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  1. hi dudes,that blue reefer is the bomb,hopefully the snake/brendon keep it in the slot and showed you guys some gloat. good to see the modern LMPs on the track
  2. man u guys are loosing it,must be the cold weather?some dodgy lookin cars there at the end ,im sure Bernie X will be calling to check the legality of the gloat boat.dont let the gloat go to your head u space heads
  3. mac bitch,ive got the best meds here in colorado,and legal too.booyah bitches
  4. yer- nah bro.those cars look gay to me,maybe your misses can drive em for yah,racin chicks cars,yer-nah broshoulda used the group 5 version booyah mac
  5. finally you bunch of old slow near sighted and cantankerous nana driving sloters got it together for a race nite! good to see the grumpy one at the pointy end closely followed by the youngblood snake,stick it to em snake.the blue pills must be workin munter,give some to the one arm bandit and sasquatch too.booyah homies im watchin
  6. looks like j2k drives better with a bad wing .keep it in the slot homie,boooyah 2
  7. yer im demented alright,just like this forum,cant delete a post or post pictures,demented
  8. what?no awards for the best dressed mongrel! great day in the shed for the bone 400d shake-n-bake fellas,and a very close result with those handfulls u drove,keeps yah on your toes aye.im thinkin next year ill send some 1/32 parma womps for yah to race.that should be fun,or maybe some slick 1/32 metal chassis wing cars that fly with a gooped up track.wongie will know what to do.chur chur my slotin homies and thanks for the homage, happy holidays to yah all,cheers the BONE
  9. shake and bake ricky bobby,boogaty boogaty boyz,lets go racing!!!!!!
  10. chur cuzzie,hotter the better i say.get ur dick dacks out and take a dip in the pool.ill send you the rear end for the pink pig and you can send me the wing.dont forget to hydrate .booyah homies and may the coolest team win.
  11. hey fellas,ill be there in spirit. hopefully watching the live feed over the net.just scored two nice scaley F1 cars off a ebay for 30$.a parmalat and leyland/ saudia which is minus the rear wing.anybody got a spare one lying around?chur bros
  12. i like the format for the piebone 400,keep the cars on the same lane and let the drivin do the talkin.piebone approved.just repowered my fly carpi with a 25k slotit flat 6rs and some foam tyres,its gona blow the doors off your junk!booyah cuzzies i miss the trash talkin, hard racing and expert nerfin of the thursday nite thunder.keep it in the slot homies and allways check J2k cars for legality as he mite have picked up some piebone trickery.hasa la vista
  13. its always an interpenetration of the rules, or reading between the lines mofos,or thinkin outside the box.i know its hard for some of u.but keep trying u'll catch on soon. booyah
  14. CAN I GET A VOTE? id drop fly trucks,merge fly carpis into group 5 with motor upgrade to 26k,and merge classic nascar into nascar with motor upgrade to 20k then add munters resins [maybe not for everyone],fly classics,and mario karts,lol.booyah homies
  15. o boy,i cant wait for the AGM. like the idea of a munter class.we can all be crumpy old gits and drive cool munter a35s around,sweet as bros,all my cars were stock as cuz.now ive got a grp 5 with a NSR blue king with foam tyres tryin to beat/keep up with the yanks on the big tracks.smoked them last week on the short track in grp 5 and my outlaw nascar,they swapout the motors for a 20k max so im runnin a NSR 20 and tyres,wood guide of course.so the turning keeps on going.next up metal chassis racin.booyah homies
  16. oh boy,this is getting interesting.keep the discussions coming.its funny the classes some people want to drop are cars they have never owned or even drove.it is hard to get all on board with this,but you go with a motor limit ie RPM then tyres and chassis for each class,if dont like that class of car/build dont race it you can watch it.its not that expensive to buy cars,but it takes skill and time and $ to make em fast,then you gota drive em fast.its hard to do all three well.keep up the fun is most important factor.booyah homies
  17. u better give munter a firm date,hes gettin his days/nites mixed up,early onset maybe?
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