, Can we have an xy and hq in 2015 please mr scalextrics
  9. i havnt watched formula 1 for a long time, usually use the melbourne f1 for a good excuse to nap in front of the tele. i still dont mind a bit of red neck round and round racing tho
  10. Yhanx Mobbzee, better get him quick they seem very rare, specially the red ones,
  11. Having a 1:1 ra28 in the shed, these are something i wish to get hold of jsut as dust queens doubt they would stay on my track and i wouldnt want to hurt them. if you could shre the link with me two please Mobbzee i would really appraciate it
  12. afterlyfe

    Im In

    Welcome aboard bigmick, as a newcomer this year ive learnt heaps from the forum, im sure you will too
  13. glad you got no shoots of my deslots, even tho you had plenty of opportunity ,great shed, great track and all 5 mins from my house, thanx for the invitation to race
  14. ill be going the cheapo nastie way to initially fill my track with life, some of the dremel work is great, will have to do this to mine
  15. looking forward to the sequel 10,000 slots,
  16. ordered mine look forward to it arriving
  17. knock a wall out between two, rooms, kitchen sounds good, its bbq season nearly anyways
  18. use any excuse ember I havnt even finsihed my 1st track, just in the scenery mode atm, but will need some excuses for the next one that will be wood, After visiting a forum goer from here and racing on his wood, i want one now only one i have atm is that if i wasnt to race comp i need to practice on wood.
  19. after a bit of a search at bunnings i couldnt find these, found some nice 20 dollor ones in gardining, some over priced ones in the laundry isle for 30, while waiting for my paint to be made up for my flock colors i asked some1 and they actually had these ones, in the TOOL shop, pokie stick was ok but this is really good ty
  20. afterlyfe

    Xb Falcon

    yeah this has happned to me too, much money
  21. i had to drop the power level for my son with apb, crap i even had to do it to my self when i first started, my track is built for speed nice long straights, and i just couldnt help my self, Since getting the rms, track calls are fantastic i actually set auto track call but had a 2 sec one so the car not coming off got a an advantage and was allowed to keep driving. this with limited power i was able to get my son to stay on the track beacuase he didnt wasnt to give his dad any advantage, slowly the power levels have come up and the track call time is down, little bugger even beat me the other day.
  22. didnt think of super cheap was just there this morning 2 get parts for the 1:1 back to it over the weeknd, pokey stick is doing Ok atm
  23. i dont get to the cinema much, so missed it there, am awaiting the disc version also
  24. well im convined pokey stick it is
  25. pokey stick with some magnets could work, i run light mags , but the kids have a few so they can have some pace atleast. if not ebay and a talking to my bunnins which l;uckily for me is a bit clsoer then yours ember
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