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  1. Magnetic from memory, I think i did that so the kids would have an easier time!! It was... And hopefully it will be for someone else!
  2. Its that braid that has the double sided tape on it, so it laid in well bit I probably did a little too much tension and it started coming off... If it was glued in it would be fine.. Also here is a video of the track when i first ran it.
  3. Hi guys, I was active on here a fair few years back as I undertook a huge project building a 1900x3600 three lane track. I was making this for myself and my son and it was a huge labor of love that I had anticipated to keep forever for us to use. Sadly a year or so after building it my wife and I separated and we had to sell our house (and loose the 4 car garage I had build the track in!). Since then I have held onto the track in my new house in the garage, hoping to one day to return to it to finish the project. Alas the time has come where I am renovating my garage and cannot store the track at all anymore, and I am gutted to have to let it go. I have spent thousands building it so far, and hundreds of hours, but rather than cut it up into firewood, I thought I'd jump on here and offer it to anyone who might be interested in giving it some love and bringing it back to life. The tape in the track recesses has come out due to condensation in the garage, however everything else is still totally fine, the paint job i had done on the track is still as it was when I first did it, the huge bank curve is still perfect and it will simply need some legs and modelling to finish it up. It is VERY big, and if someone were interested you'd need a few strong people and a truck to move it, but even if I can get $300 for this I would be happy to see it go to a home rather than the tip... The project was documented here: http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15950-brand-new-racer-brand-new-build/page__st__20 and here: http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16971-dandenong-ranges-track/ Although the images attached have long lost their URLS.. Feel free to ask any questions, it is available for pickup in Kallista, VIC. I would need it gone within 2 weeks or its getting chopped up and I'll be devastated! Cheers,
  4. http://vimeo.com/78603636 Testing out the tunnel and the new 'steel' tunnel half
  5. I want to just point out here for anyone in future that does what I did: With the first diagram do not rig up the negative side of the power supply to BOTH the track and to your controllers! I didn't realise the change in colour on the map meant to be choosing which to do The power to the track dropped and would only get up to top power when all the controllers were pushed at the same time. When I removed the connection to the red cable of the controllers (which I remembered on the box it said red was 'optional' all issues were resolved. Might seem like a silly thing to not realise but it took me ages to figure out what was wrong as I thought I was following the diagram exactly! Hope that saves someone else a few hours if they have a similar problem..
  6. Scratch that, ran some tests (alligators straight onto the track etc) and got it worked, redid the solder joins a third time and sorted it out all 3 lanes fully functional. Can keep going on scenery now, get some barriers in on the corners for faster turns and so on!
  7. I will do I'm still wiring it all up I've hit a snag though - I've wired up all three lanes, wired in connectors etc and for some reason 2 lanes are working but the third is not? i double checked all solder joins they seem to be fine, I'm not sure what the problem is =/ My only one thought is on the third lane ive soldered the wire into the gap where the braid pushes through the track so it's connecting to both the start and end of the braid of the one side of the lane? The other tracks braids are connected but they are just touching one another as they push through the gap so I figured it can't be that? Are they supposed to remain separate?
  8. First laps! Only laid one lane of braid so far but was too excited to check it out and make sure it was all working http://vimeo.com/78494695
  9. Have spent the last four nights slaving away at the slot painting =/ lesson learnt - paint slots before the track, because rather than just masking the slots off, I had to mask off every tiny piece of track to make sure i didn't spray over all my hard painting work.. Alas, it's all done! And I believe my magnabraid arrives tomorrow, which means a weekend of laying and wiring to hopefully run a test early next week! Here are some shots, More updates soon
  10. Ok so a note to anyone wondering in the future - don't use stone grit paint on your track. I thought it'd be great for a more realistic road surface, its not. was running the car around just to test it out and noticed it couldnt take the hairpin at all - too much traction was stopping it from sliding around the corner. Have just sanded down the whole track and repainted... lol
  11. Few things done today, plonked the mountain in-situ which was exciting to see, also good to see how much alteration it needs now I actually have the track. Then painted the track - hour or so cleaning out the grooves, a good undercoat, 2 coats of dulux sensations 'stone' texture mixed 50/50 with black that I had mixed up, and a light satin black spray paint over certain track spots. It's at a point now I kind of have to wait for the braiding before I can start working on the tunnel etc, but am starting on more of the foam scenery, and boxing in the bank curve for a scenery section up there too...
  12. Hey not at all I don't know... it felt like I had pushed it to it's max without taking some out of the back of it etc. The roof traps I had holding it in place seemed at capacity and when i tried to pull it any tighter it wouldn't budge. not sure about 9mm board, I would worry it'd be too thin even with this one the slots seemed to start to turn in a bit at the bottom - i loosened a screw or two back a bit and it resolved it, but I was still a bit worried about it snapping at the narrow points. If the curve was over a larger area maybe?
  13. Came home from the shop an hour early today to have a play, got in the last few supports for the bank and then the moment of truth, unstrapped the curve and was very pleased to see it not move a mm, not even a groan! So the track is now 100% in terms of fixings, sanded back the polyfilled sections and took a razor blade to the slots to clean them all up. Next up - painting
  14. It worked a treat ZeGas!! Thanks so much for your help, i would never have got it done. Yeah I'll probably head out to Mobile Raceways this week - its only about 20 mins from me. I'm in Belgrave
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