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  1. Thomm01

    Brookfield Circuit

    Thanks for the reply's guys. Much appreciated. I definitely have a long way to go with building the track and surrounds. I have lots of plans in my head but really depends on time as to when I get around to doing them. 1 of many jobs on the go! Plan for the short term is to get some Perspex along the front for protection for the cars hitting the floor and so the kiddies can still see the track. That is what the kids mats are for, to protect the cars when they fly off(which was happening a LOT when I first got the track going) Also fix track down to table so I can fold it up and get the car back into the garage. Its only been 4 months though At the same time install a few power taps around the track before I fix it down. Long term most definitely is track scenery. Still haven't decided to go with a street theme or a more race track/field. Just happy at the moment to race around the track, learn a bit and collect more cars. Long term plans/dreams are : Driver stations, with tyre truer(AND drink holders, )wireless throttles, build up the base level with the track, scenery, create bridge for overpass, place base on the table so when folded up it will look a bit better, Install my checkered material skirting which I already have, Make my Pitpro not as ugly , Make my proper dust cover with press studs. etc etc etc etc. I'm sure there is more. I'll try and make sure I document it as I go along. As far as the table folding system it is fairly simple really. When I get home I'll try to get some better pictures. Just hinges, and when folded down actually sits on a beam instead of the hinges holding the weight. When wanting to fold up I connect the cable in 3 places(one on each end and one in the middle) using shackles and turn the winch and viola!!! Pics and possibly a vid will make it easier to understand. Thanks for being so nice about the butterfly's. I'm sure you are all just being nice though.
  2. Thomm01

    Brookfield Circuit

    Hi everyone. It has been a while since I first introduced myself http://www.auslot.co...__fromsearch__1 and have been busy on and off working on the track and thought that I had better get around to starting a track journal. The track as it is, currently isn't too much different from the original goal which is a blatant copy of Joe Z's which I stumbled across while looking at track designs http://www.auslot.co...classic- track/ Thanks Joe I have now got the track sitting on wood instead of bits of foam and leftover track pieces trying to keep the overpass up which is a good start. Have had some great nights already with the family over. Lots of laughing and carry on. I really like the big screen, which was actually the wife's idea was not expecting that one. Still playing around and learning the track and lots left to do but here are some pictures below of how it currently stands. Please ignore the butterfly's etc. Remnants from the daughter’s birthday and too lazy to take them down. The plan is that the table will fold up against the wall. You can see the winch on the left which all works well. Just need to get around to securing the track so it won’t fall when folded up. Currently running SSDC and pitpro and really enjoying the challenges. Thanks for looking, Feel free to add advice/criticism.
  3. Welcome. Lucky I have already gotten on the slot car track because if I wasn’t, after walking in the Lobethal shop I would be Don’t rush in too much! Plan what you want, where are you going to put it? Area size etc. There are plenty of options. I love digital and would recommend it! A bit bias though. Depends on what tickles your fancy. I couldn’t help myself and had to go the whole hog as far as digital goes. If I was to do it again I'd get all the same stuff. If you didn’t know about digital have a search around. You can get all sorts of cool things. Hook up to a computer, pit stops, fuel management, race management program, easier adjust power for the kiddies, ghost/pace cars etc etc etc. Most of these options you need to get from the UK but was quite reasonable if you were to buy the unmodified kit. If you do plan on going digital I'd get a Platinum digital set as you get the full set. 6 cars, 6 controllers, 6 car powerbase(a necessity if you want all the cool stuff after) and a reasonable amount of track for starters. My two bob!!! Happy slotting!
  4. Thanks guys. Picked up the last of the missing track so I should get the layout completed in the very near future. Pretty happy with the height of the table actually. The kids can see the track easy, plus they can get too some of the cars if they come off in the easier to reach places and I dont have any issues with it at all. Definitely hasnt been an effortless build so far, especially having my lad helping me . Picked up some checkered material which I plan to fix to the sided to hide the underneath. Will get it on there one day. Thanks for the info Craig, it is very interesting in the history and how Joe has progressed in his track designs. Make me feel even better with the track layout so far. Will get some pictures up once I get organised. Probably start a track journal.
  5. Havnt secured mine but this is how I will be planning to hold down the track.http://www.scalextric.com/shop/track/accessories/c8232-track-fixing-side-clips/ They slip in the little slot on the side of the track at the joint. Hope that makes sense. My track will be folded up against the wall so I am hoping that this is the way to go. I have also read that someone used paddlepop sticks instead and drilled little holes in the stick and screwed down.
  6. Looks very nice. Hope to do something similar to mine when I get it set-up.
  7. Thanks all, Sorry, just updated my profile with where I live. I live in Northgate, which is not far from Yatala Jail(just because everyone seems to know where Yatala is ). I thought I had already done that guess I forgot. Not sure I can get much bigger Digby, Already taking up 1/3 of the garage. Never say never though. Fixed up my boo boo tonight with the height, the table is a bit lower than I imagined but only way to clear the panel lift door rails was to lower the height a bit. It is a good height for the kids though and I can now be lazy and sit if I wanted
  8. Hi everyone, I'd just like to introduce myself. I have gotten the bug and am getting a slot car track. After a couple of plays on a few local slot tracks I have gone a bought a Scalextric Platinum and have place an order for all of the rest of the track which hopefully I will get this week. I always went to my cousin’s house when I was a tacker and always remember playing on their massive Scalextric track. Since having a play I keep getting those memories and just really look forward to playing. I set the platinum up in the house and, my 2 kids (boy 3, Girl 5) LOVE it, I am actually getting sick of the lad (almost 3) asking every 10 minutes to "play race cars" Beauty is that I just lower their cars power so they cant crash it, good fun having the whole family playing. I will be putting this in the garage on a table that will fold up on the wall. The table is 4.8m x 1.7m and the track will be pretty much that size. The table is almost finished but I stuffed up a dimension so have to modify the legs a bit no biggy though. I have pretty much plagiarized the track design from http://www.auslot.co...-classic-track/ as it looks like a fun and fast track. I'll set it up on the table for a while to make sure I like the layout before I commit fully to screwing it down. Thanks for reading and looking forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts. Please feel free to give comments/criticism/advise.
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