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  1. we generally run 11 lap races and the cars run pretty even. The curved tunnel and the 4 lane section require the most concentration, however on the 3 long straightaways 1 - 25', 1-22' and 1 -20 ' you have a little time to relax and check the screen for fuel and other info. every one that runs the track says its extremely challenging and can get you when you least expect it
  2. it is 30X10 with 1.75 mile of scale running track, 9 lane changers, dual pit rows and 13 power taps. lane changers are power separetly from the main track. and the track is powered by a 30 amp 0-40 volt power supply. I am just starting the scenery portions of the track. I am looking for people near my area that are looking to form a club. I you do not have digital equiptment I will let you use my stuff. Timing is done by PC lapcounter and is displayed on a 32" screen. It's scalextric digital, lap times avg 15.50 seconds Also looking for suggestions. THANKS....Rick
  3. just thought I would show you my new scalextric digital track here in the U.S.A. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBMh2olt5sg&feature=player_detailpage
  4. what I have done Matt is add and extra magnet to the pace car, as they come in different size and strength try a smaller one and biuld up to larger sizes till you have found the size that is just large enough to keep it on the track. If all you have is bar magnets then break one in half or in thirds Hope this helps....Rick
  5. I checked the PCLC forum and the answer about scorpius was as follows I quote " Scorpius decided to stop his collaboration with Pc lap Counter and therefore Pc Lap Counter will no longer supports the Scorpius Wireless system."
  6. PCLC does fuel burn and works with pit-pro, it has penalties, can simulate fuel burn without pit pro, you can set your own point values, results can be exported to excel, you can customize ther displays to suit your own preferences, the sound options are great as you can use each real racers voice to warn them of situations, pace cars can be set up to automatically reach a ideal lap time that you set or you can set each pace car individually. the program is free to use with just about all features as long as you like (only limit is 10 lap max) scorpius wireless I believe is supported, but I will check and let you know for sure the web site is Pc Lapcounter.be also lots of videos on YOU TUBE. hope this helps to buy the program outright is $75 US AND IT'S WELL WORTH IT. If you have any other question I'll try to answer them.....Rick
  7. I was a huge SSDC fan till about 9 months ago. I changed to PC Lapcounter because I like the penalty feature, Ie. if you cause a track call you have to come in and do a stop and go penalty Andy said he would add this feature months ag but nothing yet that I have found. Also the support with PCLC is awsome usally a response in 1 day sometimes 2 PCLC is always updating GUY the creator of the program is very responsive to suggestions and is very good at implenting changes on a regular basis. Yes SSDC is a simplier program to get up and running , but PCLC is far mre rich in feature IMHO........rick
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