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  1. That's quite a list Stewart, some very familiar names there. I bought the 78 winning chassis from Garry Griffey and ran it at the 79 Moffat trophy at AMR in Group 20. I just missed out on the main despite the motor failing through out the heat. I later sold the chassis on to Boris (anyone remember him ?). never saw it again. I knew an Ivan Wearne back in the 70's here in Adelaide. I wonder if he's the same guy listed. Cheers, Alan
  2. I run a group out in my shed on Tuesday evenings and don't usually scrutineer the cars for the weekly racing. The expectation is that you should make sure your cars comply with the rules but as we are not racing for sheep stations there will be a little bit of leeway. For weekly racing, occasionally I'll randomly select a couple of cars and check them over for compliance with the rules. This keeps the lads on their toes especially the "cheeky chappies" who I might pick out a bit more randomly than the others.We also run a couple of open trophy event through the year which I do scrutineer the cars, as they are usually more competitive affairs though they are mainly visual checks.
  3. Thanks Jacob, I think that was my first attempt at a reply on the new format so was somewhat stumped at how to reply. In the end I was able to respond in other ways. Cheers, Alan
  4. No not that post Mark it's the one where Stubbo is announcing his standing down form series director. I see vinno has replied but I still can't see the reply button. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21161-tasman-cup/&tab=comments#comment-283156 Don't worry about it I've been in contact with Stubbo and said what I needed to say. Cheers Alan
  5. G'day Lad's I've only just started getting things together but I don't intend to change much for the first year. I''m still getting my host team together but I can confirm that John's track will be part of the series and I'm working on some sort of award to remember John with. I am not a fan of control components, especially in this series, there plenty of opportunity for that in your own club racing. What I will do is make a list of what I think are compatible motors and a choice can be made from that. That's all for now but stay tuned for updates. Cheers Alan
  6. Thanks for the replies chaps, but not in this particular post, I couldn't see anyway to reply to it. (see below) Anyway I can see on other posts where it is, so problem sorted Now next problem.. The "view new content" button isn't a feature in this new forum, is there a way to set up similar function? Tasman Cup By Stubbo, 21 hours ago in News and Announcements Stubbo Classic Racer Members 20 1,612 posts Gender:Male Location:Melbourne Report post Posted 21 hours ago Good morning everyone. Sometimes life gets in the way of slot cars and right at this point in time that has happened to me. The next twelve months or so are filled with a lot of uncertainty and consequently I don't think I can commit to running the next Tasman series. With that in mind I have contacted the other original Tasmanites and I am very happy to say that Alan O'Dea or Lenny Broke to most of you has agreed to take over the running of the series. Alan is one of the Pioneers of proxy racing world wide and I know the Tasman is in great hands. I wish Alan well and hope that the support from Auslot members continues and the next series is best yet. Cheers. Alan Go To Topic Listing Next unread topic
  7. Hi Guys In case you missed it elsewhere Stubbo has had to give up running the Tasman Cup proxy series and has handed it over to me to direct. Thanks to Alan for entrusting me with this. I have some big shoes to fill and hope I can do it justice. This isn't my first attempt at directing a series having done a number of the old Down Under proxy and OzRally proxy series a few years ago. At this stage I'm not planning to change much if anything as far as the rules go and have asked all the hosts from last year to be involved again. Sadly John Smeadley (FPR10) passed away earlier this year but the guys who have taken over his track have expressed an interest in running around. I'll kick things off in October as usual with the release of the rules and regs and start taking entries then for an early March start here in Adelaide and then on around the country from there and then returning to Adelaide for the final round. Hopefully the Covid19 threat will have dissipated by then and we can get back to some sort of normalcy by then. The exact itinerary is yet to be worked out I hope but I expect each round to be run at two weekly intervals as in the past, depending on postal delivery timelines. In the mean time I'll post any news snippets and keep you up to date on any changes along the way. So get crackin' on those new builds you've plenty of warning so no excuses you have had enough time. Cheers , Alan
  8. Well I've found the reply button in the top right hand corner of this post. The post I'm referring to is the Tasman Cup post by Stubbo in announcements. It doesn't have the reply button in it.
  9. Hi Guys, I must admit I'm having a few problems navigating this new set up on the forum. So how do you reply to a post. I can't see a reply button anywhere Thanks in advance to a reply Cheers Alan
  10. Mick hadn't had time to fully sort the car before he sent it off. He was looking to do some more development work for this year. Sadly we won't see it now.
  11. I like #1.It hasa a nice flow and looks like it would drive well in either direction. In fact I like it so much I might nick the design for a possible future project. Like Munter I'm not too keen on tight 90deg corners either.
  12. G'day Chris, I've been following your handy work for quite some time. Pleased to see you here Cheers Alan. ps. When things start up again it would great to see an entry from you in the Tasman proxy series.
  13. I've used it on many of my cars in the fleet Terry and can't remember having had a failure. Make sure you use enough to cover the wire brace. It's easy enough to remove, just scrape or dremel away the fillet from the join to weaken the bond and give it a tweek. it will fracture.
  14. No worries, looking at that pic though ,I probably should've put a bit more epoxy on top of the bearings to beef it up a bit.
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