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  1. knoath

    Innes Park Raceway

    going by the fan, I'd say Ferrodore!
  2. knoath

    Nissan Bluebird

    Looks very nice Vlad! How would these print in resin? I have an Creality 002R and would like to try it... Dick.
  3. Outlawed in my industry (Printing) Carcenogenic and awful stuff for your insides. Avoid it.
  4. Rosco, if you don't already know, MEK is carcenogenic, so please wear a mask (not a dust mask) and in a well ventilated area...
  5. I have a 3 LED section of these lights in each of my pit garages... I'm sure there's enough light here to be picked up by the sensors!
  6. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Thanks Chris! Too kind mate.
  7. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Okay, more lights added!
  8. knoath

    Sorell Creek Track

    Looking great so far! Really nice work on the Pub, how do you print that facade?
  9. knoath

    DG Raceway

    The race control building is almost done, I played around with its location and I think I really like the position above the pits.Tinkered with a marshal post too... Since my son made some trees I thought I'd better plant them!I've begun construction of the gantry that will house the LEDs for the timing sensors, but no pics of that yet. Going with Trackmate timing. Not 100% happy with the pit structure, I'll add some advertising and see how it comes out, but I might rebuild it...
  10. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Cheers Shaynus! The Mag Racing kits are laser etched 3mm MDF mate. http://www.magneticracing.com/buildings/buildings.html
  11. knoath

    DG Raceway

    I bought a Magnetic Racing building for my layout, absolutely love this kit! Accurate, sturdy, well designed!I have painted mine and this really adds to the time it takes to put together, but it really is worth it!I have had to add a few things like walls and windows to the lower level and I've also added glazing to the windows. Building the stairs, I will shorten one set and add a return/platform to get the height correct. Also adding some lighting to the main straight...
  12. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Only 1 ripple strip is glued down, last corner... although if you're travelling too slowly you will ride up on it. The others, if left in place, will be in the way, so I will paint some on the track surface as I had done already and I may sit the MDF ones behind the painted strips... sort of as if they have an apron. Still seeing how different cars behave through different corners. Lighting? Still working through it. I am about to start on some banner lighting, using warm white LEDs, but the street lights as above are cool white. The pits, I'm leaning to warm white and the Race Control building will be cool white. This should break things up a bit and add a point of difference to the look of it. Like you, I wouldn't mind more cars with lighting kits!
  13. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Waiting on a Pit Building from Magnetic Racing before I progress on the pits... they're open air, think... Townsville... balmy
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