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  1. Hi Guys, With the year passing by and me not being able to get things started anytime soon, I think the best thing to do is postpone the Tasman series till next year and we can set the date back in line with the opening of entries in October for a traditional March start to the series. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone. Alan
  2. G’day everyone In regards to the Tasman proxy, I’m still trying to put something together. At this stage I’m busy in other areas and running my own slot racing group which ha had its own trials recently. And yes our family has had Covid to deal with as well. As Phil has pointed out recent events have conspired to make things more difficult to run a national type event where the cars are mailed around the country. As for interest I have at least 10 locals interested in entering and I’m sure there are some others lurking out there waiting on what’s happening. What I am trying to do is put one together that will be run in Adelaide on local tracks. At this point I have 4 definite tracks with up to 4 other possibilities. Of the possibles, One is in construction but progress is slow another needs extensive refurbishment and the remaining two are owned by people who haven’t been involved in proxy racing and aren’t sure what it’s all about. Im hoping to get something happening later this year but it may not be as big as in previous years. Failing that next year will definitely happen around the same time of year as previous ones. Hope this will give you some hope for Tasman proxy racing in the future. cheers Alan
  3. Hi Guys, Other things have taken priority recently but am still aiming to get something going. Stay tuned Alan
  4. Hi Peter, I am planning to get this underway soon once I clear the decks of other commitments and I have finalised the track hostings Numbers can be reserved after entries opened with first preferences to previous entrants, but I can tell you now that 1, is reserved for the previous years series winner and 4 is reserved by me as series director's privilege . I've had that number since 2014, so sorry about that. I look forward to seeing what you can come with this year. Alan
  5. Hi Keith, A number of the regular hosts aren't able to commit this year due to various personal issues, hence the decision to keep the series regional. Also I suspect that traffic on this platform isn't what it was so I guess people haven't seen this thread. Locally I have at least 7 or 8 interested who don't come here regularly. If I can get at least another 2 or 3 more we'll run some form of series. I'm away at present but when I get back home I'll get into organising things more Alan
  6. Hi Keith, Yes, nothing much will change rules wise What will change is that the cars will stay with me rather than being posted all over the country for each round. I should be able to find tracks locally to run at least 6 rounds. Cheers Alan
  7. G'day Oldman, Here's last years Rules and Regs 2021 Tasman proxy Rules and Regs and If you want to see what happened over the last 10 years Tasman Cup Proxy series subforum 2012-2021 Cheers Alan
  8. How ya goin'? At this stage I'm looking to see who is interested in participating in a series this year. For a number of reasons a couple of the usual round hosts are unable to hold a round at their tracks so the proposal is that the series will be conducted here in Adelaide South Australia on local tracks run by trusted track owners. I have three known tracks and a further two which are interested but will need to be checked out for suitability to run the Tasman Cars on. The rules will be pretty much the same as last year's with a few tweeks to allow for changes in parts availability etc. So at this stage I'd like to here from anyone interested in entering a car. Cheers Alan
  9. Hi Peter, Yes we are looking at getting something going for later this year. More news soon Alan
  10. Hi All Most of the cars are going into the post this morning and back to their owners. The local cars will be hand delivered back to, or picked up by their owners, though there are a couple that have asked to delay sending their cars back. I'll hold them here until I get the word to send them back. Once again thanks to the entrants for trusting us to play with your little gems. I know the drivers really enjoyed racing them all and some have been inspired to say that they will be building cars for next year. Also thanks to the people that conducted the rounds this year, The Hosts, Drivers and Helpers. Without you guys we wouldn't have a series. It looks like you'll be stuck with me running things again so I hope to see you all back again for another jaunt around the country. Hopefully we'll see Victoria back on the itinerary again and we can go back to 6 rounds. And hopefully we'll be less affected by the virus and we can get back to some sort of normalcy in our lives. Cheers Alan
  11. Congratulations to Paulslots for a great victory in this years Tasman Cup proxy Series with his Beautifully prepared and presented Ferrari 1512. Paul has been a regular entrant is the series and this year it has paid off with a well deserved series win on top of the two round wins. Well done mate!!! The series winning car with the "Tasman Cup" And the man himself The top three together. Though Brumos RSR tied with Sdeamon on points for third, his round 4 win was the tie breaker. Thanks to everyone who entered this year and thank you to the track owners who hosted and made sure the series ran smoothly. It's very reassuring that these guys make sure the cars are looked after and can be relied upon to get the round run and the cars moved onto the next round promptly, especially in these challenging times we now find ourselves in. Also a thankyou to the drivers who I believe got the best out of every car they drove without destroying them and finally to the helpers/ marshals who made the rounds run without even getting a chance to race the cars. Hopefully we can run the series again next year and I look forward to seeing everyone back again for another series. Cheers , Alan
  12. Hi All, With the sad passing of John Smedley late last year it was decided that the constructors award would be named in his honour. John was an enthusiastic slot car guy and wanted to encourage good scratchbuilding in the Tasman Cup proxy series. So a couple of years back he instigated this award to be decided by a panel selected by him at the Fulham Park Raceway round of the series. The brief was the car had to be scratch built rather than using a ready made or kit chassis with consideration of design, construction technique and quality of finish of the whole car. For this year the award was decided at the first round held at Western Adeaide Raceway (WAR) by the drivers and marshals attending. It is with great pleasure for me to announce that this years recipient of the John Smedley Constructors Award is Rosco01' for his lovely Cooper T53. Congratulations Rosco!!!!
