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  1. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Waiting on a Pit Building from Magnetic Racing before I progress on the pits... they're open air, think... Townsville... balmy
  2. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Started making some lights too...
  3. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Some pics of more progress: Pit Lane line marking Added some fencing... Planning marshall points Working on improving my trees... these were quickly added to get some atmosphere. Pit Wall ready for signage.
  4. knoath

    Eastside Raceway

    Wow!!! Your detail work is impressive mate! Well done!
  5. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Hmmm...... I think I saw a cow in my collection.
  6. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Got more scenery work done,dirt laid, grass down. Coming along.
  7. knoath

    Kangaroo Court

    Is this track still in use? Some great scenery!
  8. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Aw, shucks mate, kind words... Thank You. I have a miniscule amount of knowledge of slot cars and racing (just go through the V32 results pages ) but what I did learn when I entered the hobby was that there are some awesome people involved who would (and did for me) go well out of their way to welcome and encourage newbies. It's one of the reasons why I came back... good times, better people. But you all know that.
  9. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Having run some laps, I'm finding the grip is nothing like the Ferrodore of old... however, I am running cars as they were when they were put away around 8 years ago, maybe longer. I managed to true the tyres a bit more on a Ninco Mosler and that has helped a lot, so it looks like I'll be going through my stock of MJK's and slowly working through my cars, glueing and truing. Looking to add timing as soon as I can find a suitable, cheap PC.
  10. Often just me and my oldest son, Jack. We have been running cars as we dig them out of hibernation! So no marshals here mate, just drivers having fun!
  11. I'm looking at getting TrackMate for my 2 lane routed wood track, looking at their website the Infrared Slot Car Lap Counter (no gantry) is pictured with a (Canadian) Power supply. Reading here they run off USB power. Can anyone confirm either way please. http://www.trackmateracing.com/shop/en/slot-car-timer-for-windows/129-kit-infrared-slot-car-lap-counter-without-bridge-.html
  12. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Thanks Fellas. Bry, we moved 4 years ago and during the move the cars and power supply were stored in a shed. My son saw them and said it was a waste to have them in boxes so that planted a seed! I have a 9x8m garage so room wasn't an issue! The surface is just some grey misstint from Bunnings, then a misting of matt black and ivory white spray cans... I quite like it.... and it doesn't smell like Ferradore!
  13. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Thanks Mark, progress is slow at the moment...
  14. knoath

    DG Raceway

    I masked the edging ready for the mess of painting and adding grass to the terrain. Lowndes approaches Skyline... These catch fences are just in situ... just seeing how they look. More concrete fencing to go in, I'm waiting for more sculptit to become available to continue with scenery.
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