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  1. I'm OK with this proposal. Seems logical and we can always review at a later stage. I'm also OK with allowing Thunderslot Mustangs into Muscle class. It is a very open class and we already have this in the rules re chassis "Chassis: Essentially stock when viewed from underneath. HRS chassis and donor chassis allowed" which is pretty open. Be good to see what the National rules are but as mentioned, maybe look at those rules & classes down the line...
  2. A great night on Falls road. 15 drivers made the send off for its current iteration pretty special. Huge thanks to Bingo for the mini bone trophy - soooo cool and it's gone straight to the pool room. There was some good chat about our current classes so though I'd copy them here for ease of viewing. We have so many new members and if we are going to make changes it would make sense to do so before they go out and buy cars. My 2 cents: my least favorites are : Aussie V8, Group C , GT1, Nascar, & BTCC. Cheers Week 1 Week 2 1 BTCC (British Touring Cars Championship) 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Muscle Cars 2 Slot It Group C 3 1965 to 1980 sports 3 GT1 Week 3 Week 4 1 Aussie V8 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 Fly Classics 2 DTM 3 LMP 3 Group 5 Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3
  3. Thanks Mac and Mike for an awesome event. And of course to your better halfs for the catering. The cars were as smooth as the banter and what a turnout. Slotcar racing was the winner on the night.
  4. In the weird spirit of picking teams the Bings have kindly accepted Snake & I into their clan. Be mildly concerned...
  5. Thanks for hosting us Pedro. Cool night in the shed. The results FYI Nascar DTM Group 5 (my eyes were going by the end of the night) Looking forward to the Bone 400!!
  6. So effective. Nice work!
  7. Saw this the other night - looks real cool! Perfect colour for it. - can't believe it's not matt black
  8. Awesome night at Thunder Road. Great to see the legendary Pie Bone in the flesh. Good dices, good laughs, good slotdogs... Cheers Mac (& RC)
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