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  1. Happy birthday Craig May the 👄 of a thousand virgins kiss you on the dick.
  2. Thanks Lawrence great night. My second ever podium.
  3. Sorry Craig can't make it, my weak excuse is my wife's 40th birthday. Have a good night guys.
  4. I have a little gift for the first 15 guys that turn up. Joe are we doing pizza for dinner?
  5. I will grace you guys with my presence.
  6. Hi guys I will drop in around 8 pm Cheers mick
  7. Sorry guys busy day for me won't be there.
  8. Another pic. this can be made with any font, any colour of acrylic, any text. A few of the guys made some suggestions for improving the prototype which was great. Cheers mick.
  9. Quakers Slotter


    This is a podium I built for one of the guys in the club. Made using a laser engraving and cutting machine.
  10. I'm in guys. What a way to spend Valentine's Day racing slotties and eating pizza. Now that's a hallmark occasion.
  11. Count me in for road racing. Ron do you still want the wire, there might even be enough for rosco as well. Ross can you remember to bring the lead please. Cheers MIck
  12. Sorry I couldn't make it guys. The after in laws car broke down and I had to go to the rescue. Yes gaz I was wearing my superwoman outfit woo woo what a sight. Lol Cheers mick.
  13. Hi guys I've been reading the classes and have a question about can am. Does my p68 still fit in this class or has that car been removed. cheers mick
  14. The classes for the year are awesome guys but where's the trucks. How about a 12hr enduro with them the guys would love that.
  15. Hi guys glad to see the rules are up and clear to understand. Did I miss it but what are the classes for this year or it still continuing on from last season of last year. Cheers mick
  16. Sorry guys can't make it the storm just damaged my house. Sorry for the late notice. Cheers mick
  17. Seat challenge Does this mean you sit down while you race.
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