  13. Hi All, Just some more feedback on yesterdays proceedings. As mentioned above there was a problem with getting grip on the track. I fairly confident that this can be put down to the weather we have been having in Adelaide in the last couple of weeks. With the amount of rain we have had the moisture content in the air would have been fairly high and in concert with a gloss track surface, I believe that grip levels were somewhat lower than would normally be available. I can say this as we have had similar issue with grip here on other wet days. Also from my observations the cars with big guides were probably affected most with this. My belief is that the extra drag from the larger guides meant that the cars had to push harder through the slots and this meant that those skinny little tyres were struggling to get any grip from the surface. Those cars were certainly sliding more through corners. One car in particular had a very long guide on it, that when going too far sideways would jam in the slot and flick the car out. well that's how it was from my perspective as race director on the day. Hopefully some of the drivers may come on here and give us some comments from their experience. Cheers Alan
  14. Round 3 has been run on a fairly cold and rainy day where traction was for some cars hard to find. The grip levels were pretty low with track temp low and humidity fairly high. Having had rain nearly every day for the last two weeks the moisture levels in the shed would have been quite high. The podium is 1st Lenny Broke, 2nd PM Daniels and 3rd Terry Official Results Here's the driver line up L-R Andrew, Peter, Paul, and Dennis, Thanks guys for driving to your best today. And here's the race organisation crew L-R Geoff, Bert, Calum, Heather (Mrs Broke) and Alan, Thanks Guys for helping with the Marshaling etc and a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Heather for bunging on the food and drink for everyone and for putting up with me while I play with my toy cars. I've had a long day today so am about to sign off. I'll come back on tomorrow with a more detailed report and some more pics. I'm sure there will be some questions that I'll reply to tomorrow. Thanks to all the entrants for allowing us to play with your little gems today. Cheers, Alan
  15. Yep, as Paul says we'll be racing this afternoon in the final round for 2021. Racing will be from 13.00 hrs asct and we should have a result by late afternoon. I'll post all the info later in the evening once the dust has settled over the Spitfire. Also we'll announce the winner of the John Smedley constructors award. Cheers Alan
  16. The South Australian Government as just declared a 7 day lock down (stay at home order) due to a COVID19 outbreak in the state. So the rescheduled race for this Saturday cannot now be run as a race. We'll keep monitoring the situation and see how we can run this round. Stay tuned for more news.
  17. Hi Pete, yep sorry about that, I'll go back and edit the previous post's. and be assured the award has the correct spelling!!!
  18. At this stage we are hoping to reschedule the race for next Saturday (24th) afternoon acst, providing we can get all our little ducks in a row. It seems I ate something a bit dodgy on Friday night and it laid me out for a couple of days, feeling better now. Cheers Alan
  19. Hi all, I'm sorry to have to do this but due to illness I will have to postpone this event to another day. stand by for news later.
  20. Hi Terry, I gave all the cars a quick service before the qualifying run including giving the tyres a gentle run on a tyre scrubber pad using wet 1200 wet and dry. This is standard practice on my track. I'll give them all another run before racing on Saturday Cheers Alan
  21. Qualifying has been completed and the grid is now set for Saturday evening. Some cars ran a bit slower than I would have expected but were very consistent and easy to drive so should be able to rack up good lap totals in the race. The cars will be put into 6 groups and will race in with cars of similar lap times. I'll put in one of my previous tasman cars into one of the groups to make up a foursome. I'll post a grid pic tomorrow morning, too cold out in the shed now
  22. The Final Round of the 2021 Tasman Cup Proxy Series will take place at Spitfire Model raceway on the evening of Saturday the 17th of July. Qualifying is scheduled for Thursday night where each car will get a ten lap run to set it's fastest time to decide the running order for the race. Spitfire Raceway is a routed MDF track with a gloss paving paint surface and tinned copper braid. Track length is 26 metres and the Tasman class lap record is a 7.370 second lap. All the cars will get a check over and lube and braid clean before things kick off on Thursday evening. This being the final round the John Smedley Constructor's award will be announced. I look forward to the running of the final round this coming Saturday Cheers, Alan
  23. Hi All The cars have now arrived back here in Adelaide and I will be opening the box shortly to check all the cars over. The final round will be held on the evening of Saturday 17th of July at Spitfire Model Raceway. This will now be the final race of this years series as I was unable to secure another track in good time to run 6 rounds. Look for a new thread for round 5 of the 2021Tasman proxy series in the next week Cheers, Alan
  24. Thanks Guys, Ill keep an eye on the tracking. And thanks for posting a pic of the track, looks like a fun layout. Alan
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