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  1. Hi Should be a nice track if similar to the adelaide track i will be moving down that way in march/April please keep me posted cheers stevee
  2. Bloody Nora.....scarey ride i bet.
  3. wombat

    Router Bits

    Hi Can anyone tell me where i can get a router bit for recessing copper braid? cheers
  4. Hi Just wondering which would be the best digital system to purchase. cheers steve
  5. try Jamie 0755006178 great guy and very very helpfull.
  6. Hi There is no commercial tracks on the coast at the moment but there is quite a few guys who have fairly large Routed tracks that run 1/32 scale maybe here is your opportunity to open one.
  7. Hey Al I think you missed the dates lol.
  8. Hi Joe Looks awesome and looks a bit different from when i was up there a couple of weeks ago, well done. cheers steve
  9. wombat

    Lightning Ridge

    some overall pics would be good, scenery looks awesome.
  10. Keep em comin Axman......geez Kim youve got a lot more to come im sure. Steve
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