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  1. it not a slot body, noone would add that to the roof. the original fx/fj 1/24 bodies were made by Sunset Racing Shells, they are available from Thunderbirds in Adelaide
  2. the mess next to the XD is the under side of the VK after i was digging the infill out.
  3. the "matrix" inside is called infill. stops the outside layers from dropping when printed
  4. i have a 1/32 VK that will be available soon, 3d printed and vac form lexan.
  5. yeah its nice too see nearly no printlines, they took 23hrs each to print... id said with a coat of undercoat the printline will be gone... ill put some side photos up soon
  6. Something that I've printed out in 1/32, XD and a VK... 1/24 versions will be soon. They'll be available in Lexan but 3d printed ones will be available on request.
  7. Ive got a Prusa MK3S, it does have all the bells and whistles but it is at the high end of the market. with slicing programs i just use the prucaslicer to slice and Cusa to print. 3d design well you need to download all the different packages and try them, they all do the same but they do if differently. i use Fusion 360 with a free education licence. but there's some things that blender and freecad do nicely aswell. if all depends on what you want to do? myself i print mostly @ .05 (high quality) with PLA to do molds for vac forming.
  8. lowering your layer level will reduce the print lines but will increase the print time. ive been printing @ .05 with good results.
  9. feel like doing a Ninco Supra replacment chassis?
  10. office works has clear .007tho A4 sheets in packs
  11. imugford

    Wtb: Braid

    i have a part roll of copper braid (not tinned) there'd be atleast your 20m on it (hopefully)
  12. Sunset racing Shells from Tbirds in adelaide
  13. did you back the decal with white?? if you back them with the colour that they are (or close to) they come out alot better
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