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  1. Thanks for sharing your toys with us Mac. The cars came through pretty unscathed thankfully given the hidings they've been through. and this Slot dog juice will wipe straight off (thanks again Pip) And finally I'm fairly certain this look was directed at the PC not me
  2. The Results Heat One Heat Two Heat Three Heat Four
  3. Thanks for another awesome night on Thunder Road. Those 57 Chevy's were so cool. Some randoms pics and the 4 heat results. Well done too you Old Coots...
  4. These all look awesome. I like how the black breaks up the yellow on the Skyline.
  5. Another great Slotmadmac Promotions event. Cheers Mac & Pip. Well done to the Bing boys for keeping that best team at bay. & kudos to the car builders - when the gun team anchors were on there was very little passing which showed how even & stable they were.
  6. Roscoe & team Tombstone - that looks blinking awesome! can't wait to see how different it feels...
  7. I'm coming - Just for this poster !!
  8. Thanks Mark - I'll be along too.
  9. Nice scribing Snake, and congrats on the Gloat sweep & thanks too Bings for a fun night...
  10. My apologies Snake. I thought we had a tyre width rule in play... Oh goodie another rebuild project.
  11. That is disturbing... but thanks Mac and all for a fun evening. Some nice machinery & driving skillz turning up which is a concern. Then there was this "stock az" Pre 65 Ferrari GTO... Hints of Piebone me thinks
  12. Hey Pedro I can make this week. - cheers
  13. I'm in , but with zero prep unlike above ?! May have an interested party calling in for a looksee... possible fresh meat....
  14. Thanks Mac for hosting (& Pip for the dogs!) My car of the night was Rossco's Gulf Jag. Looked so cool & had an awesome battle with L8n's Jag.
  15. Thanks Bings for hosting. 12 with so many regulars unavailable is awesome. And this is to educate young Snake
  16. Acknowledged... Cheers Bings Hope you feel better soon Mac. Bye JK - have an awesome trip!!
  17. Welcome back Pedro. Sorry have a work thing on so out this week.
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