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  1. Updated entry list as at 01-12-20 1. Peter Gunn 14 2. sdeamon 12 3. Brumos RSR 33 4. Mondeo74 20 5. terry 47 6. paulslots 22 7. lenny broke 4 8. PeterG 10 or 17 9. Slot car tragic tba 10. Eric 58 11. Phil Kalbfell 9 12. John Batich 8 13. Rosco TBA
  2. Hi Rosco, Thanks for showing interest in an entry. I'll add you to the list now Cheers, Alan
  3. Hi All, Apologies for not posting here for some time, Life has been incredibly busy recently for me. At this stage we only have 12 entries which is concerning for me. I think we need at least 17 to make the series viable. If you are contemplating entry please post here or PM me and I will add you to the entry list. I'd also like to encourage previous entrants to please consider being involved again. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers Alan
  4. Hi Alexis, Sorry to here this news. I knew your Dad more through his motorsport photography than slot car racing though i was aware of his involvement in the early days. I was a young marshal at AIR in those days and often saw your Dad walking around the circuit with his camera(s). He would often stop at the flag points and have a quick chat with us. I also remember him flying an RC helicopter in a lunchtime display at a Rallycross meeting at the old Tailem Bend Racecourse back in the early 80's. Please accept my condolences to you and your family Alan O'Dea
  5. Tasman proxy series entry list as at 27/10/2020 Name Car # 1. Peter Gunn 14 2. sdeamon 12 3. Brumos RSR 33 4. Mondeo74 20 5. terry 47 6. paulslots 22 7. lenny broke 4 8. PeterG 10 or 17 9. Slot car tragic tba 10. Eric 58 11. Phil Kalbfell 9 12. John Batich 8
  6. Tasman Cup Proxy entry as of 20-10 20 Name Car # Peter Gunn 14 sdeamon 12 Brumos RSR 33 Mondeo74 20 terry 47 paulslots 22 lenny broke 4 PeterG 10 or 17 Eric 58 Slot car Tragic TBA
  7. Entry List as at 15/10/20 Name No. Peter Gunn 14 sdeamon 12 Brumos RSR 33 Mondeo74 20 terry 47 paulslots 22 lenny broke 4 PeterG 10 or 17
  8. Hi Terry, At this stage all the 2021 discussion is under the 2020 subforum. I've asked for a new 2021 subforum but there seems to be some tech issues with doing this. Vince is trying to remedy the problem and we'll have adedicated subforum for this year soon. here's a link to the 2020 subforum. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/forum/195-2020-series/ hope this helps, Alan
  9. Hi Guys. I've decided to amend the cut off date for returning entrant (2019) entry reservation and number reservation. I felt the time line a bit too long and it now gives a bit more certainty for new entrants. new entrants can new be accepted and will go on a"new entry list" until November 2 and then added to the main list after that. All the amendments will be highlighted in Itallics in the rules & regs post above. Returning 2019 entrants reservations ends. Returning 2019 entrants number reserve close. - November 2 2020 Entry fee payments are not required until Jan 1st 2021. Entry fee payments will be accepted from Friday the 1st of January 2021 and should be made no later than Monday the 8th of February 2021.(amended 12/10/2021) Peter G, I've responded to your PM.
