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  1. Rick I have a different question - what voltages can the car decoder chip run at? Will it work on 7.5v? regards, Ricky
  2. TrickyD

    Ferrari Van-Cam

    lol Phil it sure does. I wonder what sort of video it makes. I've seen some slots on youtube that obviously have a camera in a car. Have that Ferarri Van as a ghost car and run it around while you race. Could make for interesting viewing especially if you set it to random lane change.
  3. TrickyD


    They have one of those at red racer. It works good and it's amazing how a slightly different magnet makes a difference. regards, Ricky
  4. Thanks John & Rick. I'm glad I didn't buy this set I was looking at. I'm now going to buy the scaley Platinum set which comes with the 6 car powerbase and 2 transformers, 6 cars and 8.55m track. From there I'll build my scorpius controller collection. regards, Ricky
  5. Dave will RC run on the 4 car scalextric powerbase? I think I'll be getting a set that has the 4 controller. I'd like to know if scorpius controllers would work with the 4 base. If it doesn't then I'll get myself the 6 base. regards, Ricky
  6. Ok. How hard is it to hook up an adjustable, regulated power supply like I would for ssd? I'll ask red racer to show me the piece of track that accepts power in their setup of the set which has 2 cars and of course 2 of their wireless controllers which I have used at red racer and the car they have on the track kept stopping. I think the carerra wireless is next to useless. Hence I would get scorpius and ditch the silly thumb operated version they have. regards, Ricky
  7. yaq ..... If I go ssd could I use the 4 car power supply to run scorpius? regards, Ricky
  8. Thanks Rick. If I go carerra what's the go with lane brain? Are the lcs of carerra similar to ssd? I can get a digital carerra set from red racer. Would I be able to use it's powers supply to convert to scorpius? My track would only need 3 lane brains for 2 lcs and the start/finish line. I don't know how pit bays work in carerra. regards, Ricky
  9. Which track would be better to get scorpius on - SSD or Carerra? Because of Nincos problems with lane changers I won't even think about it. What are the pros and cons of each please. I know the Carerra will take 1/24 cars but that's not something I will get into. I'll stay with 1/32. I know if I want to run scorpius on SSD I'll need a beefier power supply than the scaley one. Is it the same for Carerra? My track will be one I setup on my days off and put back away in it's separate pieces during the week because I don't have anywhere to put a large table. How does lane brain work on Carerra? What mods to cars are needed? regards, Ricky
  10. TrickyD


    I'm starting out from scratch and intend to get myself ssd track to build a scorpius setup. In my travels on the net in forums like this I quite often read about using a dremmel. Which model will be most useful for slot cars? I see they have a hobby version 300 for sale fairly cheaply. Is this what is being used by the people on these forums? regards, Ricky
  11. Many thanks Rick. I eagerly look forward in getting my scorpius controller and the wam to start with. cheers, Ricky
  12. Thanks for the reply on the plug. I assume the owner of the track (it's red racer) would have such sockets - it's got 2 straight pins and one round one. regards, Ricky
  13. YAQ - yet another question.... How do we program the wam to be a certain ID? From the controller? Let's say 3 of the 6 racers in any given race are using scorpius with wam how do we make sure our ids are unique? I might have mine set to 1 and someone else comes and they also have theirs as 1. We'd agree one of us needs to change. How would we do that? regards, Ricky
  14. Good one! The track where I watch my nephew race use race stations that use a female socket at the station and one of the holes in it are round and it's in the shape of an australian electrical plug with the one that's at the bottom being round (I assume it's done that way so no one tries to plug in a normal electrical plug). Will the wam have a connection like that or would I have to build an adaptor? I'm considering changing from night shift to day shift so I could race on Friday nights. They have a 6 lane analogue track and I'd like to get a car (analogue) to run in the race series. I assume they'll let me use my scorpius controller with the wam. I'll show all the guys there the controller in action and let them try if for themselves. Might be able to get you some sales from that especially when they see me walk around the track and still drive the car or go get the car after I deslot it and drive it as soon as I put it back on the track and not have to go back to the driver station. Another question about setting my ssd track (when I get it) to work scorpius.... When I setup lane brain on xlcs on ssd do I need to connect the liven flipper wires? If so I assume I solder them onto the flipper underneath? regards, Ricky
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