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  1. Thanks for the response Phil, but don't worry about it. The guy has decided on another path now. Cheers Alan
  2. Hi All, I've just updated the entry list and the tech sheet to reflect the latest changes. Welcome along to WizardGM, anyone local (SA) will know the wizard and can expect a really good car from him. I look forward to seeing what he concocts. Sorry to see John B won't be participating this year I always looked forward to his entry every year always a front runner and a pleasure to drive. Cheers Alan
  3. Hi Chas, I managed to get your e-mail address through another party and have sent you the entry payment details through that. Hopefully its a current account Cheers Alan
  4. Yeah, there's a thread here on the subject. 2021 Tasman Builds Only two at the moment but will get more in there soon I hope.
  5. ChalesX, Can you please contact the forum administrators to sort out the problem with your PM inbox or provide me with another means of contact, so I can send the entry fee payment details
  6. OK , I'm ready to put all this to bed and get on with having good series. Here's what I believe is the intent of the chassis rule..... The main chassis should not be visible when viewed from above. Axle tubes are allowed as well as any suspension detail that would normally be visible on the full sized car, ie: wishbones, rocker arms, trailing arms, sway bars, coil spring and shock absorbers, whether they are attached to the main chassis or not. That is how I will be interpreting it when it comes to scrutineering the cars. I believe this series was never meant to be exclusively a scratch-built only series when it was conceived by Stubbo back in 2011. The idea was to be able to race a class of car from a certain era, that is rarely raced in a club environment, whether it be a scratch-built, from a kit or a ready to run car even if it was built by the entrant or not. This concept has allowed the experienced builder/ racer, novices or people who don't necessarily have the skills and others who may have otherwise been put off to participate. Anyway that's my rant over now get on with your builds!!!!!! Cheers, Alan
  7. Hi Guys I've had a query about the #12 body shell in the attached picture.What is it??? I can't identify what it is but I don't think it's a Brabham as suggested by the decal though. Cheers, Alan
  8. Ok to appease the pedants among us I have further amended this chassis rule to read...."No part of the main chassis should be visible when viewed from above, with the exception of an axle tube or suspension detail replicating that of the original 1:1 scale model.(amended 11-01-2021) I have to say I am somewhat bemused that after nearly a decade of this series' existence that this issue has come up now. Beardog chassis or similar that have suspension detail incorporated into the chassis have been entered many times before without being questioned.
  9. Rather than clutter up the Rules and regs thread with long lists of entries I thought I would make a new one for the entry list and edit as required.. If you wish to enter please post on this thread and we can free up the R&R one for rule specific questions there. Latest entry list update -19-01-2021 1. Peter Gunn #14 2. sdeamon #12 3. Brumos RSR #33 4. Mondeo74 #20 5. Terry #47 6. Paulslots #22 7. Lenny Broke #4 8. PeterG #10 9. Slot Car tragic # TBA 10. Eric #58 11 Phil K #9 12 Rosco #6 13 CharlesX #5. 14. PM Daniels #19 15. Daniel P #15 16. Stubbo #2 17. Fooieman #69 18. Dixie #16 19. Bunyip. #41 20 Stubbo 2 # 56 21 Sainter #66 22 Max N # 23 23 Andy B #7 24 WizardGM #70
  10. Hi Chas, I've been trying to send you PM's but I keep getting a message saying you can't receive messages. Can you fix whatever the problem is or give me an alternative method to contact you please. Cheers Alan
  11. Hi Rosco, yes that's correct. There will be a small allowance for open tailed bodied cars that may be difficult to hide those exposed bits. They should be painted matt black. Hi Chaz, Though always strongly encouraged, suspension detail has never been a requirement of the rules. However to be considered for judging for the John Smeadley Constructor's award, front and rear suspension detail will need to be included in the build. "To qualify the chassis must be hand built and include front and rear suspension detail." I hope this clears up your questions, but as ever if you have any please don't hesitate to ask. Cheers Alan
  12. After a question being raised, please note the following amendment to the chassis rule regarding chassis No part of the chassis should be visible when viewed from above, with the exception of an axle tube.(amended 6-1-21) Cheers Alan
  13. Hi Mike, Thanks for confirming I'll update your details Cheers Alan
  14. Hi Terry, Yes it is looking good, and here's another 3 to add to the list. I'm also hearing rumours of another two from here in SA
  15. Hi Guys' Here's a Spec Sheet for all the cars in this years series. Please post or PM your car specifications and I will update the sheet on a regular basis. Cheers, Alan
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