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  1. Still waiting for the HR31 Skyline! Good to see the Sierra's made the cut and were produced, now it's time for the Skyline Pleeeeeeease
  2. I cleaned up my track as best I could but couldn't bring it back to anything that resembled a new track (wasn't surprised) so decided to give the copper tape a go. Works really well and has made a big difference Also picked up these 5 cars second hand fairly cheap that need a little TLC, but are otherwise fine!
  3. Thanks Chas, it's seems to have worked out fairly evenly, lap times are almost identical
  4. Awesome thanks mate. Anyway, it's a simple pine frame with 4mm marine ply and thin galvanised channel bracing on the back. I would like to add some scenery, but it would most like be painted surfaces and track banners on the frame. There won't be any frocks this time!
  5. Let's see if this works
  6. The "Insert image from URL" button doesn't seem to like the link's I'm using from Imgur. Any reason why?
  7. Hey guys, been a few years since I've been on here I started a hoisted track with scenery in about 2015 and life got in the way, moved houses etc etc...anyway the track was taken down and dissasmbled. Here's a link to the old build for those interested: Fast forward to 2021, have a new garage, which means a new track. My gear had been sitting in boxes in the roof for years and its time to put it to use. I'm doing a considerably smaller track, only 6ft by 4ft. I couldn't find a great deal of examples of such a small track so though I better document it. Anyway, here it is so far. It's nice and light and I can lift and manoeuvre it on my own. Aim is to keep it as light as possible so I probably won't go with much scenery. It will end up being hoisted to the ceiling. Once I figure out hot to insert a damn image, I'll do it hahah
  8. Andyjk

    Andyjk's Track Build

    Hey guys, been a while since I've been in here (life sort of got in the way). Long story short, my circumstances have changed and I unfortunately have to sell the track. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it? Would not include any cars, just the track as is. (BTW, the track is working perfectly now).
  9. Andyjk

    Andyjk's Track Build

    I don't think it's a particular lane as when I change the controllers between lanes, it's always the same controller causing issues, not the lane, if you know what I mean? ie when I use the blue controller on either lane it is slower. When using the red controller on either lane it is normal
  10. Andyjk

    Andyjk's Track Build

    Thanks heaps for the info mate. I'm looking at getting the same 6 car digital power base in the not too distant future so I'll try some WD40 and see how we go. Thanks again mate
  11. I have the HPI R32 but as a R31 owner, the R32 just won't suffice haha
  12. Andyjk

    Andyjk's Track Build

    Hey guys, just having some issues with one of my hand controllers that I'm hoping you could help me out with. When driving any of my cars, you almost have to press the controller to full throttle to be able to be competitive at all with the car on the other lane. It is nowhere near as smooth as the other controller and the throttle response is poor. You can almost drive the whole track full throttle without deslotting. Have tried swapping the controllers over and tried with multiple cars. Just wondering if this is a common issue and what the problem might be? I have the standard Scalextric C8229 hand controller (black with blue/red triggers).
  13. Andyjk

    Andyjk's Track Build

    Made a shipping container today - painted balsa wood
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