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  1. Thanks for putting up the video. Gutted I live so far away as I would like to give digital a go.
  2. Is it possible to have a 4 lane policar layout using 2 policar power track sections?
  3. Monday is a holiday yet no racing, friday is a work day. I will have to work unfortunately as this Covid thing has really hurt us self employed. Shame that the NSR Classic is on the Friday.
  4. I think you meant to agree with me Chas, we should at least race these cars as standard to see how they go before adding weight.
  5. I've heard that this is a good event to attend. The whole Westport club will be there again this time!!!
  6. Breaks my heart to see so much lead in a car.
  7. I'm gonna fit 90mm rear axle, good luck getting past me!!
  8. Well done Policar/Slot it, a seriously good option for the plastic brigade. I'm tempted.
  9. Should be a great event as always in the Nelson slot cave.
  10. You can't rush quality, nice track Aqua
  11. Hope you had a great day Bram.
  12. At least our wages are going up to compensate!!
  13. Great thinking there Munter
  14. Looking good Mark, and such quick progress, I think the record time for a track build in the Bay is 6 years 4 months 12 days!!!
  15. No such thing as too much track however, there is a thing called "not enough room" If you desire a great scenic layout(and I think you do), then the area needs to be clutter free first. As said before, allow space for drivers and marshalls. Scenery takes up space, pitlane, spectators areas so forth. Large screen tv with race progress is a must. You're on the right track just take your time and get it right 1st time. Keep up the good work.
  16. Thanks for running this series guys.
  17. Sounds good. When finished please send my car back to Bram/wobble, cheers.
  18. You should start saving for a trip here next year GAS41T. I could give you some tips on how to set up a car properly. lol.
  19. I am going to give you 2 points of advice Mark, 1)change the original pod for a hard standard one but you will need to trim it to fit (allowed in the rules) 2) change your meds, the ones your on don't seem to be working, lol.
  20. I know that the entire Westport Club will be represented again. Wouldn't miss this event for the world. So many great people from around the country.
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