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  1. Jan, what does a ready to race (Except Motor and gears) Red Roo cost if I may ask?
  2. Wow. that's a huge baseplate these days.. How things have moved on over the past 5 years.. damn. Thanks Jan.
  3. Look awesome Jan and co.. What kind of chassis' are under these? Any pics? regards Al
  4. Hey Jan, some nice stuff happening down there.. Seems it's the new place to come to for some racing.
  5. No idea mate. Possibly the German guys, chat with Fola. See if anyone over there might have or could draw them up.
  6. Hiya, I did, lock, stock, and every nut and bolt I ever owned. I sold all 50 plus Silicone molds to another chap, and then he accidently had them thrown out!!! So I was pretty devastated about that I can tell you. 15 plus years of work just gone. I also don't know whats happeneing racing wise. I got banned for life (AGAIN) because I said on the internet they're a bunch of slow arsed old men with no vision.. Really funny story actually, but I don't care. Am interested to get in contact with Russell Sheldon as he's back in CT, and see what his plans may be. Your classes aand kits look good tho, happy for you guys.. and the Scaleauto GT's have turned into a world class series for sure. say howzit to Tim if you see\speak to him. regards Al
  7. Jan, congrats buddy. But have to say, you and Tim in the same team, must be almost un-beatable mate.. SUUUUP Timmy maaayte... Sounds and looks like a great event. congrats guys. regards Alan
  8. Hey Jan, great idea for a 'one design" formula. I remember these when they raced at the Wynns 1000 at Kyalami way back when. Nice stuff on the BASF car. regards Alan
  9. Looks awesome dude.. Well done.. Regards Al
  10. Hiya Tim, firstly, thanks very much for the postings and reports dude, and secondly, really well done to you all mate, You, Chris, Jan and Simon have done awesomely well.. Hope you having as good a time as possibly considering, and best of luck for the remaining events dude.. Well done once again.. Send regards to Chris and Jan. Cheers Big Al
  11. Hi Jan, excellent initiative buddy, hope the "positives" pick up some more. Send my regards to Tim when next you see him, and here's wishing you both a very festive Xmas for you and your families.. Regards Big Al
  12. Stargate, no these aren't vac-formed. Like the guys down there, we started into 1/24 using vac formed bodies of the 60's and 70's classic sportscars, and have now just started the Open class, which is 80's based Group C Sportscars, but these care hard body, either commercially available plastic kits from Tamiya or Revell, or home made Laminated fibreglass and resin bodies, with a Min running weight of 180 grams for the car, and 60 grams for the bodies with bodymounts, to help keep things even and balanced. These have been laminated and built with epoxy resin and matting, I have a new tutorial on the Slotcars.co.za website on building the Nissan R89 C from beginning to end with pictures for you to see the process. Cheers for now. regards Big Al
  13. Hi guys, The Cambridge Club in Cape Town held it's first 1/24 LEGENDS series Hard Body Class Series last night, and the turnout was superb. Using the Vac Formed Sportscar Class as a stepping Stone up into the "open" class, we decided to go the Group C Le Mans cars as they're awesome looking cars, they are low and wide, and present an awesome handling Hard Body Car to race in an Open Class, similarly to what our International friends race in Europe and the USA/Canada. In 2009, We'll again be putting together an Easter Festival at the Ecurie Club in Durban, which will see the usual Classic Sportscars on Plafit 1300 U chassis, and the Open Class with Hard Body cars for a SA/International event. Jan we hope to see you there once again if possible, and perhaps you can bend Simon and a few other guys' arms to join you?? Cheers for now Regards Big Al Slotcars SA Portal
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