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  1. maybe the controller or adaptor have an issue, i just sent syd a text message to confirm and his track is positive wired, your welcome to come check out my controller to see how they are wired,im only in morley, im not expert on controllers but as far as i know my positive controller has worked in 5 tracks in perth and i havnt tried 2 more tracks but i know they will be positive as all in same club.
  2. gazza you will find the tracks in WA are postive wired they just use the lighting round pin plug, my controllers have always been positive wired at syds
  3. nico87

    Racing At Syds

    Gazza get in contact if you need another track to run at,i have a 2 lane mr track setup otherwise look foward to meeting you when i get back to racing at syds
  4. nico87

    Racing At Syds

    i like that charger with the blower hanging out the bonnet
  5. should be a good event to enter, i will be competing in it.hope for a decent turnout.
  6. nico87


    can anybody assist me,need to know what mjk tyres fit the scalextric subaru and scalextric lancer rally cars,i dont have the cars infront of me and need to order some tyres today as cars will be used for a house class on a 55 m ninco track,any help would be greatful
  7. nico87

    1/32 Events

    i know its early but does anyone know of any 1/32 races on in 2020 as in teams/enduros or a 1/32 national title as Perth doesn't have anything i will need to travel interstate any help would be appreciated cheers
  8. nico87

    2018 Aust Titles

    where is the national title being held this year as will try make it to my first one as perth will never get to host it.
  9. mattcrackers,anything is possible as I do like having the option of backup controller,just have to do a bit more research to see what is out there,.thinking of getting a sloting plus or third eye.but the truspeed is working a treat at the moment, 3 other racers have bought one after trying mine and you seem to be doing well with the good old parma
  10. Has anyone tried the sloting plus controllers
  11. Jules the rear axle was sloppy and moving around alot in the bushings.the hole in the bushings was way to big causing it move around. cheers nick
  12. Matt. I dont think its just the general lee chargers.ive been running in a camaro for me and a charger for another club member.both have about 7 hours and have same problem as yours and sound absolutly terrible.even had to change the bushings in the camaro as the axle was slopping aroind real bad and were stuffed.
  13. keep up the good work matt,looking foward to see what the next box is like
  14. Why does it have to be a 6 lane track to race on.why cant it be a four lane track
  15. Damn they look great.would pay for you to do one for me.pm me if your keen
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