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  1. Its not my car Kev. Mine is the HRT 2013 ANZAC tribute Holden.
  2. Hi Peoples I know I'm getting off the subject but most of you know I have a walking condition which is progressive and in time will put me in a wheelchair. The reason why I'm writing to you all on here is for you to follow my journey as I'd like to become a para-athlete and a spokesperson of my condition as there is only around 1800 people in Australia that has this condition. You can follow me on Facebook on a LIKE page called 'My Journey with HSP' ( https://www.facebook.com/journeywithhsp ). If you don't have Facebook then check it out with Google. Thanks for your time JJ
  3. Does anybody have any pics that they want to share over the endurance....
  4. Hi guys. Thanks Jan. I'm happy with my results of the 8 hour enduro as I got the car out of Layby on Thursday night and started building it on Friday and finished it around 11am Saturday. Start my 2 hour journey to get to Hornsby Slot cars. When I got to the track Saturday afternoon I got only 10 to 15 minutes with one of my co-drivers Cody to check out how the car went. We were happy and then got it checked for the race for Sunday. I drove back home and got a good night sleep for a big day of racing. I'm so happy with my 4th position after 8 hours as I didn't have lots of testing to get the car right. Thanks to Shane for organizing the event. Thanks is also given to Hornsby Slot Cars Racing. And another thanks to Wayne and Cody for being good team mates too. Cheers JJ
  5. I'm keen with Yngwi and Stoo if they are keen to go me.. Cheers JJ
  6. It was good to see that I won all three races and also got a new lap record in Cam-am of 126 laps from Cam previous record of 120 laps.. Cheers JJ
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