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  1. Please withdraw my entry too Phil, work has gotten in the way of fun again and I haven't managed to get a car sorted. My apologies, this was my favourite of the proxy rallies last year too. Thanks Ryan
  2. Hi Phil, Can I have an entry in WRC please. I enjoyed this one thoroughly last time round. Thanks Ryan
  3. Wow where did that come from! Totally surprised by the result! Congrats to all runners and riders and thanks to Martyn for running the round.
  4. Going backwards quickly from one stage to the next, that'll teach me not to test properly before sending the car off!
  5. My car was waiting for me when I came back from vacation this week. Many thanks Phil, reading through the feedback on the car I will try address the issues and send the same car back next season. Cheers Ryan
  6. Thanks Craig for running the round, I think I may have put bigger spaces on the axles to try and keep the gear mesh tight than I needed too. Unfortunately the car never turned a wheel on a track before i posted it. Congrats to the podium and all the other competitors too! Cheers Ryan
  7. What a great series. Top work everyone. Very pleased with my third podium and fourth overall. Plenty of good feedback from the hosts so hopefully I can make the car a little easier for everyone to drive next time round.
  8. Knealer


    Excellent news, thanks for confirming arrival of my car! I
  9. Thanks for another great round! Have to say I am really pleased with how the series has gone for my car in the wrc. Learnt a lesson or two for next year regarding choice of motor amount of weight etc. Also thanks to all the hosts for their hard work in running the rounds, the pictures, videos and comments/feedback have been second to none. One more to go is ? Hoping to end the season on a high! Ryan
  10. Knealer


    Posted my car today, it is a Ford Focus, this season I didn't bother with my customary crap re-livery attempt you will be pleased to here :-) unfortunately it has never seen a track due to other commitments keeping me away from club racing. I used a similar formula to last year in car set up but the focus has big shoes to fill.... Looking forward to it all gettin going and good luck everyone. Ps: love this years build Ember!
  11. Thanks for running the stages Ben and the comments on my car. I did suspect the avant motor may be more of a big circuit motor and might be a bit much for rally. Really enjoying the oz rally, rounds are coming in fast and feedback on cars is top notch! Keep up the good work it's most appreciated!
  12. Hi Ember, I wish I could be more help but I am afraid I had a bit of a break from slot racing in the summer so never even saw a single stage being ran in the IOM. I should be at the club this weekend so will ask around and see what I can find out and get back to you. Thanks Ryan
  13. Still awaiting the 6 cars and other bits sent to me in the Isle of Man.
  14. Knealer


    Pete Hopkins is confirmed entry from iom too. Suggested he signs up to the forum. I have been dropped my Mitsubishi and signed by Ford
  15. Knealer


    I am in! Can we have an entry for my club mate Pete Hopkins too please.
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