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  1. Agreed Mark. A really nice day with a good bunch of racers. Is there a set of rules around that we can check on?
  2. Is the lead,Carbon Fibre frt Axle and torx screws included in the packet?
  3. We had an awesome nite of racing the V8's at NBA last nite. There was over 20 racers there, we had just one minute sprints with each car on each lane. Lots of fun and close racing. Andrew showed us all how it's done..... It was just a small taste of the fun we are going to have in the future as more and more racers have their own cars to race with. A big thanks to Jan and Mark for providing the cars for us all to use.
  4. Well done Rod. It Looks great. Hopefully you'll win the first bracket like last week with it. [til a technical issue with race control..]
  5. As I said in my EE tuning post. Different tracks will require different set ups.
  6. Using the srp25 takes the 'luck' bit out of the equation for a fast car. All the srp's I've bought and tested, under load,are within a couple of % of being the same. I don't have to worry about the huge rpm variations etc as it doesn't seem to happen, which makes it fair [and fun] I'm Still happy to use a fox4 elsewhere though, and hope I get Lucky........ let the bullets fly....
  7. After extensive testing at EE with Jan yesterday on a grippy track we found that hard springs on all 3 T-plate springs provided the right amount slide and the fastest times. The Volvo we tested has the very consistent performance SRP 25k. motor, 26.7mm rears,12t pinion and 45t spur gear. 1mm clearance frt and rear. 6grams of lead around the motor was needed to bring the car up to minimum weight. It looks like different tuning is going to be required for the different conditions and tracks. I'm also a strong advocate for the cars and rules not to be changed at all. Cam's idea of providing a close racing class is excellent. Perhaps a review to a Mk2 in 12 months would be my only suggestion.
  8. We had a great nights racing at Jan's track last night. Almost all the regulars, plus we had visit from Shane from team NSR. He brought with him some awesome cars and big chunk of SA talent. Sneaky practice and a bit of opposition espionage thrown in.Good to see you Shane . Looking forward to catching up at the NSW champs in Feb. Where Eagle s Dare....
  9. Hi Shane, we've managed to secure the services of a third driver for the Scale Autos on the Sunday and Ashley and I will race as a two man team in the LMP's. So - If you'll have us the Eagles have landed and the Eagles are in. Please let us if all is ok an we'll book flights.
  10. Regretfully , due to circumstances out of or control, the Eagles are officially withdrawing from both these endurance races.
  11. HI All As a result of no responses to our awesome invitations to the north Brissie drivers [none]. The Eagles are looking for a third team member for Hornsby. We already have a super fast lmp car that is as fast as anything at EE.Although the competition is aging and has dubious tactics.So we just need a driver for this class. We have good Scale Autocars [well one actually] and we want a third driver that has a winning attitude and a very f.....g fast legal car. Not much to ask.. Send your applications in asap to avoid disappointment .
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