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  1. Thanks mate, I was about to buy some this morning.
  2. Surely you won't be needing all those rolls Dave?
  3. knoath

    Race To The Sky

    Any progress on this Embs?
  4. knoath


    I'm pretty sure i still have Embs' address... PM sent!
  5. I can't believe you actually had to ask Embs!!! What a sign!!!! Yes, it is a very high form of flattery... your work with plastic track is up there with Brad and Kmayer, I can only imagine the digital photos you could take with a routed track! A single lane track in a 12x14' room? No dramas, make the road 200mm wide and traverse it 3 or 4 times!!! That should give the routing strip a fair run in!!! *Sits back with a brew and waits for the new thread to start!*
  6. Sorry I missed your birthday (on here) Embs, so Happy Birthday to you!!!
  7. Thank you one and all! Got a wonderfull surprise today, (not a slot...) a 1/18 scale, 1974 ATCC winning LH Torana of the King, Peter Brock! Life is good!
  8. knoath

    Premier Raceway V2

    That looks perfect Dave... now get rid of that s#!t beside it!!!!!
  9. What? Another one? They come around way too quick don't they? Happy Birthday Rob!
  10. Hmmm. I've got a Logitech G25, it's good with the PS3, when I get my old PC built up I'll see how it goes.
  11. Nice Gazza! PaulNZ, I would like to get into iRacing... been reading up on it. Sounds like fun! Thanks Rob...
  12. I'm busy next weekend Dave, otherwise I would have gone down for a look. Shane, I'll see when I've got a free weekend mate... I'll let you know!
  13. I'm watching some track builds from around the world... everytime I'm on a slot forum and the missus walks past she says "Aww, no...." I'd like a single laner just to fiddle with scenery and run some cars now and then... I really don't have time to race and set up cars to deadlines and all that, but I'm starting to miss the relaxation of the hobby! I dont plan to build any time soon, but the thought has never left my mind Embs!
  14. Well I may be without a track at the moment, and I don't have a controller or a slot car handy... but that doesn't stop me from scratching the racing itch! I've built 2 race sims, one each for me and my oldest son (almost 11) and we run head to head via a wireless modem router. Running PS3s with 5.1 surround and Logitech G25 wheels and pedals, these things sure beat the old hand controller!!!
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