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  1. Hi Looking for plan examples to build a 4 lane scalextric analogue track. 3.5m X 2m max. Any examples would be appreciated. Nothing to complicated as its for a work colleagues nephew, so must be easy to build and pull apart. Thanks
  2. I am trying to improve the braking on a Carrera Ferrari 575. Any ideas how this can be done, I have adjusted braids but does not improve the braking. Thanks Steve
  3. sub02sti

    Porsche Lmp2

    Anyone else see the new Porsche LMP2 in Fridays Herald Sun Motoring Section on page 51. Excellent looking car and a must have if its ever created in slotcar form....or does it or plans for it already exist...
  4. I'll wait and see how things develope. Still not keen on running my good cars ( slot.its included ) on digital and potential for damage. So I would currently not bother to convert my current slot.it cars.
  5. How easy is it to change Ninco classic motors. I want to put NC1 motors into a couple of AC Cobras. Anything i need to complete swap and what is process. Thanks for any advice...
  6. Hi Last 2 weeks I have enjoyed going to Geds on a Tuesday night and will continue to go. Just wanted to know if there are any other tracks to visit in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Social or racing. Thanks Steve2
  7. Its the 911 GT1 98 evo2 in white. Very light weight.....hence the need for some lead.....
  8. I have lead weight with double sided sticky tape to fix to following cars Scalextric Pirtek v8 Slot.t Audi Fly Porsche GT1 Scalextric F1 Scalextric Mercedes DTM AMG I would experiment but needs ideas for weight location and amount of weight for running on routed track.( Geds ). Anyone already done the above cars. Help appreciated Thanks Steve2
  9. Sidecar Steve You must admit though, It gave us a good laugh. And I thought I was going fast when in fact you thought the car was going slow!!! I'll bring the Pirtek on Tuesday to avoid the confusion..... Steve2
  10. At Geds last night for the first time and had a terrific time. So I'll also be there on the 22nd. I'll need to work on my cars though, there was some seriously quick cars last night or was it just my bad driving. Steve ( known as Steve2 last night ).
  11. I checked out the website a couple of weeks ago. Concept looks really good but have a look at the cost!!!! Exchange rate for euros not that good so decent size track worked out to be very expensive. Now if someone could do the same here at half the price then I might be interested....
  12. sub02sti

    Car Lights

    I am considering adding lights to my slot.it cars. Any suggestions on how to do this? I know slot.it have released lighting for their cars which does not require soldering. Anyone tried or uses slot.it lighting ? Thanks Steve
  13. I am looking to add an hairpin curve to my track, any comments on suitablity and impact on cars driving through this sharpe bend. Thanks
  14. Just purchased Fly Porsche GT1 Warsteiner. Great looking car. Hope following question makes sense. Question about front axels. They are not a full axel and seem to be very loose. They also rub against body work. Can these axels be replaced with someting better? thanks
  15. sub02sti


    Need to repair a couple of cars, spoiler and mirror on Subaru and body part of an F1. What type of glue do you use to fix these? Thanks
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