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  1. Give me a break Phil! Your cupboard is like Dr. Who's TARDIS, or perhaps "Space, The Final Frontier"? There are places in it that no man has ever been before. I would have to build a 1:32 scale Starship Enterprise and travel at Warp Speed to see it all. Den.
  2. Thanks for the clarification Chris. We Tasmanians tucked away at the bottom of Australia don't always have access to the equipment and information that's available to you folks in the US and Canada.The only time I'd ever heard of SCX Pro was on those limited occasions when an item was offered for sale on eBay. But my interest was aroused when Shaynus asked if anyone was making pods to suit an SCX chassis. The group that I race with in the south of Tasmania races SCX Nascars as one of its regular classes (a 7-race series every couple of years) and one of the organisers had mentioned that a change of motor might be on the cards due to the condition of the RX motors we've been using for many years. Den
  3. Thanks Shaynus I've never owned an SCX Pro car so I'll take your advice regarding the Pro pods. I suppose I was expecting a bit too much in thinking that there might be an easy answer! Even in the 'normal' SCX cars there seem to be different pods for the RK series and RX series motors. One has 2 snap-in front mounting posts for the pod, the other just single mounting points both front and rear that allow a 'rocking suspension movement'. And the motors are of different heights. I've been able to re-engine a Seat Cupra GT with a can-drive SRP short can motor and motor adapter to hold it in place. That car uses the the rocking type of pod. Den
  4. Hi Shaynus and Chris First up, may I ask (1) whether those SCX Pro motor pods fit straight into the NASCAR chassis, and (2) what motor fits into them? If it accommodates the standard long can motor such as a Slot.It Flat6 or Sideways Baby Raptor then I'm sure that quite a few people down here in Tassie would be interested in getting hold of some in order to replace the aging RX motors in their old SCX NASCARs. I'd also be interested , Shaynus, in where you 'found some easily' as I've only found one place in Australia that advertised them and unfortunately they haven't responded to either of two emails sent within the last 10 days. Cheers, Den
  5. Here's another eBay gem. An SCX car originally listed at $50 plus postage didn't attract a single bid. It has since been re-listed at ??? $60 plus postage!!! I wouldn't be surprised if the bids now flow in. Den
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence Brumos in the 'Tassie Thunderslot Showdown'. But I'm wondering ... have you found the keys to Fort Knox, or are you just a spendthrift with a sense of humour? They are the only reasons I can think of why anyone would want to put their money on me in a slot car race! Den
  7. Challenge accepted Mal! (malomay) Although I must warn you that my car is currently set up with foam tyres for the Launceston track. May use my extra pod to set up a rubber-tyred option if pods can be swapped easily without upsetting the current configuration? I'm OK with the existing 'weird guide' ... suits my character. Thanks for your input too PG. Brumos RSR has provided me with a link to an excellent detailed 'how-to' by DRW21 on another forum. I won't be sharing that with Mal ... don't want him being any more competitive than he already is. (LOL) Den
  8. Interesting contributions from all of you on this subject, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some of Paul's pods for projects that are lapping around in my mind. What has become apparent from Chris's comments is the existence of slot car gear that many of us 'Down Under' have been unaware of e.g. MR motor pods for 050 motors, different gear and pinion diameters etc. Like Mark and Wobble I marvel at the technical skills shown by Paul and others. Watching the various editions of the Worldwide Slot Car Chat has also been a real eye-opener to the skills and knowledge that abound in our hobby-sport. After nearly 60 years of being involved with slot cars I am regularly amazed by how much I don't know. Den
  9. Well ... after 3 weeks of fiddling and fettling I was able to give my Thunderslot Sunoco McLaren its first race outing yesterday. In the intervening time I was able to give the car a good look-over and found that in addition to the minimal chassis clearance at the rear, that the outer chassis was twisted/warped , resulting in the right front end almost touching the track. No matter how much I adjusted the front axle adjustment screws I couldn't eliminate the 'twist' I reinforced the outer chassis with a a couple of lengths of piano wire and trued up a couple of sets of wheels and tyres eventually opting to run a sponge set, which is allowed by our club. Surprisingly when the body was mounted to chassis it seemed to straighten out the warping. With a few doubts in my mind I hit the track in Heat 1 and was pleasantly surprised by how well it went, feeling my way cautiously before being a bit more adventurous. My state of euphoria was interrupted by a loose wheel which brought my heat to a premature end. However in Heats 2 and 3 I was able to post good enough scores to score an outright 3rd place ... just in front of two other racers on the same lap score. To Peter Gunn and Brumos RSR, thank you for your encouragement and I'm looking forward to the upcoming rounds of our Classic Sports Car series. I have ordered a harder motor pod to see if that improves the performance even more. Den
