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  1. Thanks Bingo & Ryan for a cool night on Falls Road (aka The Bing Ring) Another big turnout too... Hadn't raced here for quite sometime and forgot how tight and technical it is... need some more practice me thinks...
  2. Cool night on Upham Downs with 11 racers. Good banter and some great door to door racing... Cheers Nascars DTM Group 5 Sorry results photo Fail. Gloat getters were ... El Marco on 104, JK was 98, Crockett and Richie 97 in their non podded beasts
  3. I know right .... I did like three shakedown laps with my Merc - no offs - badge gone more aero now I guess...
  4. Thanks for hosting Mark. Some great racing and good dices... I'll get in early and put my hand up for next week Week 4 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] 3 Group 5
  5. Very cool NimROD - PM incoming - cheers
  6. You beat me to it Mac - I can also host if that suits you better... what ever's clever
  7. Fantastic. Amazing track & appreciate the details & the 'how to's" cheers
  8. Sorry can't host this week so thanks Paul. Unlikely to make it either. re the Camaro - to me it was an 80s muscle car & given the body looks no wider than the 70s counterparts then no objections
  9. Cool night on Thunder Road. Thanks Mac & Race Catering... The level of everyone's driving and car prep is lifting so much. Great to see...
  10. Cheers Crockett & congrats. I love how our similar ideas went in completely different directions. Awesome build. & thanks Munter for you kind words & thanks Mac for your generosity & for putting on another crazy build-off. Really enjoyed it. But we all know you are a Top Gun in our eyes...
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