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  1. Thanks for opening up last night Bingo. Good to get back into the groove and have a catch up with you lot. Some great door to door racing too. Thanks too for the awesome truer pulley - most appreciated..
  2. hiya - I am around. Haven't touched a car all year but might be able to find something to run...
  3. Happy New year everyone. Hope you've rested up those trigger fingers... & looks awesome Paul - I would like one too if you can bothered- and happy to purchase or trade something for it .
  4. Thanks Mac for cool night & yep see yous in 2021 (so nice writing 2021) have an awesome Christmas all some random pics A 'crash' of Camaros muscle cars GT1 'vans & the host with the most
  5. True Dave - I'd just noticed on the home page RH side panel "9,956" replies - nearly at the 10,000 mark...
  6. Thanks for a cool night in the Cave chaps... The enthusiasm for Z Great Escape tm was unprecedented in the history of HBMRC And now we know for certain... El Marco is definitely the shiftiest of us all - with Marty & Bingo nearly as dodgy... Don't worry I've only got a few more hair brained ideas - but they'll take at least another 12 months to evolve no doubt Have to agree about the quality of driving lifting across the board. One or two less de-slots would have made the podiums look a lot different. Now for the real Gloat. Aussie Touring Cars Scaley F1s (faster than GT3) GT3 & one more for Marty
  7. Yep Marty it's all about the Vibe... the drift vibe & do bring it along as we'll likely need spares...
  8. Z Great Escape Can you out run the Fuzz? They are maniacal and hellbent on destroying you. (I know, I've met them) Red Lane : GTR Enforcer White Lane : 350Z Drift Bandit Blue Lane: GTR Enforcer Rules Cars stay on their lanes Drivers rotate as per normal You only score on White lane when you are the Bandit When you are on Red & Blue your goal is to take out the Bandit as much as possible All cars must keep moving so no parking up to avoid carnage However if bandit gets stuck he is fair game. Cars are impact resistant so don't hold back An independent scorer per heat will be appointed by the Lord Host Their decisions are mostly final Driver with the worst Bandit score is the Loser There will be Gloat for the best score Scoring Bandit gets tagged -1 Point Bandit gets deslotted -5 Points Bandit fully leaves track -10 Points Bandit caught strategic parking -2 Points
  9. Yep week 5 it is - Pits open from 6pm Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3 I have done some prep for a wee drift competition, which will run over the same 2 min heat format. So we can decide if we want to drop GT3 or tack it on to the end for those who want to stick around for some silliness. Rules to follow...
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