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  1. PS good on ya for keeping Bob's legacy ongoing. I'll take a couple of them when you're done! Cheers G
  2. I have the 1/24th scale AU Falcon mold that Bob and I worked on years ago. Even created a laser-cut stainless steel chassis to suit, got a few of them lying about the place too. The attention to detail in Bob's work is beautiful, unlike most people he liked the AU body shape, it was what he had in the driveway! Cheers, Gareth
  3. But anyway. This thread is about the new slot shop opening elsewhere. True - my apologies for hijacks All the very best wishes for the folks in Seven Hills!
  4. Sorry to hear they wouldn't come to the party Embs. Aaaah those lovely regulations.... What? You didn't stick a safety data sheet on the back of a spray bottle containing food-grade sanitizer? tsk tsk. What? Your liquid hand soap is hospital grade instead of the regulation food grade. That's a big no-no. And yes, we made sure our wheelchair access ramp into my little business has correct gradients and a regulation flat spot half way for a rest point. That makes over 18 METRES LONG. The regs are there for a purpose i suppose, but sometimes they mess with your head... And to top it off they now charge you a fee to randomly inspect you and make sure its all complying. rant over...
  5. Thanks Rusty. On the very right edge of the photo you can see part of the electric jack system - the whole banked curve section can be raised to the roof or lowered to change the banking angle with a push of a button. Sort of like tilting an icecream cone. The supports have to ajdust in height and angle with it. Cheers!
  6. Sort of organised chaos... The boys leave cars anywhere...must get around to doing some scenery work too! PS a big thumbs up to the wireless scorpius analog hand throttle. Well done Rick. The rest of the man cave is in reasonable shape at the moment. Hopefully a couple more guitar builds and finishing off a clone Bassman valve head and 2 X 12 cabinet before Christmas. Cheers!
  7. An expat Scot....hmmm.....what did they kick him out for? Yup, Sullivans does alright now in the Jim Murray whisky bible. A little birdie told me they are about to run out of stock and the next lot of barrels wont be mature until after Christmas. The barrel supply situation globally is an interesting thing - one of the reasons why Suntory Japan bought out Jim Beam for a mere 16 billion dollars. Me? I can't even picture that much money, let alone that much bourbon! Cheers! G
  8. Sorry Embs. You are the rightfull universally acknowledged Slot Goddess of Australia (Ember, SGA - you heard it here first!)...but it doesn't mean you always get it absolutely perfect every single time...so that's not completely right. Only the Irish, Canadians and the American Bourbonites add an 'E'. To the rest of the world, if it's made from 100% barley (no corn, rye etc) its 'whisky'. Useless fact... more whisky is made and consumed in India in a year (ever heard of the brand 'Amrut'?) than the entire Scottish industry makes and sells globally - something they would rather have kept quiet about...don't want to get any kilts in a knot do we? Australian whisky is most often port barrel aged (rather than using used sherry or bourbon barrels, and is sweeter and darker). Until recently used port barrels have been in good supply. Whisky has to go into a used barrel to mature. Apologies to sherry and bourbon drinkers, but to the malt whisky industry these products are arrogantly considered as mere 'wood conditioning agents', but used barrel supplies are running low. We're actually looking at making bourbon in the future just to make sure we have enough used barrels available at a fair price. Such is life. Its time I got back to putting scenery around that track! Cheers! Gareth
  9. Ok just another follow up. Bought a packet of 10 5mm infra red LED's from a bloke called bennyinternational on epay (no afilliation etc). soldered one in, works fine. Now I have 9 spares... Cheers, Gareth
  10. Hey there, Sorry about the slow reply. Where the hell has this year gone? OK, so I narrowed it down to couple of choices, a pair of Scalextric McLaren MP4's, or a pair of SCX's, a Ferrari 599 GTB and an Aston Martin Vantage N24 V8. Which two to get? Stuff it I got both! They got the SCX's for Christmas and the Scaleys for their birthdays (both just gone in July). Happiness all round. And boy are they different. The SCX's have superbright lights but are slow and noisy compared to the scaleys, which have very little in the way of front lights - just a token effort, but feel more balanced and quiet out of the box. Once again, thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Oh, and Lenny, I'll go a glass of water with the pizza, thanks. At work we've installed South Australia's only single malt whisky distillery (a 12-hectolitre unit that can push out 300 litres of whisky @77.5% ABV per day). My liver needs some down time....
  11. Hi all, Thanks for the responses, much appreciated! Unless I'm losing the plot, this 4-lane LED infrared rig is Definitely wired in series, not parallel. And not a resistor in sight between the loom and the 12v 0.5 A "wall wart". I guess I'll have to try it with a new 850nm LED when they arrive and see how it goes... Cheers, Gareth
  12. Thanks Phil. Pretty sure the trackmate loom is wired in series to a dc 12V 0.5amp supply with each of the 4 LED's draining 3 volts. But it doesn't appear to have any resistors in the circuit (unless they are very well hidden under the heatshrink). Found a seller in Melbourne, pretty sure its the same infrared LED, 10 for $4.35 including postage. Cheers! Gareth
  13. Ok, so this is sort of a scenery question....wasn't exactly sure which sub-forum to put it in. I've built a new start-line gantry and three-storey control tower (aha!....scenery!). Unfortunately when loading in the Trackmate infrared LED's into the new gantry I broke one. To get a single replacement from Trackmate in the US will cost $20 postage, a bit ridiculous to me for an LED. Does anyone know the specs for these infrared LED's so I could pick one up from Jaycar or smewhere? Not just the size (pretty sure they are 5mm) but the correct nms volts amps etc etc so I can wire it directly into the loom without adding any resistors and all that stuff? Any electronic gurus knowledge on this would be much appreciated. Cheers! Gareth
  14. Smeetsie! Good to see you still kicking about. I ghost about a fair bit on here but rarely post. Hope you still have that Milano with my name on it in your garage... Cheers! Gareth
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