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  1. Hi Guys Here are the results of the Scaleauto GT 8 hour for 2017. I have put together this sheet to show how it unfolded - it was difficult to know what was really happening with any degree of certainty during the race as the race had 9 teams running in a round robin format which renders the actual race sheet meaningless as far as the overall positions are concerned. Follow the link http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1293 Overall the Queensland Team led from start to finish on the back of really good runs on Blue, Purple, Black and Yellow which are the lanes at the 'hard' end of the track - well done. Cheers
  2. Hey Jan If we are not yet 'veterans' what are you hinting at here - over 80's? If still drawing breath - I'm your man
  3. Hey Jan Come back - we miss you - even though you may never win again (as all you team-mates have absconded) I am sure you could rebuild and have a ball. Hope to see you in the pits again.
  4. Yep - works for me as I suggested to Stoo - JJ builds the car - we help him drive it - Team JJ for me
  5. I reckon it should be around 2 kilos min weight (that's 2000 grams or around 4.404 lbs if you are old school)
  6. Hi Guys I have posted the Qualifying and Race Sheets for the Scaleauto 8 Hour at HSC here: - http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1102 Cheers
  7. Hey JJ It was truly an awesome effort to come home so well under the circumstances. Cheers Mark
  8. Thanks Jan, I have made the correction - I was in a real rush when I posted this and did not proof read it adequately (obviously) . Cheers
  9. Hi All I have posted some pics and results here for the LMP on the ASCRA forum. If you are interested please follow the links: - The Preliminaries http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1100 The Race http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1101 Regards Mark
  10. Hi there Captian I thought the format for the LMP was two driver teams? In any case there is not an issue with teams greater than two as there will always be a spare team member to marshal when there is a change over of drivers. Regards
  11. Hi Gents Looking forward to seeing a few familiar (not gonna use the word 'old') faces at this event. Have been reading the posts and in relation to the driver change-over in the LMP race why don't we just have a 30 sec track call at the mid-point of each bracket which; given that it is two man teams; would ensure that there is a full compliment of marshals at all times? This would then allow all drivers to drive each lane which is possibly a more desirable option. Any thoughts. Fox
  12. Hi All Just a little curious as to how the LMP race is to be run as I cannot see from a logistics/mathematical/fairness to all teams point of view how you can aim for a 1000 lap race? The original post says: - "2 or 3 drivers per team in equal stints (+- 2x6 minutes or 3 x 4 minutes as it will be first to 125 laps per heat). 1000 lap Endurance race on all 8 lanes" Logistical issue When a race is programmed into the race computer it is set up on the lines of so many minutes a bracket and so many seconds for lane changes - if brackets are to end when a team reaches 125 laps it will be difficult to administer easily. Mathematical issue The issue is that if each bracket is terminated when a team reaches 125 laps on a lane this will mean that UNLESS the SAME team is first to 125 laps on ALL lanes the total of laps run will be less than 1000! Fairness to all In a LM race of 1000 laps ALL the cars are on the same lane as it were whilst in a slot car race each car participates on each of 8 lanes for an equal amount of time with the laps being totaled. This is done as each lane presents its own challenge and some lanes are therefore by nature more difficult and slower than others. I know by now that you will all be thinking WHAT can we do My suggestion would be to ditch the 1000 lap concept and and try to estimate a bracket length that will approximate 1000 laps. I have driven Kim's LMP around the track last year and from memory was getting around in 5.2 to 5.3 seconds on the hot lanes. On this basis some basic maths leads me to think that about 12 minutes for each lane is about right: - At 12 mins per bracket: 12*8*60= 5760 seconds which equates to 1000 laps at average of 5.76 sec/lap On this basis I think the total laps will beat the 1000 laps At 11 mins per bracket : 11*8*60=5280 seconds which equates to 1000 laps at average of 5.28 sec/lap On this basis I think the total laps will not beat the 1000 laps Thus my suggestion is to reformat the race to 12 mins per bracket. Looking forward to seeing all you Guys again to race slot cars and swap lies and tall stories. Regards Mark
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