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  1. Happy New Year all. Bingo - I have some of the Team Slot ones. Will be back in the Bay next week if you still need to see them.
  2. Fantastic news Paul. As long as the new printer farm does not eject the track.... well done. And I'm out for this week and the year. Merry Christmas all. Keep safe and will see you in 2022 !!
  3. I'm out, school leavers thingo on... Have fun - those 6 wheelers look awesome.
  4. The XD had it's first hit out tonight and was pretty happy how she went. Came through unscathed with a win by a couple of laps. Was home track advantage though. Good to see something different than a Coupe / Hardtop
  5. Thanks lads for getting through your work so quick, and the Pizza, the chicken the fudge etc... Results, first up ATCC Scaley F1 GT3 Rossco caught in an AMG sandwich
  6. Hey team, fyi been called into a late work meeting @8pm so may leave you to see yourselves out if that's ok. In saying that with 2min heats if we start on time we should get through it. Will aim to kick off at 6:30pm on the dot cheers
  7. These look amazing Ross - skillful masking!
  8. Found this Youtube clip which is quite a laugh. Wish I'd painted the door cards beige now.
  9. Thanks Phil. Yep 3D bodies do take a bit of effort to get presentable. This one wasn't so bad as it had many big flat areas. A little bit of sand /fill /sand was needed. I also used a filler + primer on this one which I think helped. Can't really say how many hours as it was creative / enjoyable time working with something you'd made. Sanding and fitting the window bucks took longer as I'd never done that before.
  10. Got some shed time this weekend so decals on. Took the quick & easy path with the peel & stick. I find these good for racing with a car that gets handled a lot.
  11. Racing at my place this week Gates open at 6 Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3
  12. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the feedback. Vinno the colour is Tamiya Brilliant Blue TS-44. And Mark yep have a can of TS-35 Park Green for the Greens Tuf build. The chassis is a mash up of one I found on Thingiverse with a pod I drew up blended in. We run this class non podded. Wheel base and track is very similar to the Scaley XB.
  13. Thanks for hosting us Bings! Lot's of carnage at the Bing ring as usual & running the legends again was fun. Maybe a permanent swap out for Nascar in the rotation? - discuss
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