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  1. Thanks Pedro. Very kind of you to let us run those lovely Revos! I'm out this week too. Opening night of Junior Lion King. Have to go & support our wee lioness.
  2. Should be there - have a late meeting so may be closer / after 6:30pm
  3. Nice work Mac. That looks awesome!
  4. Well done everyone. Great mini series - we should do more of these...
  5. I'm out lads . Missus birthday and she knows all the nefarious excuses. On the plus side a nice dinner out... Good luck to the contenders & to the rest you lot, get your nerf on - they'll love it !!
  6. yeep I'm in for enduro + this week. I can't offer a car as still haven't finished my first one lol. & thanks for letting us play with the Vanquishes Mac. very cool. I was terrified driving this one - but although a little slower it was the nicest drive I reckon.. Can you still buy the rear wheels for them?
  7. Great to see everyone again last night. Some good banter as per usual and some close racing on Upham Downs. Before the rabble arrived & first time my track's been driveable all lockdown ATC was taken out by the only non Falcon Coupe. Mac's beamer was flying. Then we all thought Rod had F1 sewn up only to be pipped at the post in the final heat. Then the Legends drove some legends... See Mark's (the birthday boy who didn't tell anyone) post above for comp results.
  8. Ok - Looking at the legends sheet it appears I'm up next. Lets have an 18K fun fest on Upham Downs!! Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3 Legends Gates open from 5:30pm Who's in ??
  9. Thanks Mark I think I'll just tweak the pod to suit - But I do need some more inline crowns off you. Order on it's way. Maybe a Level 3 neighbourhood exercise bike ride - non contact pick up might work
  10. It's that time Loving all these comments and agree with mostly all of them. Sharing my master class progress... my shed time was focused this weekend on the kids lego racers. My fleet will have to wait their rightful turn. 3D printed chassis & pod from Thingiverse.com. and printed guide too. Got it running pretty good. Need to find an option for larger diameter rear wheels or experiment with lowering the bearings. Scrapes a bit on the banking...
  11. Looks awesome Mac. Love these builds Does that chassis design give much movement to the motor?
  12. Cheers Dave that was me & Crockett -
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