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  1. unplug from your Internet porn snake,and get your slotcars in order before everybody gives up on yah.dont forget to wipe the vasaline off you hand before you grab yah controller.and no whinning if your cars run like shite.get her done ssssssnakeeeeeee
  2. excellanto,so what happened ? did u get it all up and running smoothly.need an excuse to visit Italy sometime .more pics please as i see the last post was on jan 2013.i know things move slowly sometimes in the boot.cheers mate
  3. hi dudes,cant make it 2nite but ill be at longmont speedways 155' hillclimb track,runing in the trans am series.still playin catch up to dewey drivin the mopar dodge, his car is freaky fast and it runing stock scaley gears and paul gage tires,but totally slammed down.im useing the pieoneer mustang as its a tick quicker than the scaley carmero,9.61 v9.71.both stick like shite to the babys blanket jackie.ran in 4th place last week on the figure 8 track.they are a good bunch of racers .they run all sorts of slot cars, Ho to drags.keep it in the slot,booyah piebone
  4. JK's 33/3 is gonna leave you in the dust as long as he dont have a big nite out before the event. hangin out a the meeanee pub chatin up the local market gardeners wifes,doah!
  5. mac,i got that suckers number,just got back for the local track @155' and was turning 8.39s with the chaparral classic.still was a tick slower than the mighty 917 carrea that posted a 8.36s with wide form tyres on it.man those foamies are smooth and grippy,ill send u a set of fat daddys to try out dog,smash em cuz. p/s showed the track owner our club scene and he was impressed with our track line up and class line up. oh forgot about the GT mclaren/bmw did a 8.27 smooth as silk
  6. hey homies,picked up a chaparral a couple weeks ago and gave it the full monte. ran it on the local plastic track [in diego] to shake it down,not too bad but needs sum NSRs on the rear,finally got sum here and mounted in Colorado and runs sweet at the local 1\24 wood track,[slotcar speedway in longmont colorado] will try and get em to run a classic challenge the same as us lot are doin latter in the month.off to the track for sum TT laps later 2day.chur homies and good luck to all in the challange.GO THE BAY BOYZ.p/s its 28-30c today
  7. man what a bunch of pussys you all sound like,harden the f#@* up.had the same problems when i was a track provider,it was like herding cats.i didnt care who showed up, any time on the track was better than watchin TV.booyah suckers
  8. hey dave,the rearend off gloat would look like this taolg?good to here of the compettion heatin up,u must have figured out how nvmyre was cheatin at. probably had magnets in his cars somewhere.u cant beat havin your own track to hone your skills,booyah
  9. dave, thats the perfect class line up for the blackwood track,some slow some fast .sweetas dude.to bad im outa town this year i could get me sum GLOAT!!!,booyah homies,Brenton should slay em in cartrix,and snake in mussel car ,comeon snake!! !
  10. i like the sound of that munter,ive got to keep an eye on u,Internationale man of slotcar world
  11. u all need to harden up,its only the coldest winter in 106 years,im nice in toasty here 88 degs and humid from the south,might go for a dip in the pool.too hot for slotcars,maybe around midnite it might be cool enough
  12. I might have to come back for this one.it would look good on my mantel.is there any marrow left in it as you have sucked all the meat off the bone.dont let snake get a hold of it.im lmao,and love it cuz. brilliant work there and ya'll be fighting for a piece of the bone.cheers piebone
  13. so you had to check the snake Capri ,its more legal than half the cars out there,even the tires are inside the body.not bad for a piece of junk.just knockem outa the way snake if there are too slow,just watchout for the cheap shots.
  14. get ur sssssshite together sssssnake dude.your leavin it a bit late,listern to dave .he'll set u straight mate i wanta see some result at the nationals dude!!!
  15. hi,dave.you have been hangin out with viv and munter tooo much.nice work.very clever use of materails there, the wood bros wood be happy
  16. what are mongrel friends for?eat ur food-drink ur beer/wine-race u hard and smack talk allnite long.BOOYAH slot mongrels are the new black
  17. crickett is for wankers who cant play anything else,why would u stand on a field for 4 days waitin for the ball to come your way and then drop it,doah
  18. great slot swap meet mark,got sum sweet bargains .and the wine with JK on the way home was good tooo.
  19. fellow slot junkies,i got one of those vertical filing cabinets if anyone interested,perfect for that slot-car collection and keeps those prying eyes away from your habit,$50 and its yours,buyer must pick up.booyah dudes
  20. merry xmas &slotastic new year,to all my fellow slot-car junkies.keep it in the slot and finger on the trigger.booyah to u all
  21. got sum for yah bro,do u like nascar or iron maiden tropper poster?
  22. same stuff as the last time u was there,if u can think of anything let me know mark,ill drive like i stole it it,also need a controller too,cheers
  23. bugger,no carzies =no fun .guess i can marshal then,no yellin or fussin then.anybody want anything from the man-cave
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