  10. 2021 Tasman Cup Proxy Race Series Rules & Regulations Preamble. In the early 1960’s, discussions between the Association of New Zealand Car Clubs, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and representatives of the international promoters in both countries materialised into what became known as the Tasman Cup series of races. This was, in effect, a "minor league" World Racing Drivers' Championship. It had the effect of enhancing the prestige of motor racing in New Zealand and Australia and also stimulated keener competition between New Zealand and Australian drivers in races on both sides of the Tasman Sea. Rules, Regulations & Requirements for the 2021 Tasman Cup series. The 2021 Tasman Cup proxy series is open to 132 scale models of cars from the 1961-65 1.5 litre Formula 1 era and 2.5 litre cars that competed in the original Tasman Cup series & Australian Drivers Championship (Gold Star) in 1964 and 1965. The 2021 Tasman Cup Proxy Series will be a 6-race series to be held in Australia from April through to July 2021. Schedule: The proposed schedule is: Round 1: South Australia – mid-late April Round 2: Tasmania – late April / early May Round 3: Tasmania – mid May Round 4: New South Wales – late May / early June Round 5: New South Wales – mid June Round 6: South Australia – late June / early July. Depending on delivery times between rounds it is expected that the round will be held in 2 weekly intervals. Actual dates of rounds will be advised closer to the start of the series. Dates may also vary to accommodate the round host’s personal schedule. Entry Details: Entries will open for the 2012 Tasman Cup Proxy Series on Thursday 5th of October 2020 with entries closing on Monday the 1st of February 2021. Entry fee for Australian and NZ entrants will be AUD$25.00. For International Competitors, the entry fee will be AUD$30.00. Entry fee payment details will be forwarded on receipt of entry acknowledgment message. Any surplus monies will be allocated to a prize pool. Entry fee payments will be accepted from Friday the 1st of January 2021 and should be made no later than Monday the 8th of February 2021.(amended 12/10/2021) Entries will be limited to a maximum of 30 cars. Returning 2019 entrants will have a spot reserved for them until Monday 2nd of November 2020. New entrants will be accepted from the opening of entries and go on a list to be added to the main entry list after this date. Should entries exceed 30 a reserve list will be started. Reserves will be added to the main list should it drop below 30. Reserves will be added to the series entry list in the order in which their nomination was received. - ( amended 12/10/20) Multiple entries may be accepted, should entries not exceed the maximum of 30 cars after the closing of entries on 1st of February 2021. Returning 2019 entrants will have first preference for number allocations until Monday 2nd of November 2020, (amended 12/10/20) thereafter numbers can be reserved on first come first served basis. Duplicate car numbers will NOT be allocated. Please note that #1 will not be allocated this year. Cars must be in Australia by Monday the 22nd March 2021. Cars will be returned to their owners at the end of July. Entry Nominations: When nominating please provide the following information: · Name: Your Real Name, Forum name or Nom de Plume · Contact details: E-mail address, Phone number (optional) · Number Preference(s) · Car Details · Car make and model · Body Manufacturer · Chassis type and manufacturer name Car Rules: Please read the rules carefully as failure to comply with these rules may result in a penalty or exclusion from the series. Bodies: Cars should be reasonably accurate 1/32 scale models of F1 cars that raced in the 1961-65 1.5 litre period. The series is also open to 1/32 scale models of cars that competed in the Tasman Cup & Australian Drivers Championship (Gold Star) in 1964 and 1965. Only hard bodies (resin, fibreglass or injection molded plastic), will be allowed. Vacuum formed bodies are not eligible. A reasonably authentic representation of the model is required. Livery, colour/number/driver appearance should be in line with the period specified. “Fantasy” liveries are permitted but must be in the correct period style. Minimum detail should include clear or translucent windscreen; driver with head, shoulders, arms, hands, and partial steering wheel; roll bar; some 3-D engine detail if visible on actual model, induction & exhaust system. mirrors and suspension detail are required. Chassis: Chassis may be scratch built, kit built or original “Ready to Run” Scratch built chassis may be fabricated using any material, ie brass, piano wire, steel or stainless steel. Exclusions; Carbon fibre is not permitted. 