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  1. aunty69

    Zegas Rally Track

    ZeGas, looked at all your photos nothing more i could say that hasnt been said .BUT The idea using the pop rivets brilliant. The other thing youve said is some of your resin builds may not concours but posting photos and descriptions gives me, an average builder inspiration to keep trying THANKS JOHN , AUNTY 69 thits stunning, 2 things
  2. THANKS ALL, very suprised to be in the middle better than i ever xpected Im happy just to have entered . JOHN ELLIS {aunty}
  3. STUBBO, Sorry was in a rush to get it on the way . Pinion mrrc , crown slotit wheels and original tyres came with the chassis from munter. think i changed the rears John told me that the chassis was used by him for an in an earlier tasman cup. I got the body and chassis about 3years ago memory ,s hazey JOHN ELLIS
  4. DAVE, Im still hoping to get my Dan Gurney Mclaren {B} ,but in the thros of putting our house on the market so its trying to find time to get it ready, so will advise JOHN ELLIS
  5. ALAN, i ve made payment thru paypal sunday usually 2days with my bank, car is on the way 2day JOHNELLIS
  6. alan , sorry I see ive been allocated number 53 johnellis
  7. STUBBO, Alan ,my cooper is ready to go, I need a address and bank account for the race fee.is the number 53 still ok for my car THANKS JOHN ELLIS{aunty}
  8. Just found this discussion,Im still interested in the can am proxy hope fully will enter if it takes place 2017 JOHNELLIS aunty69
  9. "open lots of boxes' I like that ever since i was a kid i loved getting a parcel in the mail. Dinky toys. 5 shilling postal notes took weeks to save when your pocket money was 2/6 Finally after some time even months its arrived . Thank goodness for jet propulsion JOHN ELLIS
  10. ALAN,I have the number 53 on my body can I have that number please. When is the last date for the car to be in Australia. My slot work area is in a turmoil we are in the process of putting house on the market piles of boxes in the garage. and track laid up THANKS JOHN aunty 69
  11. YES Id like to be in also. I wouldnt call myself a scratch builder ,I enjoy putting a commercial plastic or metal chassis into a resin body, just to have something that looks different on my track .I have a number of 60s F1 cars mostly PP bodied, and we run a few races using them to every ones enjoyment .I have yet to build a car that can beat a normal commercial model but maybe one day .My main interest on this site is getting inspiration from other great scratch builders. I have also a few of Munters bodies. which are excellent plus his invaluable advice THANKS John Ellis Aunty 69
  12. STUBBO, Sorry about delay Ive now have the right { elligble} mtr,Is it too late to enter,If not what is the procedure?? entry form account number ect yours JOHN ELLIS
  13. Hello Stubbo I am uncertain what the procedure with regards to 2017 tasman series entry .I have a T53 cooper munter body painted in Angus Hyslop colours It has a brass chassis built by John Warren,I would be interested in entering this car if possible Yours John Ellis {aunty69}
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