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  1. Hi yep,me to,mass storage usb hard drives are so cheap these days..
  2. Hi firmware update here http://ssdc.jackaments.com/firmware.shtml
  3. Hi ssdc and rcs64 are the most popular, both are excellent but in different ways, both have free trial period , just type it out on Google to get the download links..
  4. Hi Yes, for the best experience you need the aux to pc cable ,this will allow hook up to a number of race management programs, most have a free trial period to allow you to evaluate them... The cable will also allow you to update the powerbase to the latest firmware which is V1.09..... I'm not sure if anyone in Aus sells it but there is a member on here from the UK who makes and sells them, have a look for member Rikorocket. ..
  5. Hi I can C from the pics that this is a great thought out piece of hardware, looking forward to C the firmware in place so testing can begin...
  6. Hi my install of Scorpius lane brain and flipper assemblies, fully adjustable in delay and hold plus liven flipper in both planes
  7. Hi This project is still live, the 3D printing is stalling because the owner decided to build his own and it's way ahead of what is commercially available, it's built and needs calibration but is on the to do list. In the meantime the files have been altered slightly to make parts a little lighter.
  8. Hi A pic of the housing http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?autocom=gallery&req=si&img=101297 A pic of the stanchion and base http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?autocom=gallery&req=si&img=101273 Back of housing http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?autocom=gallery&req=si&img=101289 These parts are all in primer,finished colour of your choice via rattle can,the base is held to the stanchion by mags,all electrical connections by spring loaded plungers,so if you knock one over just simply re locate it.
  9. Hi Small update,the project is still very much alive and kicking,there is a custom 3d printer being built and the last parts are just about to arrive,with this built and calibrated we can then finish the re design of the housings.
  10. Hi This is a link showing a pic of the install http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51067&hl=Caterham+chipping Just go to post #8
  11. Hi This car can be chipped with the F1 retro fit chip c7005,I've seen this done by Andy Wallace off ssdc fame some time ago,as been said the F1 dpr chip is even smaller once removed from its casing and even has the advantage of being able to handle more power in stock trim over a c7005. The dpr option as already mentioned needs more work though as you need to place the led on a fly lead and add power wires. Great cars once completed and enough liveries to get a set of 6 without getting the rattle can out or the sticker packs.
  12. Hi I'm sure most of you have now seen the virtual safety car screens that now feature at all fia sanctioned races. Well using micro oled screens and some clever sketch work these will soon be available to use on your slot car track,at present it will only work with Ssdc and pclapcounter if someone would be willing to rework the sketch. This is a demo video of a screen going through its paces,it's just on a loop at the moment but all the work has been completed on a 3d printed base,stanchion and housing,just waiting for it to arrive,so for now here is a short video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OXOw9ApKbl0
  13. Hi One word of caution on these chips,the area around the led is conductive so if you are unlucky enough to catch a screw in the slot and it makes contact with the area aound the sensor it will blow the led,you will then need to add on the aftermarket one to get the chip running again. I've lost one so far and others I spoke to at the uksf also reported the same issue,I spoke to Maurizio at the event and was advised that an update would be 6 months away,in the meantime he did suggest placing a piece of clear tape over the apature,I've done this and lap counting and l/c are unchanged.
  14. Hi Setting car in ssdc is very easy,once you start setting up a race there is a display (race tree) in all the colours you see on the apb,red,yellow etc. All you need to do is place the cursor over the coloured squares and click with the mouse,a sub menu appears asking you to make sure the other cars are of track,click ok and its done.
  15. Hi Clc= corner lane change...xlc=x over lane change or the one you use on a straight,but as you can run cars in free practice then the clc can not be causing a problem. So you can run two cars in free practice and line them up for a race and without touching anything other than start race button and then only one car will run .? When you are in free practice is the race tree greyed out ?
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