3D printed chassis are not permitted. Traction magnets are not permitted Inline configuration only. No part of the chassis should be visible when viewed from above. The guide must not to be visible from above the car when in the straight-ahead position. Owners name should be written on the bottom of the chassis, either by printed label, engraving or indelible marker. Chassis Dimensions: Minimum ground clearance – 1/16" / 0625", or 1.59 mm except at gear. Maximum width of 2” or 50.8 mm, sidewall to sidewall. Accurate wheelbase (tolerance of +/- 1.5mm). Tyres: Tyres may be of any rubber or urethane tyre compound either commercially available or homemade. Tyre colour must be black. Silicon or foam tyres are not permitted Rear tyres must not be chemically treated in any way to soften the compound. Front tyres must not be treated with a tyre hardening material. Tyre Dimensions Rears: Minimum diameter 0.80" (20.32mm), Maximum width .276" (7.25mm). at the sidewall. Rear tyres should have a maximum contact patch of not more than 7mm width. Fronts: Minimum diameter 0.75" (19.05mm), Maximum width .245” (6.25mm) at the sidewall. Minimum width of 4.75mm at the sidewall. Front tyres should have a maximum contact patch of not more than 6mm and not less than 4mm, where the tyre meets the track at the start of the series. 4wd cars may have the front tyres the same size as the rear. Motors: Motors are restricted for use in this series to the following: 1. BWA FF050, Rated at 14,000 rpm. 2. MRRC SRP-1090 FF-050. This motor is also known as the SRP slim can Power 16. 3. MRRC SRP 18. Similar to above. 4. PK Motor. This is an FF-050 motor sourced from China. If you are going to use this motor it must have the markings shown in the picture in post # 3 in this link. 5. Slot Car Corner Predator/Minnow Motor, MINNO18 SCC 18,000 RPM. 6. PSR Slim-Can Motor 16,000rpm PSR-AC1. Gears: Gear Ratios are free choice as is brand and material. Gears may not be visible from above except as follows. · Some 1:1 cars had shortish bodies at the rear and the bodywork finished close to the rear axle line. If you want to model and enter one of these cars the crown wheel should be covered by a representation of a transaxle housing or be of a dark colour eg: black or dark gunmetal. Race Procedures: Finishing order for each round of the proxy race, and the entire series, will be determined by number of laps and 10ths of laps, within a set amount of time. A minimum of 8 minutes and a maximum of 12 minutes racing time per car, is required at each track. Each race will be conducted according to procedures chosen by the individual track host. Each car is to be raced in a fair and equal manner, and subject to the same track conditions. Each driver to drive all cars for the same time on the same lane. Lane and driver rotations to be determined by track host. Track voltage will be 12 volts and will remain equal for all lanes throughout the race. A running inspection of cars is to be made before and after each race. Cars may be cleaned and lubricated. No penalties for repairs required to keep the cars in the race. This excludes functional tyre and motor changes. If a motor should fail during qualifying or during the race it can be replaced after the race has been completed without penalty. Before repairs to any damage to the body or chassis are made, the track host will discuss with the car owner for repair or return instructions. Points Scoring: For each race: · 24 Car field 50-44-40-36-34-30-28-26-24-22-18-16-14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. · 24 plus Car field 50-46-43-40-38-36-34-32-30-28-26-24-22-20-18-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Fastest lap of the race will receive a bonus of 2 points. In the case of a tie, a count back system will apply. If two or more cars finish on the same points, then the car with the most wins will be declared the winner. If still tied, then the most second placings will apply and so on and so on down the finishing order. If after that we still have a tie, we will determine which car had faster lap times on the various tracks. If after that we still have a tie then we reckon we will have had a bloody good series. The Race Directors will have the final decision. Should one of the Race Directors cars be involved in a tie and the finishing order is still in dispute, we will seek advice and input from one or more of the track hosts. I could be magnanimous here and say the Race Director will concede. Maybe he will. Penalties: Please be sure you avoid incurring any. Late arrivals. Tough. The series will kick off on the scheduled date and if your car is stuck in the mail it will miss any round that it misses. The car will be tech’d on arrival and then sent on to the next practicable venue for inclusion in the remainder of the series. Any car outside reasonable rule boundaries and with magnetic down force will be sent home. Any car that requires a tyre change during the series will incur a penalty per set changed. All costs incurred will be paid by the entrant. SCHEDULE OF PENALTIES: Late arrival for scrutineering 20 points. Remedying of other non-compliant matters 10 points. Car outside above mechanical rules 10 points per