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  1. All the 2019 Australian Plafit Championship info is now here : https://www.acehobbi...ory/21-2019-apc Also here : http://ausmcr.com/forum/index.php?/forum/2-apc-australian-plafit-championships/
  2. ........Many thanks Peter. Almost 200 photos are also here : https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN9qqOJRDz0uojj9XBBcp5RMx7BJzkCQmEEZ0oYjuJfTqzp3vDQQVEhlYX12mFtRg?key=a3lDMzBRY29zVmM5LXp4SzJVb0J4TlhzUjNZLURB Cheers Werner
  3. LATEST APC 2018 NEWS Please note : Plafit has just advised us that their current supply problem with the Fox 4 Motor will unfortunately extend to after the APC. It means that we will not have enough motors to cover the 1/24 GTJ Class which usually has hand-out motors included. We are fine for the 1/24 Formula 1 Class where the Cheetah 4 Motors are available as hand-out's. Therefore and for the first time, the 1/24 GTJ Class will this year be a non-hand-out motor class. One tech-check matter to be mentioned : With all motors used within the APC, "motors are not to be opened or modified an any way", this includes any chemical (liquid) treatments applied through the can openings to access the commutator. Oil can certainly be applied to both oilites however not after the car is tech-checked, in park ferme or during the race. The 2018 APC is returning to its beginnings 10 years after it was first held at Mobile Raceways in Dandenong. It was a huge combined event with the 2008 Speed Slotcar Nationals. A few images from way back then : Now at the new MrSlotcar Centre in Hallam everything is ready for the big weekend : See you all next weekend in Melbourne ! Cheers Werner
  4. Info about the 2018 Model Car Nationals for 1/24 cars can be found here : http://ausmcr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/86-124-model-car-nationals-2018/
  5. More event info here : https://www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/18-2018-apc
  6. More info here : https://www.acehobbi...gory/17-2018asc
  7. 1/32 Plafit US Muscle Cars - No regulation changes. Body list updated. 1/32 Plafit Modern GT - No regulation changes. Body list updated. 1/27 Plafit Mini-Z GT - No regulation changes. Same as in 2017. 1/24 Plafit Formula LeMans (Team Race) - Head and tail lights are not allowed to be coloured. No additional lights. - Tech. includes a light function test. The driver will re-fit the body back onto the chassis after tech. - Using the Plafit Cheetah 4 Motor. 1/24 Plafit Historic's - The Plafit 1705GS T-Plate, blue with countersunk screw holes is now included as Plafit supplies the assembled chassis this way. - There are more new historic body types included for this year. 1/24 Plafit Group C (Team Race) - No regulation changes, Same as in 2017. 1/24 Plafit Formula 1 - No regulation changes at this stage. However there might be a new body set of a 2018 Formula 1 car available. To be adviced. - Using the Plafit Cheetah 4 Motor (hand-out). 1/24 Plafit Japanese GT (GTJ) - The minimum total car weight for the Honda NSX has been raised to 170 grams. - Using the Plafit Fox 4 Motor (hand-out). All 2018 car regulations are on our website here : https://www.acehobbi...om.au/galleries
  8. 2018 APC CLASSES Friday, 19.October 2018 : Official class specific practice sessions Saturday, 20.October 2018 : 1/32 Plafit US Muscle Cars 1/32 Plafit Modern GT 1/27 Plafit Mini-Z GT 1/24 Plafit Formula LeMans (Team Race) Sunday, 21.October 2018 : 1/24 Plafit Historic’s 1/24 Plafit Group C (Team Race) 1/24 Plafit Formula 1 1/24 Plafit Japanese GT (GTJ)
  9. The official results are now published here : https://www.acehobbies.com.au/gallery#nanogallery/nanoGallery/6374157863987150705
  10. ...........No, there are 6 coming from QLD. Me too.....
  11. .....Yes, they certainly do care about ground clearance in Europe..... Let me give you some further info on the cars I have built and tested to the suggested regulations I have mentioned a few posts back : This Z4 uses all chassis parts it came with as an RTR car. Obviously the RTR wheels/tires and the gear have been exchanged. Front tire diameter is 26.3mm, the size for the rears is 27.5mm. Front bearing holder are the 8mm and 9mm at the rear. Ground clearance front is 1.1mm and 1.2mm at the rear of the chassis. However a 1mm plastic spacer was required underneath the rear bearing holders. A correction to the body hight set up was done with a few M2 washers at the body mounts. As Scaleauto supply their new RTR cars and car kits with different sized chassis parts (bearing holders, t-plates and h-plates) which are necessary to fit all 8 body types, these parts have been simply added as alternative options to the SC8003 regulations. If Scaleauto would have designed the new chassis plate with longholes for weelbase adjustment, then a standard chassis with all the same parts could have been achieved. But this is not so. Therefore the different chassis parts for almost each body type. With the old SC8000 chassis and cars, I changed the ground clearance down to 1mm using spacers and smaller diameter tires for a performance test against the BMW Z4. This resulted in very similar lap times although the Z4 body featured all standard parts without any Lexan bits. Because of the superior new chassis design there is also no typical body rattle (what a relieve !). So, according to all this information from Europe, it would not be worthwhile to try and incorporate any new regulations for the new chassis into the old ones. Concentrate on the SC8003 format but include the old chassis cars in any race events under their existing rules with a few modifications in regard to the 1mm ground clearance and reduced minimum tire diameter. This would mean to have these cars racing together but with a different classification. Only my suggestion...... Cheers Werner
  12. wwwace

    Mini-Z Racing

    Kyosho introduced a new GT body for our Mini-Z GT Class, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS : Small wheelbase with 90mm, also it would have been better to produce a race version with wider flares and spur width. But then, the detail on these bodies is again of a very high standard.
  13. ......As the discussion has turned towards the 1/24 Scaleauto GT regulations, which are in need to include a new chassis system, I have been approached during the MCN and shortly after to provide some information on how the European and German clubs and event organisers are tackling this matter. To keep it short : - The SC-8000 chassis and its parts are out off all major and national events - The SC-8003 chassis is used only with a few basic selected part options - All eight 1/24 Scaleauto GT bodies are used in their "out off packet" form without any Lexan parts - In all major events and race series only one type of body is nominated as proper parity between them is almost impossible Based on this I have complied a new regulation proposal for the new chassis as well as a few adjustments to our existing 1/24 Scaleauto rules. After some testing with two cars featuring these specs. I found that the performance of both is close enough for running them together either in club racing or even in major events using a separate classification. I have put copies of these regulation proposals up on our website : https://www.acehobbies.com.au/gallery#nanogallery/nanoGallery/5756258116088291937 Maybe we can use this as a start to discuss the changes which are unavoidable. Cheers Werner
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