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    Hi guys, I like what I see here and I am interested to join in 2020. I may even be able to host a race provided you need more tracks and that my track is good enough, I have no idea if there are minimum requirements. Splitrim guided me to this site so I start reading first and ask questions later.
  2. Hi guys, At the moment working at yet another release after version 41. Some pc's have problems with this release (most PC's don't), but we are working on a fix. Glad you like the program Brett ! And thank you Andy
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys Have you tried RCS already ? We are working hard on some nice new features ! Of cource I know V8 supercars, but not in detail, are there any specific things (fuel/tyre or anything other race related) you would like to see in a RMS ? We plan for instance pitstop windows like DTM.
  4. Hello racers, This is my first post here, after visiting this forum for quite some time. Nice to see some familiar names here First a short introduction. I am Marcel, 41 yrs old and live in Holland, married and 2 kids. I got back in slotracing about 10 years ago, and was intrigued when the first digital sets came out, I was a so called early adapter with the C7030 powerbase version 1.2 Looking back, we have come a long way. I have had a lot of analog and digital race nights, I am happy with a bunch of regular guys that come over to race every other week on my permanent SSD track. Nowadays I use the C7042 powerbase in combination with the PC that runs Race Control System 64 (RCS64), a race management system that is dedicated for the C7042 and being developed by a Danish programmer and me. The reason I post here is that I think we have made a stable RMS with some nice features, and deserves to be checked by more users. Current version 3005 is ready for download and is free. I really want to share this with you too, because we hope to get feedback and ideas from SSD users from all over the world. We have ambitious features in mind, but not before we have a stable basic version, which I think we have now. In current version included; - fuel load simulation, - (auto) track call, - practice, - qualify, - Grand Prix, - Endurance, - an advanced throttle profile editor, with realtime throttle graph, calibration and 15+ default throttle profiles which can be edited and saved. - Stop and Go - Advanced Pit Stop Menu, which gives you the option to do stuff in parallel, like refuel and change profile, and in future version change tyres (virtual) for added strategic effect. - Multichannel sound effects And more. There are also some things you might miss in the current version, but we are working hard on new features; - Tyre wear strategy (being tested now) - Pace Cars - Rally - Championship/event planner And a lot more. We really hope you will give RCS a chance and give some feedback, we look forward to share and develop future versions with fellow SSD racers. Download at: www.rcs64.com Get the key to unlock lap and time limitations by sending an PM with your e-mail address. Many thanks. Marcel
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