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  1. Oops I have moved. Wont see that car again.
  2. Thanks guys. Interesting round..
  3. Thanks to everyone for running round two. Nice to hit the heady heights of ninth on stage three
  4. Nice to see my car moving up the table. could it be a slow starter? :unsure:
  5. Can't wait to see the complete line up.. Some very nice cars so far.
  6. That was quick.. Must be a winner..
  7. Car 69 is on its way. Posted Saturday.
  8. My Metro is complete now and weighs in at 97 grams. Still trying to upload some pics. ��
  9. Tyres arrived today. Fitted ok. Just a few bits to do and I'll wing it off to Oz. 😄
  10. How do I post a picture of my car on here?
  11. Money sent today for my entry.
  12. Car has been ordered. Can't wait to get started on it. I've bought a white 6R4.
  13. jonnynobber


    Car 69 will be the old focus again with a new motor. I have some spare motors if anybody is stuck for one.
  14. jonnynobber


    Any news on the 2015 event???
  15. jonnynobber


    Car 69 is home safe and sound thanks..
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