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  1. The Radius is R500..
  2. You must be very satisfied as will the customer base Keep up the excellent work..
  3. Just to add that it might be an idea to freeze fuel burn once the pitlane is closed by rms as it will be possible to deliberately run other drivers out of fuel..
  4. It's quite right that the product should work as advertised across both platforms and not expect users to go and swap there device just to get firmwares loaded .. AndyW of ssdc fame made one release of his bootloader for updating C7042 apb and it has worked faultlessly since release, I used it just the other day,nailed it first time..it can be done ..
  5. So that's another world first Rick, meanwhile the hobbyists are busy nursing a buffer face.. LOL.
  6. The real one looks nice Rick, I take it it will provide on the line lap counting, nothing worse than laggy laptimes which means a scramble to reslot your car within 2 seconds to avoid a missed count, really competitive stuff.. And good to see future projects sticking with led beacons, this way you don't get sensors interfering with lane change solenoids and dumping the rms into thinking the car is on the pitlane... Brilliant stuff..
  7. Good reading Rick, I think it's fair to say we're way above Pantry level technology on here... Or is it Harry from the cupboard under the stairs.. LOL.
  8. Just leave the other half in the drawer of your Kitchen table.. Next to the tins of Spam..
  9. The only system that sends car telemetry back to a pc and once received the rms can use it? If so the only system that is currently set to use Multi Axis Accelerometers?.
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