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  1. like this? http://members.tripod.com/motorsportarchiv...dan_OP_1975.jpg
  2. melrock


    I get it from Lincraft (at eastland) they have 5mm sheets 500x640 for about $7 in lots of different colours too graeme
  3. Oh...and it's live on foxsports one from 6.30 am monday...with a race start 7am melbourne time I.ll be watching....i just hope Boris Said doesn't take him out like he's threatened to do Graeme
  4. go here (i hope this works) graeme http://www.nascar.com/2008/news/headlines/...hour/index.html
  5. paul morriss is driving in the ;west coast " nascar series (or something like that) which is another couple of steps down from the nationwide(whcih ambrose usually drives in) ...and Ambrose has topped the time sheet again in final practice...so he is a rel chance!!!
  6. just bought one of these on e-bay for $99(description below)...it runs 4cars with magnets -no problem don't know how to post a picture of it..but its a good little unit..and an inexpensive option ...unless you can get your hands on the dick smith one that everyone on this forum (except me) seemed to get on special for $149 earlier this year.(normal retail for that one is $299 though and i don't think they stock them any more -graeme This compact bench Power supply incorporates the latest switchmode technolodgy and delivers up to 15 amps regulated output between 11 and 16 VDC. Includes panel mount volt and amp meters.Voltage output is adjustable via the front panel control.Binding posts are provided for load connection. Ideal for voltage sensitive devices and has internal cooling fan. RRP $149.00 Output voltage: 11-16VDC adjustable Current rating: 13.5A continous (15A) Regulation: 0.2% Dimensions: 155w x 55h x 165d Weight: 1.2 KG Unit also available for pick up from Electronic Connections Shop 6 6-10 Princes Hwy Beaconsfield VIC
  7. Dave its the magnets that are in the motor that set it off -graeme
  8. hi Dave i'm guessing they work on the same principal as the afx timers..that is using a mini reed switch under the track, which is, triggered by the magnets in the car .If thats the case you'll find it will work better if its in the middle of a straight section as it may miss the cars if they are hanging the tail out when they cross the line Looks terrific by the way graeme
  9. melrock

    Dvd Projector

    I want one!!!!!!
  10. melrock


    so i guess i'm not in then
  11. there seems to be plenty of printable type signs for f-1 and european stuff but does anyone know of a site with nascar style race team signs etc . thanks graeme
  12. my idea is to one day build a rally track based on the italian job.Naturally it would be for mini's (mostly) but would incorporate narrow european streets...and a staircase etc etc ...need to watch the movie again ....that's my idea anyway... graeme
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