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  1. I love this group of classes.get out there and do it.Hows the adjustment going there big wookie ?feeling the luv/cold
  2. Munter , im not that clever trevor. its hard enough keeping up with this lot in the driving department.let alone car setup. there is a really top notch builder here,goes by the name of jim fowler,his work is super duper sano.check out some of his builds on the slot blog under the scratch building section.also don't like to burn the fingers. also doing some stamped chassis racing too to help with the race craft there are some great raceways up this way too for the 1/24 stuff "I just wanta go fast....ricky bobby"
  3. you gotta go where the action is homie,motown raceway is where its at nocal retro racing is where its at 1/24 brass and rails
  4. man up u soft slotters. i'm having too race slot cars in air condition comfort as its 102* outside in modesto ca. lol.homies
  5. Me a oxymoron.that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time. Feeling the luv cuz. And yes it does have some orange on it munter. Makes it easy to see as it flys by on track. Booyah bros
  6. Doah!!!!I'm handicapped u know.the cars are starting to look all the same. I was hoping no one would notice my switch a roo.
  7. thanks Pat,I was hoping to wake up some slot mongrels but i guess they are all out to lunch. Its all stock az and looking sharp. booyah bitches
  8. the porsche is all trumped up and on its way to blow the doors off u slot mongrels. I haven't track tested it yet so i'll be handicapped by the slot god.booyah homies
  9. As if. A God would never handicap the already handicapped. im gonna trump it up
  10. Well its done. Just gotta find a track and see how this turd goes Knowing the slot god the motor is a dog
  11. Can't make it mon. You boys ready for some racing this weekend... F1 then Indy 500 and Coca Kola 600. Forget about the one going tropo in da islands Mon. He's a spoon
  12. The piebone is on the build Everything going to plan. I'm staying with everything stock except rubber and guide. Stock az bro.
  13. Slot-god.the jag arrived in one piece. Now the tune up begins. Should I paint it a different color also....why not,I bags the color pink.
  14. hi dave,payment sent for one car, BMW 320 class B i think.
  15. bubba kush,san fernando, couch lock,GFC,pineapple express,.....
  16. dude u forgot the slybone,Im back bitches get ready too rumble,booyahp/s back in spirit as i'll be sending my shagwa to you slot mongels to flog to death.
  17. hi crockett,i I would like to submit a porsche 935 for class A and a BMW 320 for class B.cheers m8
  18. Im keen oh Slot God,hook me up one and i'm in,chur homies
  19. I'll take some of that,booyah homies
  20. dude cars are still in the box.haven't had time to mess with them yet
  21. you all are metrosexuals by the sound of it.booyah im watchin you metrosexuals
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