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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLpPfsJZb-0 Do this with your Ninco digital. Keep your Ninco system running and run Scorpius along side it. Scorpius Control, chip and dongle. Both systems run together at the same time with no issues. Well done Rick!
  2. shadow

    Gulf Raceway

    Gulf Raceway Test Drive http://youtu.be/nLpPfsJZb-0 Scorpius control on my Ninco digital track.
  3. shadow

    Gulf Raceway

    Latest incarnation with almost no progress from 2013. All the mdf track borders needed to be removed due to track expansion rates being higher than the screwed down mdf therefore I have resorted to using the Ninco borders. Since returning to the slot scene I have read about the decline in Ninco. So....what to convert to. Does anyone know if Oxigen or Scorpius can be run side by side with Ninco digital. From Slot-it faq's it seems to me that it can. I would like to run one side by side with Ninco during what I envisage being a long transition period. Current classes: DTM/Touring - 18k motors and 100g minimum weight, no mag. Mostly Carrera DTM cars. GT 20 - 20k motors, Ninco, Scaley etc. Run with GT 22k. GT 22 - 22k motors, NSR class of course ;-). LMP - 2000 to now, LMP with open motors. More to come.
  4. Is Oxigen or Scorpius able to be setup side by side with Ninco Digital. My current setup uses a separate power supply for the track while the Ninco power supply powers the Ninco powerbase for control. I use my left hand for slot racing because it is the same throttle hand for RC racing which I do. Shadow Racing - RC on facebook ;-)
  5. Hi all. Undecided as to which system to convert my Ninco Digital track to, Scorpius or Oxigen. I am not a fan of the Slot-it controller because of the configuration for left hand use and I am also overwhelmed by what to get for wireless use. Also, are Scalextric digital chips compatible with the O2 system? So many questions!
  6. I to have been on a slot car hiatus and am saddened to find Ninco Digital chips rare. I am undecided whether to convert to Scorpius or Oxigen.
  7. shadow

    Gulf Raceway

    Hi Kart, The area is 2.75m x 5.8m. Very easy to remove a couple of sections to fit your dimensions. Cheers
  8. shadow

    Gulf Raceway

    Not much change beside modded powerbase to run separate power supply and installation of jumper leads. These have improved performance and reliability of our cars dramatically. Modded controllers have made a difference also. Cheers All
  9. shadow

    Gulf Raceway

    For some reason I can only post one pic at a time and only with the 'direct' link option from photobucket as opposed to using IMG codes. Any a few other glitches with posting. Has something changed?
  10. shadow

    Gulf Raceway

    Hi Digby, Horrocks Pass is more likely to show up on my mates garden railway I'm helping to build A little more has been done. Cheers All
  11. shadow

    Gulf Raceway

    Needed to hide one very old and ugly wall so decided to do a quick and simple backdrop. Still plenty to do. The bottom of the wall should be hidden by the track. Cheers All
  12. shadow

    Gulf Raceway

    The track is in Port Augusta. Open the shed door and I look over Spencer Gulf, hence the name. I'm not ready to build a routed track yet so I kept my Ninco stuff but wanted to use MDF for smoother elevation changes etc.
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