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  1. Good to see the track taking shape again in it's new home!
  2. Looking good, your Dad should be happy with them, once you add the CB antenna with a fox tail!
  3. QRphil

    Need Help

    I started with Ninco track, but went to scalextric, as it was the easiest to get at the time and the surface is closer to the routed track that my club runs on. Ninco track is good, but I advise against it as the company does not seem interest in producing slot car products anymore (They have dropped their digital system a while ago). Carrera and Scalextric appear to be committed to the slot car market. What ever track system decide you use, go to Jaycar and get a bottle of INOX, spray a little on the guides for cleaning the braids and then run on the track spread the INOX around the track. Done regularly it will help keep the rust away (Unless you live near the beach). A wood track may still work out cheaper by the time you work out the cost of the table, track, and track borders. They can be made to be transportable. Phillip.
  4. Not going to happen........
  5. Looks like a fast track. I look forward to the next race at your place!
  6. Wow! A great movie and fantastic tribute in slot car models!
  7. Very nice..... I feel a NSR 917 race night coming up!
  8. Thanks for the information RikoRocket. Shadow_Rusty and myself had a good play with the PL chips and found the data signals very noisy on the oscilloscope, and adding the termination resistors helped clean it up. I have to admit that I have not done high stress testing of the PL chips, so when I build a permanent track, I will take your advise and get a FTDI base RS485 converter.
  9. Hi, I have this issue as well. Use course sand paper folded over in the grove to remove a little of the plastic, this takes a bit of time. Also some guides, including the Scalextric guides, are slightly fatter than Ninco one's. So I use a bench vice to squeeze the guide to make it narrow. It does work! I hope this helps, Phillip.
  10. Looking good Andrew! Can't wait to have a run.
  11. I had an hour playing on this track last night. It is a nice track set up and shows that a good track can be run in a smallish space. Love the squeeze corners at the top.
  12. QRphil

    Nsr Ford Mark Iv

    For what it's worth, I have the NSR P68 and NSR 917, both with 15K H & R motors and without magnets. The P68 runs rings around the 917.
  13. Store the super glue in the fridge and it will last a very long time, even the cheap home brand glue. I use super glue on my rims and if I have to remove the tire use a little bit of sand paper to clean up an bits of tire still stuck to the rim on the tire truer Tooth picks are the best way to apply the super glue.
  14. Hi Phil, Same output with real race results, from our club race last Friday night for one heat with my manual calculations at the bottom for a comparison:- Total Laps from RC V1.7.1,15.01,16.989,16.983 Lap Number,,, 1,8.432,8.242,8.017 2,7.423,7.257,7.21 3,7.433,7.537,7.468 4,7.389,7.357,7.302 5,7.659,7.285,7.155 6,7.524,7.489,7.361 7,7.378,7.497,7.192 8,7.15,7.352,7.259 9,13.386,7.528,7.081 10,7.723,7.268,7.268 11,7.749,7.215,7.29 12,7.571,7.308,7.054 13,7.581,7.168,7.021 14,7.741,7.199,7.093 15,7.731,7.053,7.069 16,,7.11,7.074 Manual Calculatios:-,,, Time for all full laps,119.87,117.865,115.914 Average time/lap,7.991333333,7.3665625,7.244625 Time short a end of race,0.13,2.135,4.086 Estimated lap completed,0.016267623,0.289823103,0.564004348 Estimated total laps,15.01626762,16.2898231,16.56400435 Sorry the editor does not support tables, so had to paste as a CSV. Summary: Total Laps from RC V1.7.1, 15.01, 16.989, 16.983 Estimated total laps, 15.016, 16.2898, 16.564 I have also done tests with the V1.7.0 RC version with the same issues. Regards from Phillip.
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