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  1. While we wait for Reek, I'll jump the gun, as there are 2 Fiestas left I'll have one .......... Once again congrats to everyone involved ........ 3 cheers for the sponsors ......... hip hip hooray Hopefully things will get back on track here and I will be back next year ...........
  2. Hi guys, I know I have been scarce, major family issues.... Congrats to all and sundry, especially the round hosts, this has been a wild ride ..... I don't who finished where at this point but well done Ember for the round win and Alex for the overall ..... Thanks again and bring on 2013
  3. Nice to hear rally tracks a such unlike some of "drag strips" in the international this year.
  4. You can't end an auction inside the last 12 hours anyway. Maybe the boys (and girl) at Sclexworld have a case of early onset alzsnipers
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for the feed back. If possible can you please have a look at the body screws on my car #1 as it should have quite a bit of movement, and I did see somewhere else that someone was playing the body screws. Could explain the drop in performance in the UK. It was set up with -1/4 turn at the front and - 1 turn at the back. Thanks
  6. Congrats to all the placegetters and thanks to Matt and his (overpaid) assistant. I love it that the tracks are plastic as it gives my current Ninco rally track build a chance for next years event.
  7. Congrats to all involved ....... Congrats the placegetters ......... This is not the kind of slide I was looking for
  8. Mexico 2000


    If you have a look at the current thread there is a "rules" section which will you an insight.
  9. Mexico 2000

    Push To Pass

    I have seen those "desk top" racers that have short bursts and take a little while to recharge, like 20secs or so. Don't know if it's the same technology but it is the same principle.
  10. Mexico 2000


    That says it all, no clarification needed .............
  11. Mexico 2000


    I am also in favour of this years format ............. if it works why fix it? The tyre thing, well I seam to remember being howled down well before this starting for being in favour of a control tyre As I have said before, my car hadn't even seen a track before this event started .......... It was run-in on my workbench using my auto battery charger, trued the wheels and tyres, added some weight where I thought it should be and that's it ............. thanks Gazza That is what attracted me to this series, keeping it simple so everybody could at least believe their chances were as good as the rest
  12. You reap what you sow ..........
  13. Maybe some peaceful music......
  14. I hate to be picky but you missed a bit .......
  15. Maybe it's time for a little ...........
  16. Mexico 2000

    Car Spotting

    Look what turned up at work this week
  17. Thanks guys for a great round. Congrats to the other podiumites. I am still amazed at the performance of my little car.
  18. Missed the VEET one first time round, how funny is that?
  19. Ah the ship of the desert ........
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