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  1. Rainer

    Aston Martin Vantage

    and there is his big brother an Aston Martin DBR9 yes I'm comming from Germany (Blackforrest) sorry the Capri is still sold
  2. Rainer

    Aston Martin Vantage

    Hi, i'll show you a new car which I had painted in a different design based on SCX car i hope you will enjoy it
  3. Hallo, fine that you like this painting :-) The real car started at the VLN (a national series drive on the Nordschleife- Nürburgring, in Germany)
  4. Hi, here some pics from my last paint job, based on a modell from SCX first sanding the body and than follow the paintjob with decals I hope you will enjoy this car
  5. hi, here comes another one from my shop floor
  6. hi, another pic from the BP it was not easy to fit these decals
  7. Hi, the latest of the collection Decals from Patto, painted with Tamiya, Clearvarnishing with MIPA
  8. and 2 new one from me Decals from Patto, paint with Tamiya and clear varnish from MIPA Decals from Spain, paint with Tamiya and clear varnish from MIPA
  9. ok another one of the RIAL more Porsches will followed in the next few weeks...
  10. Hi, another WhiteKit was finished The Porsche started in the 80's in Germany in this livery
  11. Hall, for this car a friend had made the decals, here the link to his page (in German) www.decaldoc.de the quality is more better then Pattos the color isn't from Tamiya or Gunze or something else, this is a original color from VW VWL62N which was mixed ba a friendly body painter
  12. Hi, sorry the shipping cost to Downunder from Germany are so expensive... but you have a very nice collection! sorry, I didn't mean a "WhiteKit" but a White 935 from Fly model like this one http://www.slot32.de/media/images/produkte...fly%2088332.jpg normaly I made some pics from the beginnig, in this case it was lost on of the lonely pics during the working process
  13. Hi, here another brand new car from my collection based on a white modell from Fly more pics an a little "how to to" will you find on my homepage come in an enjoy
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