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  1. You had to be there. #chosenfew bullshit just a bunch of slot jockies.
  2. i really want to see some pictures of munter enjoying himself,come on
  3. got the piebone 400 demo cars back today and amazingly they look in good shape after four hours of abuse from you slot jockeys. big thanks for the koha cuzzies,ill think up something else for you all to play with. im rocking my trump hair doo,so there booyah
  4. homies,looks like your all lovin the beach life.dont forget your slotit carries you all got for xmaz,g hope yah'll get back in the slot soon cheers,piebone
  5. happy holidays to all the slot mongrels out-there, and your defiantly out there.cant wait for the 2017 calendar of events..... mite make a guest appearance ????? booyah homies
  6. well done to all the racers in keeping the cars in one piece.it must have been hard not to lose control of yo selfs.pity the tyres fell of mustang.Shoulda had a track call to re-glue em.the after race photo looks a bit scary,the trout from the jedi musta been good.keep up the good racing,ive got some ideas for the next piebone 400.booyah homies. anybody wants a trans am/mussel car let me know,we can work out a deal
  7. raceday is here u slot mongrels.i hope this race is streaming live here,gota see the demo in action.whats the team line up?id whip yo asses anyway
  8. happy thanksgiving u turkeys.the carzies are for sale if you want them after the demo race,if there is anything left to salvage. 125$nz ea
  9. LOL u slot mad mongrels,loving the poster too and i am special piece of work,booyah homies.remember it checkers or wreckers just like last weekend in stockers, chur bro
  10. he musta had a few glenmorangies before race nite,to funny.hows the snake going these days,can he handle the jandel still,or is jandel on the floor spankin you old fellas just as well i never said what i was thinking......booyah homies
  11. the dave cave is looking good,likin the posters and the fellas smiles on the dials
  12. sweetas there fellas. Im going to Chicago to watch the ABs smash em bro.booyah !Then some RNR at chicagoland raceway , for i feel the need for speed, in retro 1/24 kind and some BBQ.also looking for the blues bros too
  13. booyah J2K,nice looking track there .where did yah find it? can i be AJ foyt.iil bring my own car
  14. Old age and treachery wins again!!!!! way to go MJB, you did rumble good!!!!. mark have a great time in the slot caves of Europe,but the kings of slots are still here in the USA,and NZ get ready for the Piebone 400.cars are done and ready for shipment just gota finalize the date with the slotman mac
  15. sweetas munter,whats the running gear on these f100?slot it sidewinder would be sick as bro
  16. hey munters nearly 80 and he would fit right in to your living room mac,like a piece of old furniture,just sitting there reaking,then you could take him out to the slotcave for some quality time. watch-out you slot geeks those Grevelles can get petty rowdy,might be a weekend bender coming on
  17. to all you mongrels,lets get ready to rumble.the piebone 400 is on and im supplying the hardware. race prepped trans am cars,nothing wild here just nice and easy/smooth to drive,nsr tyres ,slot it gears,glued and tured,you know the rest.i hope they all come back in one piece as you are all seasoned drivers by now,but any thing is possible,there will be penalties for car damages so keep it in the slot to win.may the best driving team win. BOOYAH you mongrels The cars should be in NZ by the end of the month or early October
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