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  1. Hi to all you solt mongrels. Been outa town for thanksgiving in Palm Beach Florida hanging with the chumpster... booyah man ! Yes those trans am jags do look sweet . To bad you lot are going to be flogging them to death for 300 laps. As for the purple pinons they were cheap and only the best for you lot. you could always go back to the scaley ones.I dont think you could get em much lower.that new guide should help them stick. to bad scalextric didnt do any other trans ams from that era as there were some cool cars in that era..mustangs and chevy camaros Have fun and may the best slot mongrels win
  2. thanks for the video,it was cool watching everyone's car go around
  3. There was no point opening up voting on those categories. It was a no contest........ The slot-god has spoken,the end!! Whos driving the trump jag ? They need to step it up man and whoop em good...don't make come over there fellas
  4. Its a close pack of jaguars....and a pretty lot....let the games begin...
  5. Chur Bro ,looking good there with my budget build. Its a close pack except for local Stig
  6. It's about time to get this thang on.....forget the HB procrastinators ,they will never get it together.lets get ready to rumble in the thunderdome!!!!! how about some pic's of the contenders and a official line up slot-god....BOOYAH Da slybone , aka piebone
  7. ok fellas,da pie bone cars will need a bit of fettling to adjust to the local track conditions. do your best and they should be fun to run. chur bros and get yah self some bone
  8. thats a winner for sure.Send my jag back I'm out ,can't trump that Jedi
  9. yawning over here.....crickets chirping.....one day it'll happen.....
  10. yawning over here.....crickets chirping.....one day it'll happen......
  11. this is a slotcar forum and nothing political allowed.get back to building your race cars and lets not over think it.Booyah homiesthe piebone has spoken,now race on
  12. where are these rounds you speak of ???? I thought this was the group 5 proxy page
  13. whats up here no results posted or pictures?
  14. Its official,Dave's gonna handle the slybone DTM car for the race,interesting thing is that this car is strat outa da box.no voodoo tweaks just some tyres and true and presto.I just put some weight on it to bring it up to spec.I think the opal will be the one to beat, should be a fun race
  15. this thing is getting exciting now and the weirdness is starting to show up.....Im a liking it
  16. ata boy pedro,just hope lucas the prince of darkness doesn't strike your car
  17. hello to all the fellow slot mongrels. The Piebone 400 cars are in the mail and the Big slot god will be a happy camper also included is my DTM car for some lucky mongrel to drive .Will be taking nominations/cash from prospective drivers,so send in those resume that's all from me
  18. time to pull your finger out you lot. easy peasy job,2days max.
  19. I come from a land down under...you do a good impersonation of a wild east coast bushman,all u need is your swandry and red bands,some tui and pieperfect attire for some time in the slot cave bro but someone showed me the way to San Jose.... work is processing well on the next cars for the piebone 400. Just gotta finish this world cup action.....GOOOOAAALLLLLL.......
  20. Winners are grinners. Good to see everyone is warm and fuzzy in the shed,j2k sporting the shorts to. Does this man feel no pain?
  21. Piebone 400 update. I've started the buildup of the cars in between world cup campaign. Begin on workmans comp for a dicky back things will be moving slowly. Same cars as before scaley xkrs jags all the same livery just to make it interesting. May the best mongrels win Booyah slot jockies
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