round. Non-compliance other than mechanical 10 points. Tyre change 10 points. Special Awards: The John Smeadley Constructor’s Trophy Sadly, during 2020 we lost John Smeadley. John was an enthusiastic competitor in the series as well as one of the Adelaide rounds hosts. For John, one of the appeals of this series was the opportunity to scratch-build the chassis of his cars. To encourage others to do the same and acknowledge great model engineering, John instigated the “Best Home Built Chassis” award in 2018. It was awarded at the FPR round and decided by John and the team assisting in running the round. To remember John and his efforts to encourage the builders among us, it has been decided to rename this award in his memory. The John Smeadley Constructors Trophy 2021 Tasman Cup Proxy Race Series Best Home Built Chassis The trophy will be awarded to the best scratch-built car of the series as judged by the team at the first round at West Adelaide Raceway where John’s track, Fulham Park Raceway (FPR) is now located and will be used for this round. The winner will be announced at the conclusion of the series in July. To qualify the chassis must be hand built and include front and rear suspension detail. 1. A commercially available rear axle/ motor bracket may be used. 2. From the rear bracket forward the chassis must be of home construction with the materials of brass plate, tube or rod. Piano wire rod can also be used. 3. No commercially available motor pods are to be used, for example Slot.it, Policar or 3D printed. 4. All other running gear, the wheels, the body and detail parts can be those available commercially. 5. The car can be entered and owned by a person other than the constructor, however the constructor must be nominated. The trophy will be awarded to the constructor. 6. The constructor also must be a person who has entered the Tasman Cup Series in 2021. References: Below are some links to web sites that may be useful to assist in the building of a car for the series. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1964_Tasman_Series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1965_Tasman_Series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1964_Australian_Drivers%27_Championship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1965_Australian_Drivers%27_Championship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1961_Formula_One_season refer to seasons 1961-65 https://www.ultimatecarpage.com/ car histories specs & reference pics https://primotipo.com/about/ A great reference and research source. Suppliers: To assist in sourcing parts to build a car below is a list of people who may be able to help. Please note there are other sources available and you are not limited to these listed below. Phil Kalbfell – (kalbfellp on Auslot) offers a range of resin bodies and motors that are suitable for this series. Contact: via Auslot PM. John Warren – (munter on Auslot) has some Tasman eligible bodies along with Driver figures, wheel inserts, mirrors and windscreens. Contact: munter000@gmail.com via facebook or Auslot PM. Jan Roestorf – can supply SRP 18k FF-030 motors. Contact via e-mail roestorf@gmail.com or SMS text via 0423326465. http://www.rsslotracing.com/ for wheels and wheel inserts. https://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/ for wheels, tyres, bodies, chassis & motors. Tasman Timeline: 5 Oct 2020 Entries Open 2 Nov 2020 Returning 2019 entrants reservations ends. Returning 2019 entrants number reserve close. 1Jan 2021 Entry fee payments Open 1 Feb 2021 Entries Close 8 Feb 2021 Entry fee payments close 22 Mar 2021 Deadline for Car arrivals in Australia Good luck to everyone entering and I look forward to seeing your cars on arrival for Round 1. ~~~~~~~~
  11. Standby for an announcement regarding the 2021 Tasman Proxy race series. Details in the next day or so.
  12. That's quite a list Stewart, some very familiar names there. I bought the 78 winning chassis from Garry Griffey and ran it at the 79 Moffat trophy at AMR in Group 20. I just missed out on the main despite the motor failing through out the heat. I later sold the chassis on to Boris (anyone remember him ?). never saw it again. I knew an Ivan Wearne back in the 70's here in Adelaide. I wonder if he's the same guy listed. Cheers, Alan
  13. I run a group out in my shed on Tuesday evenings and don't usually scrutineer the cars for the weekly racing. The expectation is that you should make sure your cars comply with the rules but as we are not racing for sheep stations there will be a little bit of leeway. For weekly racing, occasionally I'll randomly select a couple of cars and check them over for compliance with the rules. This keeps the lads on their toes especially the "cheeky chappies" who I might pick out a bit more randomly than the others.We also run a couple of open trophy event through the year which I do scrutineer the cars, as they are usually more competitive affairs though they are mainly visual checks.
