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  1. Keith

    Fly Trucks Are Back

    Very nice, i have ordered two SiSU, as you know and cant wait till i get them, pics to follow with the track
  2. cool sounds like jumpers are the solution, thanks guys
  3. Thanks guys, yes its frustrating but i will just persist with it as i love it, my track is flat on a board no rises ect, , how do you do power taps, and can you make them or is that another expensive part to buy .
  4. Im starting to think sports track was a waste of time, it seems no-one has a fix, i have done most things and still its crap, very dissapointing indeed.
  5. Cheers guys, yes i have tried tightening the joints and i do have Inox, i try to keep it clean , i have about 30metres of track and two power supplys running, one would think this is enough, copper tape sounds like it may not be a good idea after all, so i guess its back to the drawing board, any other ideas will be appreciated .
  6. Hi guys, like many before me i am having issues with slow sections of track, dead track, and sometimes one side hesitates. I have followed what i have been told as in tighten joins, clean track, change out sections, monitor with a volt metre ect., I have come to the conclusion that copper tape may be the way to go, but before i do this has anyone done it, what was the result, the do's and dont's, guys any advice / help would be appreciated, PLEEEAAASSSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Keith

    Fly Trucks Are Back

    Hey mate, are you sure its $58, going to the site it looks like its 58 pounds which is about $110
  8. Keith

    Trucks And 4X4

    Excellent feedback guys, Fly Sisi looks the go, wheres the best place to buy them
  9. Keith

    Trucks And 4X4

    Cool thanks for the info, i assume that Ninco runs on scalextric sports track alright.
  10. Keith

    Trucks And 4X4

    Hi guys, its been a while, well my track is finally up and running, i just need to do a bit of scenery work, photos will follow soon, i was hoping to maybe have a night a week that a few guys can come and try out the track and obviously give me their expert advice, I am out at Mclaren Flat, a question for you all, i want to get a truck or two, Fly is probably what i will go with, where is the best place to buy them, i like bonneted trucks, also does anyone have an opinion on this sort of stuff in the 4x4 range ( scx-vw -tourag, Red Bull ) How do SCX perform on a scalextric digital track. Is there something else i should look at The best place to buy price wise. I know there is a lot here but hey if i dont ask i cant get answers.
  11. Keith

    Fly Trucks Are Back

    Mate, i would send him pictures and tell him if he wants to continue doing business he needs to see you right
  12. Keith

    Fly Trucks Are Back

    love the trucks, got to get a couple i reckon
  13. Keith


    Hi guys, which brands of cars are best suited on scalextric sports track and of those which can easily be digital, i like the look of some carrera and ninco, as well as fly trucks, any particular ones that i should look at.
  14. Keith


    Cheers mobzee
  15. Keith

    Sports Track Issue

    I actually do have a multi metre, not exactly sure how to read it but i will give it a go thanks, i do have INOX already and have kept it clean.
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