  10. Great news Paul. I'll be racing with the Launceston group tomorrow so I'll let them know of your progress and see who's interested, and then I'll contact you. As indicated in Chris Walker's post dated September 17 it's not always the number of teeth on the spur gear that is important, but rather the diameter of the spur gear. Using an 050 FF slimline motor means that the distance between the centre-lines of the motor shaft and the rear axle can be reduced, and therefore allows the use of a smaller diameter spur gear while maintaining a decent gear mesh. Using a smaller diameter spur gear (15.5 or 16.5 mm) provides the car-builder with an opportunity to use smaller wheels and tyres, leading to all the benefits mentioned by Chis while making it easier to ensure that the tyres don't rub against the body. Den
  11. Glad you got that sorted out Mark. For a while i wondering whether 'the authorities' may have impounded some 'threaded seeds' that were on their way to you. Den
  12. G'day Mark. I've been following Paul's work with interest and will be in the market for a variety of pods when they are in production. The quote below came from a Forum member in New South Wales early in 2019 when I was actively chasing the (now defunct) Devis 3D pods from the USA and referred in particular to the end-bell-drive (EBD) sidewinder pods for S-Can motors ... like the one that I believe you've loaned to Paul to use as a sample. "I race with 12 or so blokes that may be interested in converting Scaley chassis pigs, into 3d podded rockets." The availability of an EBD pod designed to accept snap-in bearings means that most of the Scalextric running gear can be used. For some time I've been running a Fly Viper fitted with a Shapeways chassis and Devis inline pod that takes the slimline FF050 motor. It goes OK. The FF050 is now being used in a lot of Scalextric cars as well the recently-arrived Policar classic F1 series. As a driver of Fly F1s trying to keep up with the Policars I can tell you that those slimline motors aren't slouches. Best of all, some of the FF050 slimline motors are often available for less than $10 which means that you can build up a car for fun or competition at a bargain basement price. Those Forum members who have competed in Tasman Cup Proxy races would be better qualified to comment on the performance of the FF050 motors. Den
  13. Hello again Everyone. I received my guide holders from Bingo in exactly two weeks (Napier to Launceston) which isn't too bad under the current freight/postage situation. While I haven't modified any of my chassis with these at present I thought I should comment of the general finish of the items supplied - they look very strong and have a fairly smooth finish. They compare favourably with similar items received from the old SCC Canada. The body-mounting posts also included in the order are made with little stabilising 'feet' that should enable a very secure method of attaching the posts to the body of the car. (Not to be confused with Little Feat, the 70s rock band!) Major item supplied was the portable tyre cleaner (PTC) which will be most useful when I travel from track to track around Tasmania. As much as I appreciate the facilities provided by track-owners sometimes they are bit hard to get to for an old codger with mobility problems. I see the 'PTC' as having 4 functions (1) checking that your cars are wired correctly, and preventing the embarrassment of hurtling off the start-line in reverse, (2) can also be used as a set-up block, (3) freshening up tyres that may have developed a crust since last being used, and of course (4) cleaning tyres by applying WD40/CRC to the integral sanding block. Having the PTC unit powered by batteries means that I can perform all these functions independently. I'm looking forward to getting hold of some of the motor-pods when they become available. Den
  14. Hello from Tasmania everyone. Yesterday I took delivery of a Thunderslot McLaren M6A - the dark blue Sunoco car as driven in real life by Mark Donohue. From the video reviews on Home Racing World I'd heard that there were concerns about the 'scale accuracy' of this model, but the reviews did not compare it side by side with any other models to allow me to gauge those scale issues. Sitting here on my table beside a Revo Slot Ferrari 333SP the McLaren looks absolutely tiny. I am not sure what the relative dimensions of the two cars were in 1:1 scale but if the McLaren is considered by some to be over-scale then the 333SP must have been a huge car in real life. Although the Thunderslot McLaren is noticeably wider than the Revell Monogram version it does not look out of place when sitting beside the RM Surtees Lola T70 - same rear track of 60mm, same body width, slightly longer wheelbase. I don't have any NSR cars but I do remember sitting my Scalextric BMW Z4 beside an NSR version and needing to be told what the NSR body was supposed to be, such was the difference in appearance. So I would like to place the Thunderslot McLaren M6A beside the NSR Porsche 908 to compare widths and wheelbases etc. It' will be a week or two before I am able to evaluate the performance of the car but my initial concerns are (1) how little clearance there is beneath the back of the chassis and the track (even before tyre sanding) and (2) the hex screws that hold everything together require an Allen key that is a different size to anything I have in my toolkit. Den
  15. Perhaps this is not an indication of worldwide trends but Australasia-wide delivery tines are not too bad from my experience. Parcel posted in Napier on August 14 was ready for collection in Launceston, Tasmania, on August 28 ... just 14 days, of which 5 or 6 days were shown as 'In Transit With Airline' between Auckland and Melbourne. The stork obviously encountered westerly winds! Package included 3DP items from BIngo which I will review for the Forum, but on first look I am very pleased with my purchase. Den
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