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  1. the Piebone Works Racing cars are in the country...the new wheel man will have his slippy hands on them and will be flogging the shite outa them.

    hes also expert Nerfer to boot....THE ONE AND ONLY SSSNAKE!!!!

    Since being on the mean streets of the capital city for the last fewer years he's become a harden fast and furious driver, BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID 

  2. Ok after much searching for a driver with all the goods,I'm entering the DTM Classic with some specially fettled German equipment from piebone works ex USA Corp.

    The goods will be leaving asap so the driver can get to grips with his New machine and develop a plan to dominate the season.

    Watch this space you spaceheads

  3. NEWS FLASH......HEADING YOUR WAY IN MARCH.......the BONE will be residents at Chateau Haumosana, from march 19th till early april 2020.....will bring some flying cars to race ala Jetsons. Have spoken to the ORANGE tanned slot God about doing the legendary PIEBONE 400 using the same trans am cars from last time as they are sitting there gathering dust or just melting in the heat ?????

    ​booyah yah'all and get that roster worked out soon I JUST WANTA GO FAST DA BONE

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