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  1. Recently went over to the dark side and bought some modern cars. Currently watching replay of the 2015 Bathurst 1000 So I guess the entire grid of this race is too much to ask for??? In the classics we still need a Monaro and a Charger
  2. Just to clarify the diffs, some hastily snapped pics… of Carreras... Charger, Roadrunner, Ch Daytona, Superbird...
  3. Are those shells still available?
  4. Still wanting XY Falcon and HT Monaro
  5. 'Been outta touch for a while and just picked up on this… for me its the best news since fly/ninco entered the market and changed the flagging situation back in the day We should focus on that positive and not worry about the name. I think PM will know what they're doing. Not only do they promise more of what exists but new items too, sounds good to me. At some point I guess we'll all have suggestions about what they should do. If they really can improve the running gear then a good idea would be to have unpainted versions so ppl could paint up their own. If they run ok they would be a great series to have.
  6. Don't know if anyone remembers me. Seems like a million years ago. Anyways... after a few years break I'm back. Soon enough I'll also be back to OZ too, thank goodness.
  7. The only thing I dont like about it so far is the wait, hehe I just hope I can get hold of a system that works properly like this one day. Is there any website for info, I see you're using the 2.4G band, good idea really. Is there any more info on how it works? Regards ps - whats a good afforable source for carrera track in Oz?
  8. only way would be to pay more and go the slot classic way but thats a big jump in price they really are worth it though love their classic wheels too!
  9. Another one gone, the J.Deere NASCAR. Also added some Garden scale trains, handy for slots. Thanks for looking. ps where are the WA guys?
  10. Must say this could get me back on the digital track. pun intended From a completely selfish perspective I hope you dont sell it off to one of those guys ... cause the first thing they'd do is cripple it to save a few cents/pence/eurocents. Doing it this way will no doubt mean cost moe to us who want it but we will get what we want, or closer to it anyways. besides I doubt they would give you a decent amount, more likely just steal the ideas :bday:
  11. sure is Perro, the list has only just gone up so... where are you located? duh!, I just looked closr Qld whats the postcode there?
  12. I did it in a hurry since I have so much to do. At the end of the day you can only go down. So offers from forum members are welcome. After all, we're all grownups ( hehe ) so I can alwys say no if I dont like it. Regards Fr
  13. thanks for the good wishes. ebay... bah humbug, I've had enough with them... but then you never know! also should mention I'll offer a discount to regular forum members depending on what you want regards
  14. Well, after much ado I am finally sorted out. Now located in Perth suburbs. I have two new projects 1. a large scale RC Truck probably a GMC CCKW 2. a new slot track and related car projects. Its based around a european mountain road. Date circa late 50's early 60's In order to fund these projects and besides to reduce the mess smany items are going on sale see here... http://members.iinet.net.au/~bloomfieldsim...le/forsale.html For slot stuff just click on Slot Cars and Accessories [hmm, just noticed a typo on that page ] Still you never know, take a look around there might be something else you want there too. Regards Si aka Frosty
  15. I rather like that idea with the correction tape. Indeed the fact that it breaks up a little really does look more real. If it went down perfectly it simply wouldn't seem real.
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