  14. Thanks Jacob, I think that was my first attempt at a reply on the new format so was somewhat stumped at how to reply. In the end I was able to respond in other ways. Cheers, Alan
  15. No not that post Mark it's the one where Stubbo is announcing his standing down form series director. I see vinno has replied but I still can't see the reply button. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21161-tasman-cup/&tab=comments#comment-283156 Don't worry about it I've been in contact with Stubbo and said what I needed to say. Cheers Alan
  16. G'day Lad's I've only just started getting things together but I don't intend to change much for the first year. I''m still getting my host team together but I can confirm that John's track will be part of the series and I'm working on some sort of award to remember John with. I am not a fan of control components, especially in this series, there plenty of opportunity for that in your own club racing. What I will do is make a list of what I think are compatible motors and a choice can be made from that. That's all for now but stay tuned for updates. Cheers Alan
  17. Thanks for the replies chaps, but not in this particular post, I couldn't see anyway to reply to it. (see below) Anyway I can see on other posts where it is, so problem sorted Now next problem.. The "view new content" button isn't a feature in this new forum, is there a way to set up similar function? Tasman Cup By Stubbo, 21 hours ago in News and Announcements Stubbo Classic Racer Members 20 1,612 posts Gender:Male Location:Melbourne Report post Posted 21 hours ago Good morning everyone. Sometimes life gets in the way of slot cars and right at this point in time that has happened to me. The next twelve months or so are filled with a lot of uncertainty and consequently I don't think I can commit to running the next Tasman series. With that in mind I have contacted the other original Tasmanites and I am very happy to say that Alan O'Dea or Lenny Broke to most of you has agreed to take over the running of the series. Alan is one of the Pioneers of proxy racing world wide and I know the Tasman is in great hands. I wish Alan well and hope that the support from Auslot members continues and the next series is best yet. Cheers. Alan Go To Topic Listing Next unread topic
  18. Hi Guys In case you missed it elsewhere Stubbo has had to give up running the Tasman Cup proxy series and has handed it over to me to direct. Thanks to Alan for entrusting me with this. I have some big shoes to fill and hope I can do it justice. This isn't my first attempt at directing a series having done a number of the old Down Under proxy and OzRally proxy series a few years ago. At this stage I'm not planning to change much if anything as far as the rules go and have asked all the hosts from last year to be involved again. Sadly John Smeadley (FPR10) passed away earlier this year but the guys who have taken over his track have expressed an interest in running around. I'll kick things off in October as usual with the release of the rules and regs and start taking entries then for an early March start here in Adelaide and then on around the country from there and then returning to Adelaide for the final round. Hopefully the Covid19 threat will have dissipated by then and we can get back to some sort of normalcy by then. The exact itinerary is yet to be worked out I hope but I expect each round to be run at two weekly intervals as in the past, depending on postal delivery timelines. In the mean time I'll post any news snippets and keep you up to date on any changes along the way. So get crackin' on those new builds you've plenty of warning so no excuses you have had enough time. Cheers , Alan
  19. Well I've found the reply button in the top right hand corner of this post. The post I'm referring to is the Tasman Cup post by Stubbo in announcements. It doesn't have the reply button in it.
  20. Hi Guys, I must admit I'm having a few problems navigating this new set up on the forum. So how do you reply to a post. I can't see a reply button anywhere Thanks in advance to a reply Cheers Alan
  21. Mick hadn't had time to fully sort the car before he sent it off. He was looking to do some more development work for this year. Sadly we won't see it now.
  22. I like #1.It hasa a nice flow and looks like it would drive well in either direction. In fact I like it so much I might nick the design for a possible future project. Like Munter I'm not too keen on tight 90deg corners either.
  23. G'day Chris, I've been following your handy work for quite some time. Pleased to see you here Cheers Alan. ps. When things start up again it would great to see an entry from you in the Tasman proxy series.
  24. I've used it on many of my cars in the fleet Terry and can't remember having had a failure. Make sure you use enough to cover the wire brace. It's easy enough to remove, just scrape or dremel away the fillet from the join to weaken the bond and give it a tweek. it will fracture.
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