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  1. Phil Unsure of capacitor size. Was gong to fit some from jcar 50v 100Nf I will check the settings as suggested
  2. Hi We have a 3 lane analogue track set up and use the RC coupled to an Arduino board. We have individual lane power through a 4 relay board with a call button on each driver station. We have had a few issues in regards to: 1. Randomly at the start of a heat, a lap will be counted on a lane. It is different lane each time. 2. When the track call button is activated and we go under a yellow flag, upon restart, it will randomly re fuel a lane or two lanes or eve all lanes, without the car/s being anywhere near the sensor. We are using the lap sensor as the fuel sensor. When this happens if the car crosses the start line, it will not count the lap (below the 2.5 sec mark that I set as a minimum) Phil suggested individual negatives from the sensors be run back to the Arduino which I have done. He also recommended a Ferro core choke on the USB cable. I also have done this and one on the Cat 5 sensor cable. Still does the same thing. I Have installed the latest software as well as uninstalling and reinstalling it. Help!!!!! We love the fuel racing and the program Thanks in advance
  3. Watched the 87 cheaters race on Monday. Brocky by default!! Awesome stuff.
  4. Hi All. Here is a short video of Brewers Loop in action. http://s1355.photobucket.com/user/joe_dunn1/media/slottiesscgt_zpsenhz8cvz.mp4.html Cheers!
  5. Woot!!!! Brewers Loop Raceway is up and running!! Here is a couple of short videos (was hard to film and drive so the cinematography is average but you get the idea) The track is great, smooth, fast and challenging with a good mix of corners and straights. http://s1355.photobu...507adf.mp4.html http://s1355.photobu...fb9af8.mp4.html I used black board paint mixed with low sheen acrylic wall paint to get the grey colour. Traction is good with silicon tyres. Next is the timing system. I have bought the IR leds and recievers to fit below the slot, scored a computer tower from a mate and am needing the printer cable to complete it. We had a session last night with 3 lanes in use, plenty of good door to door racing with lots of room to pass. Cheers Joe
  6. Funny you should say that Neil. I want to add a pit lane!!
  7. Hi ZeGas It was amazing how much flex the 12mm MDF has. I had some crazy elevations and twists in the track as I was mucking about. I think it was also made more flexible by cutting the actual roadway out of the sheet. I did have a minor set back yesterday. I was bogging up some mistakes and looked this morning only to find 1/2 the bog didnt set!!!!! Dont know what I did wrong as I have used this product before. Now to scrape out the unset bog and start again!!
  8. Since that pic I have made sure that there is 120mm min clearance at all "bridges". Keen to get racing but a little more to do. Setting up the elevations has been time consuming.
  9. Did a bit more on the elevations last night. Making track supports and getting the clearances on bridges etc right. This is the overall view .The Esses heading up the hill. The back straight. Just a couple more track supports and I am bogging my mistakes, sanding and painting. I hope to get it done by Sunday arvo.
  10. Yes Steve, patience is a virtue!! Not long mate and we can carve out some laps on the Loop!
  11. Joined the 2 ends last night and set up the elevations on the track. Must say it is amazing how flexible 12mm mdf is! Here are some pix of the joined track and its elevations. Next fix elevations in place, bogging, sanding painting taping! overall view
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