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  1. Hey Axman Speaking of Nostalgia, Do you remember back in i think it was 84-85 i was going to get you to build me a King on the Sunshine Coast but the Local authorities did not want a Slot Car Track in their shire......Bugger i still think it would have worked and always will. cheers Steve
  2. Damn Nice work there Brityank!! Well Done. cheers steve
  3. at least put some sunnies on her.
  4. Awesome Mobbzee but you need to paint some threads on the driver lol.
  5. Hi DM Bloody beautiful trees I didn't know you had a Green Thumb. lol Steve
  6. Nice wheels DM should bring it to Perros next run we will all go for a spin lol cheers steve
  7. Hi SR Thanks for the reply any ideas as to where i can get a hold of this adapter. cheers steve
  8. Hi Slotters I have an unused laptop running Vista does anyone know of a timing setup for a 3 lane routed track that i can run on this as it does not have a printer port but has a few USB ports? cheers steve
  9. wombat

    Short Track

    Hey Dave Great little track got dizzy watching the vids. moving over the week end so hopefully in a couple of weeks i will get that old track of yours going i will have to modify one end as it is to long maybe add a section L shaped. I have an unused laptop running Vista do you know of a timing setup that i can run on this as it does not have a printer port? cheers steve
  10. wombat

    Short Track

    Hey DM i can lend you a track but it is in pieces hahaha cheers steve (Wombat) PS i like the airfield track idea.
  11. Thats just damn awesome Cam! Where can i get a hold of one or two? cheers Steve
  12. Hi Everyone. Just a quicky, does anyone have instructions for a simple Timing system/lap Counter setup for a 3 lane timber track for someone who is Tecktarded. I have an unused laptop with Vista which i can use if applicable. cheers Wombat
  13. wombat

    Holiday Fun Ahead

    Hi David Talking to Perro recently and was wondering what you did with the 3 laner/ cheers steve (Wombat)
  14. GO Maddy Sounds like you make Joe really proud good on ya! cheers Steve
  15. wombat


    Absolutely beautiful just need to add a couple of wings (roof and front) and then perfect. keep up the good work!
  16. Hi Garry Just reading through this forum and Good on ya for a great simple idea on timing for a home track, as i have a 3 lane timber track with no timing and no nouse for doing such i would be very very interested in a complete timing system for my 3 laner please keep me in mind if you can come up with a K.I.S.S system for my 3 laner in QLD. cheers Steve
  17. There is a fair bit of old tape still on the track in reasonable condition do you suggest removing this or can i just go over the old stuff?
  18. Thanks guys A couple of options cheers steve
  19. Hi Could anyone give me a hint as to the easiest way to wire power to copper tape on a routed track and with approx 20mtre lane length and how many taps would one need to have? cheers wombat
  20. Hi Jade Tracks looks Bloody awesome well done! cheers Steve
  21. wombat

    Sunshine Coast

    Hi Everyone, is there anybody on the Sunshine Coast who has a Routed Timber track?
  22. Hi Joe Steve here on the Sunny Coast we should get together as i am also planning on possibly building a routed track. cheers steve
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